eBay History Info Trivia Facts Quiz Online

The following quiz includes questions answers about the e-commerce company eBay that is currently one of the most valuable internet companies at the moment. As a user of eBay, you can improve your knowledge about the company by simply attempting the following quiz about its founder, history and working structure.

eBay History Info Trivia Facts Quiz Online

General Knowledge

1. eBay is a __________ website.

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2. eBay is headquartered in which state?

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3. Which one of these items can not be sold on ebay?

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4. What is a DSR?

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5. eBay was founded in:

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6. A "buy it now" price is used in:

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7. What is the minimum number of transactions required to become a PowerSeller?

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8. Who is the founder of eBay?

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9. What is a reserve price?

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10. The auction format works best if:

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