Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides Online Quiz Test MCQs

Discover the fascinating realm of Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides with our Online Quiz Test MCQs. This informative blog post extends an invitation to chemistry enthusiasts, students, and learners to delve into the intricacies of alkyl halides, investigating their structures, reactions, and importance in organic compounds. The Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides Online Quiz presents a dynamic and interactive platform, presenting participants with stimulating Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to evaluate and improve their knowledge. Whether you are studying for exams or aiming to expand your comprehension of organic chemistry, our online quiz offers an immersive chance to excel in understanding the complexities of alkyl halides.

Provided below on this page is a free online quiz which includes questions and answers about the topic of organic chemistry Alkyl Halides. Our online tests can be used by everyone as a guide for preparation of various chemistry subject general knowledge written exams with ease.

Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides Online Quiz:

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Use this online quiz to fully immerse yourself in the realm of organic chemistry and alkyl halides. This dynamic quiz style helps you test and broaden your knowledge while combining education and engagement in an interactive learning environment. This quiz, which is great for students, goes over the essentials of alkyl halides and offers an enjoyable and efficient method to review this important area of organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry Alkyl Halides Online Quiz Test MCQs

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1. Dehalokanes have halogen atoms in it:

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2. Reaction of Grignard’s reagent with aldehyde gives:

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3. Reaction of CO₂ with Grignard’s reagent gives:

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4. SN₂ reactions can be best carried out with:

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5. Trihaloalkanes have number of halogen atom (s):

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6. In primary alkyl halides, the halogen atom is attached to a carbon which is attached to how many carbon atoms?

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7. Alkanes can be prepared an Grignard’s reaction with:

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8. Monohaloalkanes have halogen atoms in it:

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9. Halokanes are:

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10. Alkanes can be prepared an Grignard’s reagent with:

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11. Which one of the following is not a nucleophile?

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12. Grignard reagent is reactive due to:

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13. Monohaloalkanes are also called:

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14. When CO₂ is made to react with ethyl magnesium iodide, followed by hydrolysis, the product formed is:

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15. Alkanes with same number of carbons as in Grignard’s reagent can be prepared by its reaction with:

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  1. Reaction of Grignard Reagent with with aldehyde givs
    Secondary alcohol is right.
    because with formaldehyde it gives primary alcohol.

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