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In our current world, the financial crime problem is a growing concern. Combating it requires full measures, including those designed to regulate the operations carried out by DNFBPs (Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions). To prevent financial crime, DNFBPs have been identified as a critical subject area, and they have to register with the appropriate authorities. The DNFBP Registration 2024 procedure is crucial for companies operating within the financial sector. This guide will offer complete instructions on applying for DNFBP Registration 2024.

What is DNFBP Registration?

DNFBP certification is the method whereby businesses operating in the financial industry must register themselves with the appropriate authorities. This is necessary to stop financial crimes like money laundering and financing terrorists, as well as to ensure that DNFBPs are operating within the confines that are set by the law. DNFBPs comprise companies such as realtors, dealers of precious stones and precious metals, and lawyers.

DNFBP Registration is required by law, and failing to adhere to it could result in sanctions and penalties. To avoid penalties and fines, companies must follow the DNFBP registration procedure.

DNFBP Meaning In Urdu 2024

The new law will come effective on March 15th, 2024. So, without further delay, let us talk about how important DNFBP is and its implications for the markets for properties.

DNFBP Registration Form Pakistan 2024

The FATF believed that the risks required international standards for Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) for only a handful of these firms, which are not financially and professional. This is a major victory for the real estate sector in Pakistan. DNFBP is a significant step towards preventing the occurrence of criminal activity in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

DNFBP Registration 2024 Apply Online | www.fbr.gov.pk

DNFBP Registration 2024

DNFBP Registration Online 2024

The study is designed to monitor and record all commercial activities in the real estate industry, jeweler-related businesses, and accountants. “No public sector development department shall provide any NOC/approval/permission to any kind of real estate development authority or housing society (commercial/residential) unless the applicant is registered with the FBR as a Designated Non-Financial Business and Profession (DNFBP) and has also appointed or nominated compliance officer,” the notification stated.

WWW.Fbr.Gov.Pk DNFBP Guide To Registration 2024

www.fbr.gov.pk This tracks and records all business activities in the real estate market, as well as accountants and jewelers. According to this policy, FBR is imposing the conditions mentioned above for all public sector development agencies to strengthen the law against money laundering and stop the financing of terrorist funding.

Registration With The DNFBP Is Required As A Real Estate Agent From January 1st, 2024

Therefore, with no further delay, we will discuss the significance of DNFBP and its effect on the market for real estate. In addition, the public sector development department is responsible for completing the registration process for every real estate agency, and housing association previously authorized to be registered as DNFBPs by FBR and named or designated compliance officials.

Check Online

DNFBP Registration 2024 Process

The DNFBP registration procedure is simple and is completed on the internet. This is a step-by-step guide to applying for DNFBP registration in 2024.

Step 1: Create the documents you need

Before beginning the DNFBP registration procedure, you must gather the required documents. These documents comprise:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Business license for business
  • Articles of association
  • Directors and shareholders.
  • The business plan must be included in the document.
  • An example of the policy against money laundering

Step 2. Create an account

The next step is to register an account with the authority’s website. It is usually accomplished by clicking the “Register” button on the homepage.

Step 3: Complete the application form.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be taken into the DNFBP registration form. The form will require you to provide basic details regarding your company, such as its address, name, and the nature of its business.

Step 4: Upload all the required documents

After submitting the required application, you will be asked to upload the required documents. The documents you upload must be in the format of PDF and must not exceed a specific size.

Step 5: Submit the application

The last step is to complete the DNFBP registration form. Once you’ve submitted your application, the application can be checked by the appropriate authority, and you’ll be informed of the status.


DNFBP DNFBP is required to pay the DFSA an annual fee of USD 6000.

Please look up the FER Module for more information about the procedure and the timing of the fee payment.

Registration Timeline

The time required to complete your application will be contingent on your application’s quality and completeness, the speedy submission of your details, and the response in response to requests for additional clarification. The necessity of making the right regulatory decision will always be more critical than the timeframes set by the target.

If your application is successful, DFSA gives you an”in principle” decision note that allows you to finish the DIFCA Registration with the Registrar of companies process. The DFSA will provide you with the DFSA Registration when you can show that you have successfully registered at the Registrar of Companies and meet any other fundamental conditions outlined within the letter of decision.

Tips & Traps for Becoming Registered as a DNFBP

A designated non-financial Business or Profession (DNFBP) must be registered with the DFSA. Contact our Authorisation Enquiries Team before submitting an online application.

Take note of the following points:

We recommend that you connect to talk with the Business Development Team of the DIFCA and the DIFCA Registrar of Companies. They can help you understand the advantages of the DIFC and assist you in determining whether having a presence in the DIFC would fit your needs.

Make sure that your company or profession falls under the scope of DNFBP. DNFBP.

Suppose you plan to operate your profession or business as a law firm, a notary firm, or an independent legal company. In that case, we suggest you contact the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department to assist you in understanding the necessary approvals needed to provide legal services within or out of the DIFC.

Read the AML Module of the DFSA Rulebook.

You must ensure that you will be capable of complying with the specific Rules that apply to you within the AML Module of the DFSA Rulebook at the time of registration. For example, you should ensure that the anti-money laundering policy and procedures align with the requirements in the AML Module of the DFSA Rulebook. You’ve also identified the right person as a Money Laundering Reporting Officer, if applicable.

DNFBP Registration Form 2024 Download

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has banned Pakistan from preventing the use of money. It is a crime to engage in practice in Pakistan. FBR, FIA, and NAB can stop money laundering. International organizations have sought to halt non-financial companies and occupations in Pakistan. The DNFBP application form is available at www.fbr.gov.pk. However, FBR has launched a mobile application for its users. It is now possible to download DNFBP to fill out your DNFBP enrollment form.

Getting Help

DFSA Rulebook:

The AML Module of the DFSA Rulebook includes the rules which apply to the DNFBP. The AML Module was created to serve as a single source of information for all individuals and organizations supervised by the DFSA to ensure Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing, and Sanctions Compliance.

Registration Enquiries:

If you have any questions, please send them about our regulatory system or the registration procedure directly to Requests for Authorisation.

DIFCA Business Development Manager:

For assistance regarding the commercial aspect of opening a business in the DIFC and copies of the application forms.

Completing the Application Form

  • Try to be as complete as you can in filling out the online application. You must include all pertinent details. Transparency and honesty are vital.
  • The DFSA might also be required to inquire further or ask for clarification on the information supplied.
  • Check your application for accuracy and completeness before submitting it.

Contact Detail

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 051-9219558
  • Tel: 051-9202771
  • Official Website: www.fbr.gov.pk


What are DNFBPs?

DNFBPs are designated non-financial businesses and Professions that operate in the financial industry.

Who needs to apply for DNFBP registration?

Every business in the financial industry, including realtors, dealers of precious metals and stones, and lawyers, must submit an application to be registered with the DNFBP registration.

What documents are required for DNFBP registration?

The documents needed for DNFBP registration include an incorporation certificate, business license, articles of association and directors’ names, and shareholders. Also, there is a duplicate of the business plan and an unofficial copy of the anti-money laundering policies.

What happens if a business fails to comply with DNFBP registration?

Infractions to DNFBP registration may result in fines and penalties.

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