Brendon McCullum Bio Life Facts Info Trivia Quiz Online

Brendon McCullum is a cricketer from New Zealand who has served as the captain of the country’s national cricket team and is widely considered one of the best batsmen in the sport today. So just in case, you would like to learn about the family background, personal life, relationships, and career achievements of Brendon McCullum, then just attempt the following quiz. We have provided a lot of Brendon McCullum Bio Life Facts Info Trivia Quiz Online over here for you. Fans of Brendon McCullum will get a lot of information about him from this post. When you read Brendon McCullum’s Bio Life Facts Info Trivia Quiz Online, it will prove to be informative for you.

Brendon McCullum Bio Life Facts Info Trivia Quiz Online

Brendon McCullum


1. Brendon's brother also plays for New Zealand national cricket team. What is his name?

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2. McCullum has also written columns for:

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3. What is his ODI shirt no.?

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4. What is his middle name?

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5. Brendon McCullum made his ODI debut against Australia in:

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6. Against which team did Brendon made his Test debut?

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7. Brendon McCullum was born on 27 September, _____________.

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8. He is the first New Zealand cricketer to score a triple hundred in Test cricket which he did against:

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9. For which team does he plays in the Indian Premier League (IPL)?

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10. Brendon McCullum is the captain of New Zealand in which format?

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Is Brendon McCullum married?


Who is Brendon McCullum’s wife?

Ellissa McCullum

What is Brendon McCullum’s salary?
  • Salary:$1.2 Million +
  • Monthly Income: $98000 +
What is the date of birth of Brendon McCullum?

September 27, 1981

How many centuries does Brendon McCullum have?

12 Centuries

Was McCullum a keeper?

McCullum retired from any form of cricket in August 2019. McCullum is currently the head coach for the England Test cricket team.

Why is Brendon McCullum called Baz ball?

The new head of England Test squad for men Brendon McCullum called the well-known Baz-Ball term silly was coined to pay tribute to England’s new strategy in Test cricket.

Why is Brendon McCullum not playing in IPL?

The reason he’s leaving is due to the possibility of him being in charge of the head coach position of The England Test squad. McCullum is believed to be the favorite to succeed Chris Silverwood as the next England Test team coach.

Why Brendon McCullum left wicketkeeping?

Ende of McCullum as a player to keep. But, having to return from Bangladesh due to discs protruding from his back caused extreme discomfort, which prompted an intense contemplation of his future. This may help him to make a definitive decision.

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