Pakistan Forces General Knowledge Online Test 2 in Urdu

General Knowledge Army PAF Navy Info Questions With Answer

Given on this page is a free online “Forces General Knowledge Online Test 2.” It is imperative that you submit yourself to a thorough evaluation if you are thinking of joining any kind of paramilitary organization. You may conveniently prepare for the exam online here, with a specific emphasis on improving your general knowledge for the Navy, the PAF, and the Armed Forces. Our website provides a wide variety of online assessments, such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for evaluating verbal and non-verbal intelligence, mechanical aptitude, general knowledge, interview questions, and intelligence levels. These materials give an efficient method for evaluating your preparations and offer insightful considerations on your level of preparedness for the examination.

General Knowledge Online Test Preparation

When it comes to online test prep, we give you a wide range of tools to improve your general knowledge. This site is all about helping you learn about a wide range of topics that are important if you want to join security forces like the Navy, PAF, or Armed Forces. Through different tests and tasks, we want to help you learn more about a wide range of topics so you can do well on tests.

Pakistan Forces General Knowledge Online Test 2 in Urdu Army PAF Navy Info Questions

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General Knowledge MCQs Online Test in Urdu

Our site has a set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that can help you improve your general knowledge. For your ease, they are written in Urdu. These multiple-choice questions cover a wide range of topics, such as history, current events, geography, and more. Using these MCQs not only helps you learn more, but it also helps you get better at fixing problems. The questions are meant to test your knowledge and give you an idea of the kinds of things you might be asked to know in a screening for armed forces. This online test in Urdu is a great way to try and improve your general understanding skills.

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  1. Sir this method is so fit and good for those who want to pass their enatial and issb paper and interview.

  2. Have u updated all the questions or not according to date 22 July, 2020??? Its very much important bcz most of the students preparing this material.

    1. plzz give me num plzz or email address becz my ñavay test held by 15 june plzz i néed some guidlíne so plzzz

  3. I want to join Pakarmy by pma,i know the procedure just want to know what is the criteria of medical tests.

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