JSMU Result 2024 DPT, BSN, Pharm D, BS Nursing Check Online

Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi JSMU Result 2024 DPT BS Nursing (BSN), MBBS, BDS, Pharm D MPH and many more programs can be viewed on this page. You must provide the following information to view your results. You must enter your CNIC No and then click the button to show, and then enter your information. Test Results will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Candidates who are interested in taking an admission at Jinnah Sindh Medical University and are waiting for the announcement of results date. We are happy to announce that gotest.com.pk website has the JSMU Result 2024 and merit lists Spring and fall, morning and Evening at the right the date. Also, check this page regularly for the latest information. JSMU Entry Test Results 2024 is out. Click here to access your link.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) is an internationally renowned medical university located in Pakistan which offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the fields of nursing, medicine and other health sciences. Every year, thousands students apply to these programs and strive to reach the academic objectives they set for themselves. The most significant events in their academic career is when they announce their results. In this post, we’ll look at the JSMU Result 2024 for DPT, BSN, Pharm D as well as BS Nursing programs and how to verify these results online.

JSMU Entry Test Result 2024 DPT, D Pharmacy, BS Nursing

The Entry Test Results of the above programs was announced. JSMU will also announce its Merit Lists for applicants who have successfully passed the Entrance Test which was conducted through The Jinnah Sindh Medical University.

JSMU Pharm D Result 2024

Jinnah Sindh Medical University formerly was known as Sindh Medical College. JSMU was granted university status on June 12, 2012. The university has a variety of departments of study that award graduate and undergraduate degrees. Students can also be accepted into a variety of masters degree-granting Ph.D. courses.

جے ایس ایم یو کے نتائج کے ساتھ ساتھ میرٹ لسٹ 2024 بغیر کسی الجھن کے یہاں پایا جاسکتا ہے۔ جناح سندھ میڈیکل یونیورسٹی کراچی کے نتائج ، میرٹ لسٹ 2024 بی ڈی ایس ، ایم بی بی ایس ، ڈی پی ٹی نرسنگ ، اور فارم ڈی اس صفحے کے آن لائن ورژن دیکھیں۔ گوٹیسٹ ڈاٹ پی کے ڈی پی ٹی پروگراموں ، بی ایس نرسنگ (بی ایس این) ، ایم بی بی ایس ، بی ڈی ایس ، فارم ڈی ، ایف سی پی ایس ، ایم پی ایچ یا ڈی پی ایچ ، ایم بی اے ، بی بی اے ، ایم ایس پی ایچ ، سی پی ایچ ، پی ایچ ڈی کے لئے حالیہ نتائج اور میرٹ لسٹ پیش کرتا ہے۔ نیز دوسرے پروگرام ، شام اور صبح دونوں براہ راست۔ یہ صفحہ اپنی میرٹ کی فہرست کو کس طرح تلاش کرنے کے بارے میں مکمل معلومات فراہم کرتا ہے اور نتائج فراہم کیے جائیں گے ، اور اس میں ایک لنک بھی ہے۔ شیفا تیمر ای ملٹ یونیورسٹی میرٹ لسٹ اور 2024 کے نتائج کے بارے میں حالیہ معلومات حاصل کرنے کے لئے اس صفحے پر عمل کریں۔


Log in to the Admission Portal to enter your credentials (if you’re already registered). Login.

JSMU Result 2024 DPT, BSN, Pharm D, BS Nursing Check Online

JSMU Result 2024

JSMU BSN Result 2024

for postgraduates and students who are aspiring to graduate in the field of medicine and related sciences, JSMU’s goal is to design integrated programs and provide quality training in education that builds character, discipline, and discipline that is built on a dedication to the community as well as research to achieve professional excellence. They will dedicate themselves to the cause. Modern Medical Sciences Knowledge and Technological Developments. Students can visit this page to view the online results on those who took the JSMU DPT, BS Nursing and D-Pharmacy courses by 2024.

JSM U.Pharm D closing Percentage

If they attempt the test, they will only be assisted by it, and will not be admitted by it. If they fail take the test, they’ll only be admitted via the university’s entrance test. This is the last session’s policy.

Sindh Medical College Merit List DPT, BSN, BS Nursing

Jinnah Sindh Medical University Admission merit list 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th, 5th, 6th, as well as the final waiting lists Self-finance merit lists and reserved seat merit list and final selection of applicants will be displayed below. Students, in case there is any doubts when checking your JSMU 1st, 2nd, and 3rd merit list, make a comment in the box. Our Teaminfo can help you solve your issue quickly. If you are experiencing some confusion while checking this JSMU 1st, 2nd and 3rd Merit list, then post a question in the comment box. Our Team details will resolve your issue quickly.

Check JSMU Merit List 2024 Online

MBBS Check Here
BDS Check Here
Pharm D Check Here
DPT Check Here
BS Nursing (BSN) Check Here
BBA Check Here
MBA Check Here
FCPS Check Here
MPH Check Here
DPH Check Here
Ph.D. Check Here
MSPH Check Here
CPH Check Here

JSMU DPT Result 2024

For the benefit of students for the benefit of the students, for the benefit of students, Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi has announced and made available their results for the JSMU Admission Test 2024 in order to be admitted into the DPT, BS Nursing (BSN), MBBS, BDS Pharma D, MPH or DPH, BBA, MBA, MSPH, CPH, Ph.D. for admission to any other programs.

DPT Result Check Online
BSN Result Check Online
MBBS Result Check Online
BDS Result Check Online
Pharm D Result Check Online
MPH or DPH Result Check Online
BBA Result Check Online
MBA Result Check Online
MSPH Result Check Online
CPH Result Check Online
Ph.D. Result Check Online

JSMU Result 2024 Announcement Dates

The JSMU results 2024 announcement date announcements for DPT, BSN, Pharm D as well as BS Nursing programs are expected to occur in September or August 2024. The exact dates haven’t been set yet, but students are encouraged to regularly visit on the website for JSMU for announcements.

How to Check JSMU Result 2024 Online?

The JSMU result for 2024 in DPT, BSN, Pharm D as well as BS Nursing programs will be accessible online through the website for JSMU. Follow the steps below to verify your results:

  • Visit the official website to learn more about JSMU by visiting www.jsmu.edu.pk.
  • Select the tab Results on the home page.
  • Select the program you want to use by clicking the menu drop-down.
  • Input your roll number into the appropriate field.
  • Click Submit to see your results.

Information Mentioned on JSMU Result 2024

The JSMU results 2024 for DPT, BSN, Pharm D along with BS Nursing programs will mention the following details:

  • Student’s Name
  • Roll Number
  • Program
  • Semester
  • Marks Obtained in Each Subject
  • Total Marks
  • Percentage
  • Result Status (Pass/Fail)

Banifits of JSMU Result 2024

The JSMU outcome 2024 in DPT, BSN, Pharm D in addition to BS Nursing programs is important because of a number of reasons:

  1. Academic Progress:The JSMU results in 2024 will show the academic performance of students in their programs. This will allow students to understand the strengths as well as weaknesses, and improve them as they go.
  2. Career Prospects:The JSMU outcome in 2024 could affect the future career options of students. It will assist them in deciding whether to be able to pursue further studies or work opportunities.
  3. Psychological Impact:The announcement of results could affect the psychological state on students. A positive outcome can boost their confidence and encourage them to do their best and be more productive, whereas a disappointing outcome can make them feel demotivated and create stress and anxiety.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University Result 2024

  • E.Mail:[email protected], [email protected]
  • Phone (+92) 21-992-05185, 99201372, 021-99205185, Ext : 1058
  • Address: Rafiqi H J Shaheed Road Karachi, Pakistan
  • Postal Code # 75510
  • JSMU Official Website: www.jsmu.edu.pk


When will JSMU announce the result for BS Nursing programs for 2024?

The final result is likely to be announced in August or September 2024.

Where can I check my JSMU result for 2024?

You can view your score on the official website of the JSMU at www.jsmu.edu.pk.


The JSMU results 2024 for DPT, BSN, Pharm D as well as BS Nursing programs is an significant step in the academic life of students. They must prepare properly for the tests and then check the results at the website for JSMU. Students must also ensure their mental and physical health and seek medical attention whenever need be.

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