School Based Assessment Grade 01 to 08, 2024 Answer keys

School Based Assessment is also named as SBA which was firstly proposed in September 2000 for the improvement in education system by taking exams at different levels. The only purpose to take this step was to revise the content, assessment methods, and modes of public examination system. It’s a new culture of learning and teaching through which the schools can use different modes including student’s observation and their performance in the matter of class and also their participation in the project. Assessments are also like a big tool for evaluating how schools are working, how the students are taking interest in study and either they are involved in taking knowledge or not.

There is another benefit of this school based assessment system which is to enhance the student’s learning process and their learning needs. It gives an equal chance to every student to do well in learning. In a single line it can be say that ‘’ it is a system of testing the student’s performance in one single examination’’

 If the students of grades 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 are in search of School based assessments of grade 01 to 08 and also searching answer keys 2024 then they can visit the official website of SBA and can fulfil their  such related need. So, they can check answer keys of 2024 there.

Table of Contents:

  • Some important features of School Based Assessment 2024
  • Class wise Assessment of all subjects
  • How to generate School Based Assessment papers 2024
  • School Based Assessment Grade 01, 2024
  • SBA Grade 02,2022
  • Grade 03 SBA 2024
  • School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 4th
  • SBA 2024 Grade 5th
  • Grade 6th 2024 SBA
  • SBA 2024 Grade 7th
  • School Based Assessment and answer keys 2024 Grade 8th


Some Important features of School Based Assessment 2024:

There are some important points of schools based assessment system which has been taking place from 8th  May in all government and private sectors all over the Punjab schemed by Punjab examination commission.

  • The Government of Punjab (Pakistan) already started the school Based assessments in May for all grades including 01 to 8th.
  • The syllabus of grades 01-05 is according to SNC.
  • The syllabus of elementary classes 06-08 based from Punjab text book curriculum 2006.
  • The whole syllabus all over the classes of 01-08 is according to school based assessments.
  • Assessment consists of objective type questions for grades 01 and 2 in oral form.
  • For grades 03 to 8th, the assessments consist of written form which includes of MCQs, short questions and open ended questions.
  • The ratio between open ended questions and MCQs remain same for all grades.
  • The assessment of Nazra Quran for grade 01 to 5th is of 50 marks for Muslim students.
  • The assessment for Non-Muslim students of religion education is of 100 marks.
  • PEC has provided all assessments papers item bank at its official webpage of grades 01 to 08 all subjects.

Class wise Assessments of All Subjects:

If you need further details, then you have to join its official website. For this purposes you have to open this webpage, after open it, select your class. After the selection of related class, click on your related subject and now you are ready to collect further information.

How to generate School Based Assessment Papers 2024:

Government of the Pakistan School Education System made it mandatory to conduct the school based assessments for every school. So, all government and private schools under PEC have to fulfil this proposal. For this purpose we are providing you a complete procedure to generate assessment based papers. The process is so simple.

  • Punjab Examination Commission has provided a link containing school’s user name and a password of every school.
  • The principal or head staff of that schools have to login to assessment generator webpage. That webpage contains of all papers for each class and for all subjects.
  • The teachers have to choose the related class and subject.
  • After choose of class and subjects, click on the paper generated. After doing it the papers become generated for you.
  • The papers are premade available on web portal, the teachers just have to save the papers, and they can also take print of it.

This is the procedure of assessment based paper generation. The papers contain the school name, EMIS code, related District and Tehsil and a unique QR code of themselves.

 School Based Assessment Grade 01, 2024:

School based assessment papers and answer keys 2024 for grade 01 are available here for all subjects. You can click on the given below.

Answer Keys:       click here

SBA Grade 02, 2024:

The school based assessment papers and answer keys 2024 of grade 02 for all subjects are issued by Punjab Examination Commission on the official website, so, you can concern to it as it is given below.

Answer keys of grade 02:  check h

 Grade 03, SBA 2024:

The school based assessment of grade 03 is according t0 SNC and you can download all papers with all versions of each subject with the answer keys. So, you just have to lick on the given portal.

Answer keys:       available here

School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 4th:

All papers of school based assessment grade 4th 2024 set by          Punjab education commission are available on the given official     website. You can check form here.

Answer keys:        click here

SBA 2024 Grade 5th:

The papers of grade 5th related to school based assessments according to guidelines of HEC within their answer keys are uploaded on the following webpage. Just click on it.

Answer Keys of grade 5th. check here by one click

 Grade 6th, 2024 SBA:

Here we have provided you all premade papers along with their answer keys of grade 6th related to school based assessments are available here having all versions of all subjects. So, all the teachers can get papers from here. The link is given below.

Answer Keys:         click here

SBA 2024 Grade 7th:

The government of the Punjab is giving school based assessment papers 2024 with answer keys on its official web page. So, the students can check premade papers, keys with answers, model papers from here. SO, we are providing to you that web page for all subjects like English, Urdu, Science and all others. Just follow the given link.

Answer Keys:  check here for key

School Based Assessment and answer keys  2024 Grade 8th:

School based assessment papers and answer keys of all subjects by Punjab Education Commission are given below. The students connected to 8th class can see by clicking here.

Answer Keys:      check here


         Attention Here:

  •  Always remember to join our website for further information about education.
  • Just visit the website.
  • Click the home page.
  • Find your required details on main search menu that you want to see. The link of official website of SBA is given below.

click here


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