Islamabad Ramadan 2023 Calendar Sehr Iftar Timings & Schedule

For the facility of our visitors, we have provided the complete Islamabad Ramadan 2023 Calendar. Our calendar includes all the complete Sehr o Iftar timings & Schedule for both fiqh Jafari and fiqh Hanafi as their is a slight amount of difference between their timings of Sehr and Iftar. You can check the complete schedule now and plan your timetable for the month of Ramadan according to it.

The first day of Ramadan is subject to the sighting of Moon. Once the moon is sighted, the Muslims fast for whole next month from dawn to sunset. They completely avoid eating food, drinking liquid and engaging in bad relations from dawn until sunset. Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims and that’s why Muslims all over the world, began preparing for it before even it has started.

According to the Muslim beliefs, fasting is an act of self-discipline and patience that provides the opportunity to connect with ALLAH on a spiritual level. Ramadan is also a time when family bonds and communities are strengthened as they spend much more time together, sharing meals and offering prayers.We are going to facilitate you with Islamabad Ramadan 2023 Calendar as per its schedule and timing as well.

Islamabad Ramadan 2023 Calendar Sehr Iftar Timings & Schedule

Ramadan Sehr-o-Iftar Dua:

Ramadan Sehr o Iftar Dua

ramzan kareem 2023

Islamabad Rawalpindi ramzan calendar shedule 2023

The   month of Ramadan is not only the month of fasting. It is also the month of the Quran. The Quran is the Muslim Scripture. Ramadan is the month in which  the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind, also Clear (Signs) for   guidance and the differentiation between right and wrong (al-Quran, 2 : 185). According to a prophetic tradition, it is believed that all Abrahamic Scriptures including the Scrolls of Abraham, the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms of David, and the Quran were revealed in the month of Ramadan.

So now you can began preparation for the Month of blessings as it is just around the corner. You can prepare your schedule for the whole month after checking the Sehr-o-Iftar timings from our Islamabad Ramadan 2023 Calendar. The official calendar is yet to be announced so keep visiting for latest updates about it.

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