USEF 2023 Undergraduate Program For Pakistan Details

Undergraduate student exchange between the United States and Pakistan has been announced by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan. Whoever is younger than 25 and a current student at any Pakistani university is eligible to apply for this fantastic opportunity. All around Pakistan, students may receive an education for free because to USEFP’s scholarship and funding program. USEF 2023 Undergraduate Program For Pakistan details are here.
The United States launched the United Students Exchange and Friendship Program (USEFP) in Pakistan with the hope of fostering better relations between the two countries’ peoples. In order to meet the demand for its free education services across Pakistan, USEFP has established several schools in a variety of locations. America cares deeply about winning over Pakistanis.

USEF 2023 Undergraduate Program For Pakistan Details

Women of all ethnic backgrounds in Pakistan are encouraged to apply to the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan, although those from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Gilgit,USEF 2023 Undergraduate Program For Pakistan Details Baltistan, and Balochistan are given special attention. Apply now at, or get in touch with or by calling 051-8431300 to learn more.

USEF 2023 Undergraduate Program For Pakistan

USEF 2023 Scholarship Undergraduate program for Pakistan details are available here at The United States is helping to improve education in Pakistan and making sure that students there have the tools they need. The USA starts educational activities in Pakistan through the United States Educational Foundation.

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Apply online for USEF 2023 Undergraduate program

The Undergraduate Exchange Program for Pakistani students was announced by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan.

Anyone under the age of 25 who is currently enrolled in a college or university in Pakistan is welcome to apply for this great program.

All over Pakistan, USEFP Programs offer scholarships and free education.

The USEF 2023 Undergraduate program

The United States of America starts the USEFP program in Pakistan so that people from both countries can learn more about each other.

USEFP builds schools and other places all over Pakistan so that people can get free education. The USA wants to make friends with the people of Pakistan.

USEFP 2023 Undergraduate Semester Exchange Program for Pakistan

The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan encourages women from minority groups from all over Pakistan. Especially from FATA, Gilgit, Baltistan, and Balochistan.

You can apply online at, or you can email or call 051-8431300 for more information.

USEF 2023 Undergraduate Program For Pakistan Deadline

The last day to apply for the Pakistan Undergraduate Exchange Program is October 23, 2022.

The official website for this program is, where you can get an application form.

For more information about the Undergraduate Exchange Program for Pakistan. Including the benefits, who is eligible for the program and who isn’t, and how to apply, see the Image Detail below.

This is a national program, but women, people with disabilities, and people from FATA, KPK, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, and Balochistan. As well as, Northern Sindh and Southern Punjab are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Criteria for eligibility of USEF 2023 

Citizen of Pakistan who is 25 years old. For, a college or university enrolled candidates in Pakistan and promised to go back to their home university after the program is over.

The 14th or 15th year of the Applicant’s formal education. So, applicants must send in their most recent and oldest transcripts along with the application form.

Benefits of Scholarship Grants:

Meanwhile, selected candidates for the USEFP 2023 Program will get free transportation, an air ticket, a visa, and tuition fees. As well as, places to live, meals, and accident and illness insurance.

Also, they give Students a small amount of money to spend on books. Although, under the USEFP Program 2023, selected candidates will get monthly maintenance allowances.


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