General Basic Science Terms info Online Quiz Test

Here we have provided a online general knowledge quiz related to the basic science terms. As these type of questions are often part of various written exams and interviews so it is extremely important that you prepare for them in best possible way by using our tests as a guide.

General Basic Science Terms info Online Quiz Test

Basic Science

1. The rise and fall of the surface of the sea, caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and to lesser degree of the sun is called:

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2. Asbestos is the name of _________ .

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3. A form of lens whose surface is curving inward or away from the eyes is called ____________ .

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4. A process in which gas is changed into a liquid form is called __________ .

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5. The study of ferns is called __________ .

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6. Deuterium Oxide is the scientific name of ____________ .

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7. Atomic Fission is a process of ___________ .

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8. An electric current that flows in one direction and does not reverse its flow is called:

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9. A form of lens whose surface is curving outward or towards the eyes is called:

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10. What is Alkali?

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11. Which term is used for absolute temperature where all molecular motion stops?

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12. To execute a set of instructions automatically in order to reach a required state is called ___________ .

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13. The art and technology of making objects from clay like pottery etc. is called ____________ .

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14. The study of origin, evolution or development of plants is called ___________ .

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15. Sea water is converted into fresh water by using the phenomenon of:

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16. Rhinology is a term used for:

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17. A large mass of ice detached from glacier and floating in the sea is called __________ .

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18. A collection of web pages that are linked and related and can be accessed by a user with a web browser is called:

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19. A mineral form in which a metal can be extracted is called __________ .

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20. Elements are grouped by their atomic number in a table known as ___________ .

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  1. brother, the study of plants is botany.. whereas the study of origin, evolution and development of plants is called phylogeny. Gotest is right here..

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