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Model Sample Paper and Pattern Subject Wise

The CSS Exams Online Test For Preparations is made available on this page to help people get ready for the next CSS Competitive Exam that will be administered by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). The date for the 2023 CSS Competitive Exam has been released by the FPSC. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or above may sit for this test. Candidates may apply for the competitive test through the Federal Board of Public Service Commission from anywhere in Pakistan. Candidate applications may be submitted by either male or female. Online test includes example papers that follows CSS exam subject-wise pattern. It covers many topics, allowing candidates to practice and test their knowledge. This online test helps applicants learn the exam pattern, practice problem-solving, and time management. This resource helps applicants prepare and gain confidence for the CSS exams, improving their chances of success. Get ready for a thorough and effective CSS Exams 2023 preparation.

Important Dates:-

  1. Jobs Announcement Date: November 2023
  2. Last Date: December 2023

Latest Dates Will be Announced Soon

The Central Superior Services CSS is the Commanding body to conduct the Competitive exams in the Pakistan for the Various Recruitment and the Officers thus appointed are bestowed with solemn responsibilities and are scheduled to hold the highest offices of the country.

Pakistan today needs young men and women, with qualities of both head and heart. To choose only such balanced individuals is the purpose of the civil services examination. So if you have intelligence, intellect, team-spirit, leadership qualities, commonsense, originality, communication skills and have a dynamic personality, then Civil Service is waiting for you. Join Civil Service of Pakistan through CSS examination.

It is for information of the intending candidates of CSS Competitive Examination 2023 that as per schedule, online applications for Screening Test were to be submitted to FPSC during the period that provided here below. But due to some administrative reasons the Commission has decided not to hold CSS Screening Test this year.

CSS Exams 2023 Online Test For Preparations Model Sample Paper and Pattern Subject Wise

CSS Exams 2023 Online Test For Preparations



Therefore, CSS Competitive Examination 2023 will be held as per previous practice for which applications shall be invited, The cut off date for determining the eligibility of the candidates in terms of age, qualification, domicile, etc.

The written examination shall commence from February. The number of vacancies to be filled on the basis of CSS Competitive Examination 2023 will be announced later. Rules, Syllabus and Application Forms will be available in due course of time.

Online Test for the Preparation of CSS FPSC Competitive Exams


CSS Exams 2023 Online Test For Preparations

FPSC Exams 2023 Online Test For Preparations

CSS Exam Current Affairs Test Online 1

CSS Exam Current Affairs Test Online 2

CSS Exam English Test Online 1
(Precis & Composition)

CSS Exam English Test Online 2
(Precis & Composition)

CSS Exam EveryDay Science Test Online 1

CSS Exam Every Day Science Test Online 2

CSS Exam Islamiat Test Online 1

CSS Exam Islamiat Test Online 2

CSS Exam Pakistan Affairs Test Online 1

CSS Exam Pakistan Affairs Test Online 2

CSS Screening Test 2023 Syllabus 

  • English.
  • Everyday Science.
  • Current Affairs.
  • Pakistan Affairs.
  • Islamic Studies.
  • Civics and Ethics.
  • General Ability.
  • Urdu.

CSS Exams 2023 Online Test For Preparations

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) of Pakistan holds a set of competitive exams called the CSS exams 2023 to find officers for the federal government. There are three parts to the exams: the preliminary exam, the written exam, and the interview. The preliminary examination is a screening test that is used to pick the best prospects for the written examination. The written examination is a more thorough test that covers a wide range of topics, such as English, Pakistan Studies, and General Knowledge. The interview is the last chance for the employer to see if the candidate is right for the job.

CSS online test Questions and Answers

The “CSS Online Test Questions and Answers” is a comprehensive CSS (Central Superior Services) exam preparation resource. This online test covers a variety of CSS exam topics. Candidates can test their knowledge, practice answering questions, and learn the exam format with this website. Each question has an answer, so students may get fast feedback and learn from their mistakes. This online test helps applicants increase their subject knowledge, problem-solving skills, and CSS exam confidence. This website helps people prepare for the CSS tests and succeed in public service.

CSS Exams 2023 Model Sample Paper and Pattern Subject Wise

CSS Exams Model Sample Paper and Pattern 2023 For candidates getting ready for the CSS exams in 2023, Subject Wise offers helpful materials.  Candidates who are preparing for the CSS examinations can benefit from the model sample papers and pattern for the 2023 CSS exams by subject. The model sample papers give a clear idea of the structure and degree of difficulty of the CSS exams. The subject-based pattern aids applicants in making informed study plans.

Model Sample Papers: They are prepared based on the syllabus for the exam and the question patterns from prior years. Candidates can assess their level of preparation and expertise by using these sample papers to get an idea of the questions they might encounter. Candidates can hone their time management abilities, become more accustomed to the format of the test, and spot problem areas by practicing with model sample papers.

Exam Pattern: The CSS exams are structured and administered according to a defined pattern. The pattern contains information about the number of papers, overall scores, length of each exam, and the distribution of points among the various disciplines. Interviews, psychological tests, and written exams make up the CSS exams in most cases. English, general knowledge, current events, Pakistani affairs, Islamic studies, and optional subjects selected by the candidates are among the topics covered in the written exams. The exam structure could change slightly from year to year, therefore it’s critical for applicants to stay current on the most recent information.

Subject-wise: academic-based organization is used for the CSS tests, which means that the exam format and sample questions are separated into many academic categories .This enables applicants to narrow their emphasis and customize their preparation. Candidates can study and practice questions pertaining to their selected subjects in a more targeted way by using subject-specific resources. They gain a thorough comprehension of each subject thanks to this method, which also increases their likelihood of doing well on the corresponding paper.

CSS All Subjects Past Papers PDF Format: Download Here

The upper age limit can be relaxed to 30 years only in case of those candidates falling in the following groups;

  • Candidates belonging to the Buddhist Community or a Scheduled Caste
  • Candidates who are permanent residents of Balochistan, Dera Ismail Khan and Peshawar inclusive of the Frontier States of Chitral, Dir, Swat and Amb
  • Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts, Mardan and Hazara Divisions, and lastly, the Upper Tanawal area of Hazara Division
  • Permanent residents of Azad Kashmir, who are currently residing in Pakistan, and residents of certain northern areas of Gilgit, Diamir, Baltistan, Ghizar and Ghanche
  • For candidates who are currently government servants inclusive of the government servants in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, who have rendered not less than two years of continuous government service.

An applicant is liable for rejection on any of the following grounds:-

  1.     Application not received through online on or before the closing date.
  2.     Fee not paid on or before the closing date.
  3.     Non-submission of original Treasury Receipt of application fee deposited on or before the closing date at the time of written test/ along with requisite documents (for non-test cases)
  4.     Under age/Overage.
  5.     No proof of age.
  6.     Non possession of required/advertised domicile.
  7.     No proof of Educational Qualification.
  8.     Lack of Educational criteria on the closing date as the result was not declared/ announced upto the closing date.
  9.     Educational Qualification is not relevant.
  10.     Post qualification experience is short.
  11.     No proof of experience.
  12.     Non possession of required/advertised experience.
  13.     Relevant/countable experience is short.
  14.     Departmental Permission Certificate has been refused.
  15.     Some relevant column of the online Application left blank.
  16.     Non submission of attested copies of requisite documents within stipulated time of FPSC’s 15 days Notice as proof of the Prescribed Qualification/ Experience/ Domicile etc.

For the Further Information you must keep stay with us here on this page and if you have any question about it so you should share with us in below comment section.


How to prepare for CSS online?

Use online study program, practice exams, and video lectures to be ready for CSS online, download past papers. You may also join discussion forums and online study groups for advice and support.

What is the passing marks for CSS Special exam 2023?

The total marks as announced by the FPSC are 200, while the passing marks are 66.

What is the purpose of the CSS Exams 2023 Online Test for Preparations?

The purpose of the CSS Exams 2023 Online Test for Preparations is to help candidates familiarize themselves with the exam format and assess their knowledge and preparation level.

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