Top Medical Fields Options 2023 for Pakistani Students

Highest Paying Medical Fields in Pakistan

If you have decided on a field of study, you can search for relevant data. Links to Top Medical Fields Options 2023 and other information are provided related to this topic. We have also provided a long list of the Top Medical Fields Options 2023 for you. As you read this article, you will be able to decide which of the top medical fields is right for you. Detailed lists are available, and you can also get online preparation for MDCAT and the syllabus.

In Pakistan, MBBS and BDS are among the most popular options for medical courses after completing the 12th grade. However, there are several other excellent medical courses available, such as BSc Nursing, BSc Biotechnology, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Pharmacy, BSc Psychology, BSc Biomedical Science, and numerous others.

If you’re interested in exploring medical courses beyond MBBS, we have compiled a list of the finest options for you. Additionally, we will highlight some of the top medical specializations you can pursue to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.

Highest Paying Medical Fields in Pakistan

Invasive cardiologist

Profession Average Salary Package (PKR)
Neurosurgeon 300,000 – 500,000 PKR
Invasive Cardiologist 250,000 – 400,000 PKR
Dentist 150,000 – 300,000 PKR
Pharmacist 100,000 – 200,000 PKR
Psychiatrist 200,000 – 350,000 PKR
Nutritionist/Dietician 100,000 – 200,000 PKR
Dermatologist 200,000 – 350,000 PKR
Gastroenterologist 250,000 – 400,000 PKR
Surgeon 200,000 – 350,000 PKR

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Top Medical Fields Options 2023 for Pakistani Students

Top Medical Fields Options 2023 for Pakistani Students

Why We Choose to Be A Doctor in Future?

We are passing and living in the age of cut-throat Competition in every era of life. When we discuss about the area of education then this is understood that inevitable competition is increasing day by day rapidly. Matric and Intermediate are two basic foundation levels considered to be much significant for the career of student as well. Specifically for the students of matric and intermediate with science background respectively. Almost everyone have dream to become doctor or engineer on this stage. To become a doctor is much toughest one to meet the criteria now a days for a student.

Every Medical student is to be a Doctor in future endeavor its best to achieve his/her goal. There are numerous students who can’t made their wish come true because of limited seats available for kept by medical colleges. Competition for MBBS and Less Number of Seats which ultimately leads towards an extra high merit every year. Approximately Fifty thousands Medical Students appeared in Medical College Admission Test (MDCAT) this year, and only Forty Three Hundred Seats were available to entertain them.

In this way a medical student seeks another opportunity by keeping itself in this field by adopting alternative one. We are going to share top most 30 fields which are most related with medical profession being offered by medical colleges and universities in Pakistan. Do be disappointed and adopt the second best option and put your extreme potential into it.

Top Medical Fields Options 2023 for Bright Future

Top Medical Fields Options for Pakistani Students who couldn’t get admission in medical colleges have been dispatched below.

  • Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery(M.B.B.S)
  • Bachelor Of Dental Surgery(BDS)
  • Doctor Of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy)
  • DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)
  • DVM (Veterinary Doctor)
  • Bachelor Of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy)
  • BS (Hons.) Biotechnology
  • BS (Hons.) Microbiology
  • BS(Hons.) Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
  • BS (Hons.) Nanotechnology
  • BS (Hons.) Bio-genetics
  • BS (Hons.) Biochemistry
  • BS Agricultural Medicine
  • BS (Hons.) Psychology
  • BS (Hons.) Nursing
  • BS (Hons.) Physiotherapy
  • BS (Hons.) Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology
  • BS (Hons.) Medical Image Technology
  • BS (Hons.) Audiology
  • BS (Hons.) Operation Theater Technology
  • BS (Hons.) Nutrition
  • BS (Hons.) Biology
  • BS (Hons.) Chemistry
  • BS (Hons.) Physics
  • MMG Molecular and Molecular Genetics
  • BS (Hons.) Food Sciences

Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery(M.B.B.S): A comprehensive undergraduate degree encompassing the study of medicine and surgery, equipping students with essential medical knowledge and skills.
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery(BDS): A professional degree program focused on dental medicine and surgery, preparing individuals for a career in oral healthcare.
Doctor Of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy): A specialized program that imparts knowledge and skills necessary for a career as a pharmacist, emphasizing the understanding of pharmaceutical sciences.
DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy): An undergraduate degree program designed to educate aspiring physiotherapists in the principles and practices of physical therapy.
DVM (Veterinary Doctor): A degree program catering to individuals pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, providing comprehensive training in animal health and care.
BS (Hons.) Biotechnology: An undergraduate program exploring the intersection of technology and biology, enabling students to apply technological advancements in the field of life sciences.
BS (Hons.) Microbiology: A degree program focusing on the study of microorganisms, their behavior, and their impact on human health and the environment.
BS(Hons.) Medical Laboratory Technology: A program preparing students for careers in medical laboratory technology, emphasizing laboratory diagnostics and analysis.
BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery): A degree program in homeopathic medicine and surgery, training individuals in alternative medical practices.
BS (Hons.) Nanotechnology: An undergraduate program delving into the manipulation and application of matter at the nan scale level, combining principles of physics, chemistry, and engineering.
BS (Hons.) Bio-genetics: A degree program exploring the genetic makeup and hereditary factors in living organisms, focusing on the study of genes and genetic information.
BS (Hons.) Biochemistry: A program emphasizing the chemical processes occurring within living organisms, studying the structure and function of biological molecules.
BS Agricultural Medicine: A degree program integrating agricultural sciences and medicine, equipping graduates to address healthcare challenges in rural communities.
BS (Hons.) Psychology: An undergraduate program that examines human behavior, cognition, and mental processes, providing insights into the human mind.
BS (Hons.) Nursing: A comprehensive program training students to become professional nurses, developing skills in patient care and healthcare management.
BS (Hons.) Physiotherapy: A degree program focused on physical therapy and rehabilitation, preparing individuals to assist patients in restoring physical well-being.
BS (Hons.) Bioinformatics: A multidisciplinary field combining biology, computer science, and information technology to analyze and interpret biological data.
Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology: A technology-driven program integrating biology and engineering, fostering innovation in biotechnological applications.
BS (Hons.) Medical Image Technology: A degree program covering the acquisition and interpretation of medical images, essential for diagnosis and treatment in healthcare settings.
BS (Hons.) Audiology: A program training students in diagnosing and treating hearing disorders, focusing on the science of hearing and balance.
BS (Hons.) Operation Theater Technology: A program equipping individuals with skills to work in operation theaters, providing support during surgical procedures.
BS (Hons.) Nutrition: A degree program exploring the relationship between diet, nutrition, and overall health, preparing individuals for careers in nutrition and dietetics.
BS (Hons.) Biology: An undergraduate program studying living organisms and their biological processes, providing a foundation for various careers in the life sciences.
BS (Hons.) Chemistry: A degree program focusing on the study of matter, its composition, properties, and chemical reactions, fostering understanding of chemical phenomena.
BS (Hons.) Physics: A program exploring the fundamental principles of physics and their applications in various scientific disciplines and technological advancements.
MMG Molecular and Molecular Genetics: A specialized program studying the structure, function, and impact of genes on biological processes, with a focus on molecular genetics.
BS (Hons.) Food Sciences: An undergraduate program examining the science behind food production, preservation, and nutrition, exploring the interaction between food and human health.

All afore-mentioned programs aims at bright future career and growth as well. So you are cordially advised not to waste your time whole year for entry test.

Top Medical Universities for Best Medical Fields 

Above-mentioned programs are being offered in the said universities with respect to their applicability and worth as well. Those students who could not get admission in the MBBS program than they don’t need to worry that various alternatives have been discussed over here. According to your keen interest you can apply over such disciplines before the due date accordingly.

FAQs About Top Medical Fields Options 2023

Which field is best for medical students?

  • Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Doctor in Pharmacy (Pharm
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Medical Lab Technology (MLT

Which medical field is best in Pakistan for girls?

  • Dentistry: even better option for Girls
  • DPT: Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  • Pharm.D
  • Skin Care
  • Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences.
  • Diet and Nutrition Sciences.
  • Nursing
  • Skin Care
  • Optometry

What is the reason why MBBS is the most sought-after field in the medical area in Pakistan?

Of all the healthcare options, MBBS is recognized as the most popular degree option for students and a good option for women.

Which doctor’s degree is best for the girl?

  1. General Physician. General physicians are family physicians.
  2. Obstetrician. Many gynecologists are also Obstetricians and can assist you throughout the pregnancy.
  3. Dermatologist.
  4. Ophthalmologist.
  5. Dentist.

What are the Most demanding field in medical in Pakistan?

Radiologists. Radiologists have a huge demand in the medical field in Pakistan
Surgeons. Surgeons play a vital role in the medical field

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