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If you’re a college student looking to make a career out of medicine, then you’re likely acquainted with the University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD), University of Lahore, Pakistan. UCMD has earned a name as a top-quality institution in dentistry and medicine. A very crucial procedure for admission includes the merit lists that are the focus of this piece. The article will give a complete overview of the UCMD Merit List 2024 for MBBS and BDS programs. We would like to provide you with a better understanding of the admissions process, selection criteria for the merit list, and the best way to increase your chances of getting on the merit list.

We welcome you to our comprehensive information on this year’s UCMD Merit List 2024 for MBBS and BDS programs in Pakistan. This University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD) is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the nation, providing top-quality instruction and training for aspiring medical professionals. Each year, the school issues a merit list based on candidates’ performance on the admission test. This post will give you all the details you require to learn about merit lists for 2024. UCMD merit list for 2024.

UCMD is among Pakistan’s most sought-after medical schools located in Lahore. It was founded in 2001 and, since then, has become an internationally recognized institution in the fields of dentistry and medicine. It has modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a vast program that prepares students for an excellent career in the field of the medical field.

UCMD Merit List 2024

The UCMD merit list for MBBS and BDS programs is very much anticipated by thousands of applicants across the country who want to be medical doctors. It is determined by the performance of applicants on the admission test administered by the school. The admission test comprises multiple-choice tests that assess the candidates’ knowledge in various subjects like physical science, biology, and chemistry.

The UCMD merit list for 2024 will be made public through the school’s official site. Candidates who have submitted applications to the MBBS or BDS programs can review the merit list on this website and enter personal details, including their candidate’s name and roll numbers. It will then be available on the site in PDF format that is easily downloaded.

UCMD MMBS & BDS Merit List 2024 Download

University College of Medical & Dentistry releases merit lists on the internet for girls and boys. However, applicants can get admission through self-financing. UCMD has merit lists until all seats are filled with qualified candidates. Candidates whose names aren’t included on the first or second lists of merit must be patient and wait for the following merit list. UCMD Lahore is the self-sustained University of Punjab.

UCM MBBS List of Merit 2024

UHS also holds MDCAT exams for UCMD each year. MDCAT is required to be able to get admission into MBBS and BDS courses. There is no difference between females and males in the entry. All genders are entitled to gain access to UCMD. University College of Medical & Dentistry is part of PMC. This is why it must adhere to the MDCAT test.

UCMD Merit List 2024 MBBS And BDS | www.ucmd.uol.edu.pk

UCMD Merit List 2024

UOL Admissions Selected Candidates on the Merit List

If you want to know if you’ve made the first, third, second, or fourth merit list for your selected UOL program, check out this site. The UOL’s Lahore Campus, Gujrat Campus, Islamabad Campus, Sargodha Campus, and Pakpattan Campus merit lists may be found here.

Lahore Campus Merit List Download
Sargodha Campus Merit List Download
Gujrat Campus Merit List Download
Pakpattan  Campus Merit List Download

UOL Merit List 2024 Online Department Wise

UOL has announced its F 1st, 3rd, 2nd, and 4th merit lists at UOL’s official site, www.uol.edu.pk. Student-athletes compete for a small number of seats within the UOL’s academic programs each year.

To maintain its high and excellent academic standards, the University of Lahore requires admission tests for all prospective students. Only those who perform well on the admissions test can be admitted to UOL. The students who meet the stringent conditions to be accepted into UOL are among the best students around the globe.

College of Medicine and Dentistry MBBS Merit List 2024 PDF

gotest. Pk is a website where you can receive the latest information on the merit list, admissions lists, and test results for entry. Additionally, it provides roll number slip timeslots, an interview list, and a final merit list. So, check this page for more details day-to-day.

UOL Entry Test 2024 Result

Master’s Degree; Postgraduates; Ph.D. International Students who have been selected in an application to interview with UOL will soon receive the invitation letters. The interview will be a significant element in how much you score. When it’s time for students to pay their fees and start their classes, UOL sends them an email. Visit our website often if you’d like to be informed of any UOL announcements or notifications.

UOL Merit Lists 2024 Spring and Fall Download

1st Merit List Click Here
2nd Merit-List 2024 Click Here
3rd Merit-List 2024 Click Here
Self Finance Merit List 2024 Click Here
Waiting Candidates List Click Here

How to Check UCMD Merit List 2024?

Examining the UCMD merit lists is an easy and easy procedure. Below are some steps you can follow to look up this list of merits:

  • Visit the official website of UCMD (www.ucmd.uol.edu.pk)
  • Find your way to the “Admissions” section on the homepage, and then click it.
  • Choose which option (MBBS and BDS) for the program you’ve applied for.
  • Fill in your information, including your name and roll number.
  • This merits list is displayed on the screen in PDF format.

Suppose your name appears in the top list congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate for admission into UCMD.

Criteria for UCMD Merit List

The requirements to be used for selection on the UCMD merit listing 2024 are built on the following criteria:

Entrance Test Results Candidates must take the entrance test administered through the University of Health Sciences (UHS). This entrance test is required to be admitted into UCMD. It is intended to test applicants’ knowledge in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The weightage of test marks in the merit list is 50%.

F.Sc. marks: 

Candidates’ F.Sc. marks are also included when determining the list of merits. It is estimated that the weightage for F.Sc. marks on the merit list is 40%.

Matriculation Marks: 

Candidates’ Matriculation marks are included when determining the merit lists. The weightage for Matriculation marks in the merit list is 10%.

How is the UCMD Merit List Compiled?

A merit list is created by using these formulas:

Merit = (50% of Entry Test Marks) + (40% of F.Sc. Marks) + (10% of Matriculation Marks)

Candidates with the highest score are chosen for admission into BDS and MBBS MBBS and BDS programs at UCMD. A merit listing is posted on the official website of the school.

How to Improve Your Chances of Making it to the Merit List

Be Prepared to Pass the Entrance Test Entrance test scores are an essential element on the list of merits. Make sure you are prepared for the test by studying the syllabus and practicing previous questions.
Focus on Your F.Sc. Marks: F.Sc. marks are also a crucial element for the selection of the top merit list. It is essential to focus on getting excellent marks in your F.Sc. exams.
Improve Your Matriculation Marks Matriculation marks can only be given a tiny amount of weightage on an overall merit ranking; however, every mark is essential. It is vital to strive to increase your marks at Matriculation.

UOL UMCD Contact Numbers

Lahore Campus

  • Address: 1 – KM Defence Road, Lahore
  • Phone: +92 (0)42 111865865
  • Helpline: 042-111 865-865
  • Email: [email protected]

Sargodha Campus

  • Address: 10 km Lahore – Sargodha Road, Sargodha
  • Phone: +92 (0) 48 3881101
  • Helpline: +92 (0)48 388110203
  • Email: [email protected]


What is UCMD?

UCMD is the acronym of the University College of Medicine and Dentistry. It is a renowned medical school in Pakistan that provides MBBS and BDS programs.

What is the UCMD merit list?

The UCMD merit list is a compilation of applicants chosen for admission in programs such as the MBBS and BDS programs on their performance on their admission tests.

How can I check the UCMD merit list?

You can look up your UCMD merit lists by entering the university’s official site and entering your information, like names and roll numbers.

What should I do if my name is on the merit list?

If you’re listed on the merit lists, congrats! Follow the steps given by the university to finish the admissions process.

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