NADRA Computerized Birth Certificate Online Download in Pakistan with Urgent Fee Details

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has gained international recognition for its success in providing solutions for identification e-governance and secure documents that deliver multi-pronged goals of mitigating identity theft. NADRA Computerized Birth Certificate Online Download in Pakistan with Urgent Fee. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) was established as National Database Organization (NDO), an attached department under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan in 1998.

The Child registration certificates are a registered minor under the age 0f 18 Years. If your Childbirth has not registered by the NADRA Office So you should registration proceed as soon as possible for your Child Because if your child is not 18+ so you should get the Computerized Birth Certificate and B-form Because it show your Child Nationality.

NADRA has initiated the provision of a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) to every Pakistani child, aged 18 years or less. The certificate contains essential information about the child, including the minor’s name and registration number, date of birth, place of birth, gender, and parents’ names and CNIC numbers.

NADRA Computerized Birth Certificate Online

NADRA Computerized Birth Certificate Online Download in Pakistan with Urgent Fee Details

NADRA Computerized Birth Certificate Online Download in Pakistan with Urgent Fee Details

The Child is allotted same 13 digits registration number which will be his/her future CNIC # when he/she applies for CNIC upon attaining 18 years of age. It is the responsibility of every child’s parents/guardians to get registered their children under 18 years of age.

  • Data Acquisition at NSRC/DAU
    • Issuance of Token
    • Photo Capturing
    • Thumb and Signatures
    • Data Acquisition by DEO
  • Data uploading to NADRA Data Warehouse
  • Verification and Clearance from NADRA Data Warehouse
  • Printing at NSRC/DAU
  • Delivery to Applicant at NSRC/DAU
Documentation Requirements
Following are the basic documentation requirements for CRC:
  • No Documents are required for applicants below the age of 10 years
  • Birth or School Certificate is required for applicants over the age of 10 years
  • Issuance of CRC
Delivery Time
  • 7 Days
Fee Structure
Normal (Rs.)

NADRA Birth Certificate Registration Online

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What is a NADRA Birth Certificate?

All applicants in Pakistan now issue NADRA birth certificates. These NADRA birth certificates are computerized and entirely authentic. There is no Urdu translation required for NADRA birth certificates. They contain both English and Urdu content.

Why is NADRA Birth Certificate needed?

The NADRA Birth Certificate is valid for the visa process, immigration process, NADRA Identity Cards, and NADRA Smart Cards. Passports, Marriages & Jobs, Adoption, Admission to Schools, or if an old original birth certificate has been lost.

What documents are required for issuance of NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan?

These documents require obtaining a NADRA birth certificate in Pakistan.

  • If the applicant is over 18, a copy of the CNIC
  • Copy of the hospital/old birth certificate
  • Copy of father’s CNIC / NICOP
  • Copy of mother’s CNIC / NICOP
  • Copie of the applicant’s current passport (if possible, provide an additional document to support your place of birth).
  • A completed and signed application form must be submitted to the concerned issuing department.
  • Please also submit an affidavit of parents if you were born at home with CNIC copies for two witnesses.

What is the procedure to obtain NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan?

NADRA does not issue birth certificates directly. However, the following authorities in different areas and cities are fully authorized to issue NADRA Birth Certificates using NADRA-installed systems.

  • All major cities, including Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi, have Union Councils
  • Tehsil Municipal Administrations are located in a few areas and cities.
  • Islamabad Capital Development Authority (CDA)
  • Cantonment Boards within cantonment areas
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  1. hi sir .i need to print out my birth certificate from site .how can i .please give me the way.thank you

  2. salam, we are living in Haripur KPK
    my grand pa was live in karachi can i get has death certificate from NADRA office haripur… and also tell me tha requirment to get daeth certificate
    0300 9111356

  3. I need the information on how to get duplicate birth certificates issued for my kids.

    I had copy of individual and a collective birth certificate of my children. The originals are missed during moving from abroad country.

    Please advise how can I get the original/duplicate birth certificates I need for visa purpose to another country.


  4. Me n my sister have same year of birth in CNIC but birth months r changed my birth year mistakenly written on her documents can I apply 4 passport?

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