KPK College Admission 2023 Apply Online Last Date Commerce & Degree Colleges

We will provide KPK College Admission Online 2023 HED Government, Commerce Colleges here. The online admission process applies to every KPK College introduced by the HED KPK a couple of years ago. This process requires those who want to gain KPK College Admission into the Government Institute of KPK to fill out an admission application online. It is possible to submit the admission form on an official website for HED KPK, and there you must follow specific guidelines. The entire process and procedures can find in this article.

Students from Peshawar who are free from their session and want to join admission to the Commerce Colleges and Universities in Peshawar study programs can locate the top Commerce Colleges and Universities in Peshawar colleges by visiting this web page. Candidates also check the KPK Intermediate Admission  A good institution can guarantee excellent study habits and students who have good study habits always do well in tests. Therefore, do not compromise when choosing your institution. The following list is made up of both private and public sector colleges. Students will find all the information about eligibility requirements, admission procedure, fees structure, Exam dates as well as other details of each college. Therefore, it is recommended to research these colleges thoroughly and pick the most appropriate one according to your requirements.

KPK Commerce Colleges Admission 2023

Students from KPK have been given the option of applying online to be admitted in 2023 at the colleges of commerce and government in the province. Students can now apply online and pay the fee at their local JazzCash retailer. Be aware the CNIC and B forms, valid email ID, and cell phone number is necessary to access the KPK government’s Online Application System for College.

KPK Govt College Admission Last date 2023

Admission Schedule 2023

  • BS Last Date: 15 to 18-Oct-2022
  • Intermediate Last Date: 12-Oct-2022

After you have checked the processing fee for your application, after completing the application, click on the “Proceed through payment” button. You will receive a voucher number of 12 digits on the application Processing fee receipt. Then, visit your nearest JazzCash retailer and present your fee and voucher numbers to pay your fee. The token fee is only 100 rupees. Your application will not be processed until you have paid the fee. In addition, the status of the student will be displayed in the status of Pending/Not verified. When you pay with the fee of 100 Rs, your status will change from waiting to verifying. Then your application will be considered for admission in 2023 at KPK public colleges.

KPK Commerce College Admission Apply Online

KPK Colleges Fee Structure

After the application has been completed, your status will change to in pending. To confirm your status as pending, you will need to pay the fee using Jazz Cash. After completing the application, you’ll receive a voucher with 12 digits. Pay the fee in jazz cash in the amount of Rs.100 and your identity will be confirmed. Fee Statues of all programs are different. It will confirm with a program to which you want to apply.

KPK College Admission 2023 Apply Online Last Date Commerce & Degree Colleges

KPK College Admission 2023 Apply Online Last Date Commerce & Degree Colleges

KPK College Admission 2023 Apply Online Last Date

HED KPK College Admission Online Last Date

2. Govt Degree College Puran Shangla: Last Date: 15-Oct-2022
3. Government Post Graduate College Charsadda – Last Date: 15-Oct-2022
4. Commerce College Tor Ghar
5. Government College No.1 D.I.Khan
6. Government Abdul Ali Khan Degree College Charsadda Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
7. Government College AkbarPura: Last Date: 12-Oct-2022
8. Government College Daggar Buner- Last Date: 15-Oct-2022
9. Government College of Management Sciences Wari Dir Upper Last Date: 15-Oct-2022
10. Government College of Management Sciences-II, Mardan
11. Government College Peshawar Last Date: 11-Oct-2022
12. Government Degree College Badhber Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
13. Government Degree College Batkhela  Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
14. Government Degree College Chaghar-Matti (for Boys) Ashab BaBa Peshawar Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
15. Government Degree College Chitral
17. Government Degree College Hayatabad, Peshawar[Admissions Open Intermediate – Last Date: 12-Oct-2022
18. Government Degree College Katlang(Mardan) Last Date: 12-Oct-2022
20. Government Degree College Madyan, Swat Last Date: 13-Oct-2022
21. Government Degree College Naguman Peshawar Last Date: 15-Oct-2022
22. Government Degree College Sabir Abad Karak Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
23. Government Degree College Sadda Kurram Last Date: 14-Oct-2022
25. Government Degree College Sherwan (Abbottabad) Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
26. Government Degree College Toru Mardan
27. Government Degree College Totakan Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
28. Government Degree College Wadpaga, Peshawar Last Date: 16-Oct-2022
30. Government Dr. Khan Shaheed Degree College Kabal, Swat Last Date: 16-Oct-2022

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There is no longer a need to go to the college to pick up the prospectus, and after filling it out, submit it by returning to college. You can now sit at your home and visit the official website, and after entering all the required information, the application form is completed. Be sure to make sure you fill in the application form with correct details as there is no way to modify the application and again. Therefore, take a review of the entire procedure to follow. Admission for online admission 2023. Then click the register and enter the required details. The mobile number is required to complete the registration process. Students are able to register using the number provided by family members. One mobile number is able to be used to register only one student. You will then need to select the option to create a personal profile. There you must enter your personal information. Fill in your personal details in accordance with your matric certificate, and then click Save. Students should also supply details about their education as per DMC or matriculation certificate.

Eligibility for KPK HED Admission

  • Only the following applicants may be considered in the HED KPK online admission in Govt College 2023, who meets the eligibility criteria listed below.
  • You must be a citizen of KPK
  • It is essential that you have an active mobile phone number for each applicant (one may use his mother’s, father’s, or brother’s mobile number to register)
  • Students who have a Matric or Equivalency pass are only eligible to apply
  • The applicants who are applying via an official channel
  • Applications made by hand or physically at the college’s admissions office are not permitted.

How to Apply for KPK Commerce College Admission?

  • There are six steps you need to follow to submit an application for KPK admission to colleges on the internet to intermediate (HSSC Part 1.).
  • Register your account as a user by clicking the sign-up button
  • An admissions form online is available, which you must fill out to create your profile.
  • An additional page (form) opens opened in which you will need to fill in your information regarding your studies.
  • HED will notify you via confirmation email or SMS on the mobile number you have provided and you will need to confirm your account. Once verified, the board will retrieve your information from your account.
  • From the list of colleges, select the one you prefer and then fill out an admissions application online to that college
  • Then step, you need to make a deposit of 100 rupees. 100 at the nearest JazzCash retailer store against the voucher number. (This is not a refundable entry processing fee)

ضروری ھدایات

• آن لائن دا خلے کے لیے موبا ئل فون نمبر لازمی ہے۔طالب علم اپنے داخلے کے لیے اپنا ذاتی ،والدکا،بھا ئی کا یا کسی بھی قریبی رشتہ دار کا نمبر استعما ل کر سکتا ہے۔یاد رکھیں کہ یہ موبائل نمبر درخواست کی فیس کی آن لائن ادائیگی اور آپ کے داخلے سے متعلق تمام معلومات اور ایس ایم ایس الرٹ کے لئے استعمال ہوگا۔

1) سب سے پہلے آپ مو بائل نمبر درج کریں.

2) ۔نئے Password کا اندارج کریں۔

3) ۔نئے Password کا دوبارہ اندارج کریں۔

4) ریاضی کے آسان سوال کا جواب درج کریں

5) Page پر موجود Create Account کے بٹن پر کلک کریں.

• تما م تر اپلائی Apply آن لائن ہو گی۔ کوئی بھیManual یا By Hand یابذریعہ ڈاک فارم وصول نہیں کیا جائے گا۔

• آن لائن ایڈمیشن سے پہلے تمام ہدایات اچھی طرح پڑھ لیں ۔ کیونکہ غلط اندراج کی صورت میں تمام تر ذمہ داری طالب علم پر ہوگی۔

• مقررہ مدت کی پا بندی لازمی ہوگی۔مقررہ تاریخ گزر جانے کے بعدOnline Admission System آپ کا فارم قبول نہیں کرے گا۔اور نہ ہی فیس جمع ہو سکے گی۔

• میرٹ لسٹ میں نام آ نے کے بعد طالب علم کو بذریعہSMSبھی مطلع کیا جائے گا۔

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