Football Rules and Laws Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

All the football fans can put their general knowledge about the game to test by attempting the following quiz which is about the important rules and regulation of the sport.

Football Rules and Laws Quiz Online Mcq’s Test


1. What happens if the goalkeeper handles the ball directly after the throw-in of a teammate?

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2. Each team is allowed to have maximum ______ players on the field during a match.

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3. A defending player kicks the soccer ball, it hits the referee and goes inside the goal. What is the appropriate restart?

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4. Can a goal be scored directly from a corner kick?

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5. What are the dimensions of a soccer goal?

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6. If an player is fouled in the box, the result is a _________kick.

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7. According to the FIFA rules, what are the maximum dimensions of a football field for a World Cup match?

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8. What is the minimum number of players per team that FIFA allows during a football game?

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9. A penalty kick is taken _____________ yards away from the goal line.

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10. According to FIFA rules, a player that receives a _________ card is ejected from the game.

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