QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024 Spring MS/MPhil/PhD Last Date

The most reputable public sector institute Quaid-e-Azam University has announced the spring admissions for 2024. It was established in July 1967 under the Act of the National Assembly and started teaching and research programs for MS/MPhil/Ph.D. degrees. So the students can apply for QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024. It was, however, gradually and later decided to offer Master’s, graduate, and postgraduate programs. The University, for its international repute, faculty, and programs attracts a large number of foreign students although it offers QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024 to a measured number of students from all regions of the country as it is a federal public sector university. The last date to apply for master’s and post-master degree programs is 3 February 2024. Now it’s plausible for you that spring admission for MS/M. Phil and Ph.D. programs are being offered by the QAU against 16 years of education respectively.

Important Dates of QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024

  • Announcement Date: 08-01-2023
  • Last date to form submission: 03-02-2023
  • Test Date: 07-02-2024 to 09-02-2024 on Wednesday to Thursday
  • Time of test: 10:00 AM to 10:30
  • Test Venue: Related Department

QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024 Schedule

1. Physics 07-02-2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM Department of Physics
2. Chemistry 07-02-2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM Department of Chemistry
3. Biotechnology 07-02-2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM Department of Biotechnology
4. Zoology 07-02-2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM Department of Zoology
5. Statistics 07-02-2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM Department of Statistics
6. Economics 07-02-2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM School of Economics
7. Electronics 07-02-2023 Tuesday 11:30 AM Department of Electronics
8. Computer Science 07-02-2023 Tuesday 11:30 AM Department of Computer Science
9. Microbiology 08-02-2023 Wednesday 10:00 AM Department of Microbiology
10. D.S.S. 08-02-2023 Wednesday 10:00 AM Department of D.S.S.
11. Plant Sciences 08-02-2023 Wednesday 10:00 AM Department of Plant Sciences
12. Information Technology 08-02-2023 Wednesday 10:00 AM Institute of Information Technology
13. International Relations 08-02-2023 Wednesday 11:30 AM School of Politics & International Relations
14. Asian Studies 08-02-2023 Wednesday 11:30 AM Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization
15. Criminology 08-02-2023 Wednesday 11:30 AM Department of Sociology
16. Bioinformatics 09-02-2023 Thursday 09:30 AM National Centre for Bioinformatics (NCB)
17. Pharmacy 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM Department of Pharmacy
18. Psychology 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM National Institute of Psychology (NIP)
19. Mathematics 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM Department of Mathematics
20. Biochemistry 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM Department of Biochemistry
21. Environmental Sciences 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM Department of Environmental Sciences
22. Management Sciences 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences
23. Earth Sciences 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM Department of Earth Sciences
24. Pakistan Studies 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM National Institute of Pakistan Studies (NIPS)
25. Anthropology 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:30 AM Department of Anthropology
26. American Studies 09-02-2023 Thursday 11:30 AM Area Study Centre (ASC)
27. History & Culture 09-02-2023 Thursday 10:00 AM National Institute of Historical & Culture Research

QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024 Spring MS/MPhil/PhD Last Date

QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024

The admissions to courses leading to the degree of Master of Philosophy and doctorate abbreviated MPhil/MS and Ph.D. are invited from all over Pakistan, and admissions are made on the basis of merit. Eligible foreign students are admitted subject to a valid visa and NOC from HEC.

QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024 Registration Online

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  • Shall possess an MA/MSc degree or its equivalent in the relevant discipline.
  • Must obtain first division in MA/MSc or BA/BSc or at least 60% marks in BS (Hons) and all other 4-5 years degrees.
  • Shall not have obtained third division in BA/BSc or MA or MSc.
  • In the case of a third division in FA/FSc, the candidate should have obtained first division in both BA/BSc and MA/MSc; or at least 60% marks in BS (Hons) and all other 4-5 years degrees.
  • Provided that any of the conditions (ii) (iv) above may be relaxed by the Vice-Chancellor in case of a teacher of a university/college and or an employee of a research organization.
  • Shall have passed NTS GAT-General/ GRE-General with at least 50% accumulative score.


  •  Anyone who has been rusticated or expelled by any University or College for misconduct or for use of unfair means in the examinations or any offense involving moral turpitude.
  • Anyone who was admitted earlier to MPhil programs but later was declared to have ceased to be a student of the University under these regulations.
  • Anyone who is currently on the rolls of this or any other University.
  • No application is accepted in the Admissions Section in person or via Post/Courier. After the expiration date, no online application option will be accessible in any way.

Download Prospectus Online

Required Documents for Online Application

The applicants must scan and attach the required documents listed below to an Online Application to verify information and determination of merit:

  1. A copy of the SSC (Matriculation) Exam Notes Sheetor equivalent.01
  2. A copy of HSSC (Intermediate) Marks Sheet equivalent.01
  3. CNIC or Form B if younger than 18 years of age.01
  4. CNIC of Father/Parents/Guardian.01
  5. Domicile Certificate of the candidate or of the father or mother if the applicant is younger than 18 years old and his/her name is mentioned in the document.01
  6. A Character Certification from an institution that was last attended.01
  7. Equivalence Certificate and the conversion of grades into marks of the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) for Matriculation and Intermediate levels in the event of certificates or qualifications from foreign institutions.01
  8. Original HBL/Askari Bank Deposit Slip/Proof Of Online payment of Rs.2200 or 2215or 2215 (For the Admission Processing Fees and Admission form of QAU) 01
  9. Other supporting documents or relevant documents 01

QAU Admission Form 2024 Download Online

The Admission Form and Prospectus for all academic programs can be obtained at The QAU Campus branches of Habib Bank Ltd. and Askari Bank Ltd. @Rs. 2000. OR Download on the QAU Website or  Click Here to download online.

Fee Structure for QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024

Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad’s fee structure is shallow compared to other top universities. QAU charges a reasonable amount for Computer Sciences, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Information Technology programs. Below is a list of fees for specific programs open to foreign and national students.

Fee Structure for National Students:

  • Regular Category-A students – 26,400/-
  • Category-B students (open merit/self-finance): 55,200/-

fee Structure for international students:

  • Regular students in Category A: $680/-
  • Category-B/ semester: $2080/-

You can find more information on the fee structure on the official website for masters and postgraduate programs in 2024. Check Online

Procedure to Apply for Admission

  • Each candidate shall make an application for admission in response to an advertisement by the University on a prescribed form along with the documents required.
  • Candidates can apply only via the online Application System from the QAU website.
  • Candidates must print out the application processing fee invoice/challan from Habib Bank Ltd. Habib Bank Ltd. @ Rs.2215or OR Askari Bank Ltd. Rs. 2200 and make the deposit at the branch that is owned by Habib Bank Ltd. OR Askari Bank Ltd. In the name of the Treasurer of Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
  • Invoices and Bank Challans must be uploaded. Bank Challan/Invoice must be uploaded in the Online Application along with any other required documents, or else the application won’t be considered.
  • Candidates are required to scan and attach the necessary documents using the online application for verification of information and determination of merit.

Subject Test/Interview

All applicants for Ph.D. Chemistry is also required to take the test written according to the instructions below for the Department of Chemistry; however, those who score GRE (Chemistry) over 45 percent and GAT (Chemistry) > 50% will be exempt from the Department tests in Chemistry. The admission into the MPhil program will be decided by a combination of merit based on prior academic records, University exams, and interviews. There will be no separate call letters for tests or interviews will be issued.

Only applicants who have passed the test will be invited for an interview in accordance with the timetable that is set by the Department/ Institute/ School/ Centre (DISC) that is concerned. Candidates who are taking an Entry Test must bring their original CNIC as proof of identification If a test day is declared to be a holiday due to any reason the test will take place on the following working day. Candidates who wish to be admitted in the following subjects must take an Entry Test on the date, time, and location that are mentioned above.

Exams for written tests are usually held at the appropriate Department or School Institute or Centre according to the timings that are announced.

QAU Merit List

Candidates can view the 1st, 2nd, and third merit lists from this website. The merit list for the selected candidates will be also accessible here. Review the final merit list, and students who have been selected are advised to make payment on the challan by the specified dates. If the dates are not met the student’s admission will be canceled. The list of candidates who have passed must be displayed on the boards that are posted at the pertinent Department/ Institute/ School/ Centre (DISC).

Admission Marks Distribution

  • Marks for Written Test = (40 or 50) &for interview=10(if conducted)
  • Previous Academic Record = 50
  • Total: 100

Previous Academic Record” Marks Distribution

  • FSc (Max. 15)
  • 45-49 05
  • 50-54 07
  • 55-59 09
  • 60-64 11
  • 65-69 13
  • ≥70 15

BSc (Max. 17)

  • 45-49 07
  • 50-54 09
  • 55-59 11
  • 60-64 13
  • 65-69 15
  • ≥70- 17

MSc Annual System (Max. 18)

  • 45-49 08
  • 50-54 10
  • 55-59 12
  • 60-64 14
  • 65-69 16
  • ≥70 18

MSc Semester System (Max. 18)

  • 50-54 04
  • 55-59 06
  • 60-64 08
  • 65-69 10
  • 70-74 12
  • 75-79 14
  • 80-84 16
  • ≥85 18

BS (Hons) & all other 4- 5 years Degrees (Max. 35)

  • 60-64 18
  • 65-69 21
  • 70-74 24
  • 75-79 27
  • 80-84 30
  • ≥85 35

Note: (Fraction <0.40 shall be ignored and >0.50 shall be read as the next whole number)

General Instructions for Applicants

  • Less than 45% marks in FSc, BSc, or MSc Annual System; Less than 50% marks in MSc Semester System and Less than 60% marks in BS (Hons) & all other 4 to 5 years Degrees will be graded as zero marks.
  • Written tests are normally held in the respective Department/School/Institute/Center according to the schedule announced.
  • The admission to MPhil/MS is approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board after a candidate has qualified for a written test and interview and is recommended by the Selection Committee of the department/school/institute/center concerned.
  • The facility of the hostel will be provided after the availability of candidates.
  • It is recommended that applicants fill in/opt for the subjects cautiously since once they have filled them, the subjects will be subject to the same selection process. Options will not be altered in any way.
  • The applicant can choose up to three options of subjects on the Regular (R) or self Finance (S) or both bases within the same subject 3. (R) plus 3 (S) = 6.
  • The candidates selected on their options will not be included in the following list; those who chose to deposit the dues/fees through self-finance have the same choices for the regular category.
  • If the fee/dues are on regular seats or subject alternatives, the alternative options will be blocked or eliminated.

Admissions on Regular and Self-Finance Basis

  • Admissions regularly (Normal Fee) are granted only by merit, subject to provincial/regional allocation of quotas.
  • A few seats will be filled on a self-finance basis for all subjects mentioned above solely on merit, regardless of the provincial or regional quota.
  • Merit is calculated as a ratio of 30:70, i.e., 30% weightage for scores of the Matriculation exam and 70 percent weightage for the HSSC marks, without giving any merit to the marks (s) during the Entry Test.

Reserved Seats for QAU Admissions 2024

Terms and conditions govern the number of reserved seats, and seats will be filled based on merit.

  • Only those applicants are selected for admission into MS/MPhil programs that meet the eligibility requirements of the relevant Department upon the submission of the required documents.
  • Candidates who are already chosen on priority based on a merit basis (regular regularly) on the merit lists are not eligible to be considered for admission to reserved seats. However, if they are selected for a lower priority and have not paid the dues or fee within the time frame specified and the deadline, the candidate will be required to be brought before the Admission Section to discuss their application for the reserved seat.
  • If a person does not comply with the specified terms/conditions and fails to submit the required documents, they won’t be eligible for admission to an allocated seat.
  • Admissions will be made based on the recommendations of the Admission Committee.
  • Suppose several applicants for a department/discipline less than 25. In that case, the Department will not be allowed to commence the classes, and the Admission Processing Fee @ Rs.2200/- will be refunded to the applicants admitted thereon accordingly.
  • To avoid the hassle, candidates must submit all necessary documents using Online Admission within the stipulated time frame. The last day to upload any documents that are not uploaded, like Equivalence Certificates of IBCC Domicile, Equivalency Certificate, and so on. Together with the online submission of the fees of Rs.1000or more is 03 February 2024;
  • The call letter and phone call must be separately made to be selected; applicants are advised to visit the QAU website regularly.
  • If there is a cancellation or denial of entry, fees or dues will be reimbursed to applicants per the QAU cancellation policy.
  • For more information about the advertisement, go to the QAU website.

Scholarships at QAU

Single orphans/double orphans & students who belong to far-flung/deprived areas will receive special consideration for scholarship/financial assistance awards. The scholarships are awarded by the institution subject to the authenticity of the information verified through cross-checking of details provided and physical verification. For more information, click here.

Contact Details of QAU


Are admissions open at Quaid e Azam University?

Quaid-E Azam University Islamabad admissions office has announced online admission is now open for the spring semester session 2024.

What is the last date to apply for QAU Islamabad Admissions 2024 MS/MPhil/PhD Programs?


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