Top 10 Medical Universities in Pakistan

Here is a list of the Top 10 Medical Universities at our website A medical degree is a highly respected degree and job. Medical sciences are competitive and require students’ full attention.

Over 117 medical colleges in Pakistan offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. Pakistan has 45 public and 72 private medical colleges.

Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission and Medical Council must accredit all medical colleges. Medical school admissions are merit-based.

Students must take the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. In Pakistan, 16,265 registered seats have been allocated, including 8,000 private and 8265 public. Below are 10 top medical schools.

Top 10 Medical Universities in Pakistan

In this article, the top 10 medical schools in Pakistan that have earned HEC recognition are reviewed.Top 10 Medical Universities in Pakistan In Pakistan, medical colleges are also known as medical schools. So don’t be hesitant to enroll in medical schools, colleges, or institutions. These institutions are grouped according to their rules. Here, we are providing you the latest news of top medical universities of Pakistan.

List of Top 10 Medical Universities in Pakistan

  1. AKU

Firstly, Aga Khan University is Pakistan’s top medical school. Besides this, AKU is its nickname. For, its reputation in medicine has helped it rank 185th among the Medical Universities of Asia.

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Although, the university aims to produce world-class healthcare experts who can handle global health emergencies.

However, it has 3,196 students and 17,219 alumni. Moreover, the university is affiliated with the Pakistan Medical Commission, the College of American Pathologists, and the Joint Commission.

  1. University of Health Sciences

Secondly, UHS is a public, research-focused medical university. Also, the university affiliates with public and private medical colleges. Importantly, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan ranked it second among medical colleges. Although, the University of Health Sciences’ research center promotes innovation.

  1. Dow Health Sciences

Thirdly, DOW is a top-ranked health university in Karachi. Particularly, it’s a public medical university founded in 1945 that maintains worldwide standards. Although, the institute offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and certification programs.

  1. Peshawar Medical College

Peshawar’s Khyber Medical University focuses on research. Particularly, it’s 2007-founded a university and has several institutes. Perhaps, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan recognize the Khyber University.

As well as, has affiliations with the Pakistan Medical Commission, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Medical Research Center, and Pakistan Nursing Council.

Meanwhile, 48,000 graduate and undergraduate students attend the university. Although, The university’s academic proficiency in medical studies ranks it among the top medical schools.

  1. Isra, Hyderabad

Isra University offers medical, engineering, allied sciences, dentistry, management sciences, and economics degrees. Afterward, the university’s medical department is among the top 10 in Pakistan. Furthermore, over 3,500 students attend the university.

  1. KEMU, Lahore Among Top 10 Medical Universities

Since 1860, King Edward Medical University has provided high-quality education. So, due to its academic prowess, the university is among Pakistan’s top ten medical universities. Also, KEMU offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

  1. Ziauddin Among Top 10 Medical Universities

Ziauddin University opened in 1986. Additionally, in 9 faculties, including medical sciences, the university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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As well as, Ziauddin Medical University offers an MBBS, MD, MS, and numerous clinical diplomas. However, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the Pakistan Medical Commission acknowledge the university.

Along with, the university focuses on research to innovate and provide international-standard education.

  1. Liaquat University, Jamshoro

In 1881, Jamshoro’s Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences opened. Sindh’s public medical university is Pakistan’s second-oldest. Higher Education Commission ranks it among Pakistan’s top ten medical universities.

The university offers medical undergraduate and graduate degrees. Liaquat University graduates 350 medical students annually. The university emphasizes research and development to improve students’ modern understanding.

  1. Peshawar’s Gandhara University

Gandhara University is in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. This university affiliates with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. The university is among the top 10 medical schools for its academic history.

  1. BQMU Among Top 10 Medical Universities

Baqai Medical University is a medical school. Karachi’s university opened in 1989. Pakistan’s Medical Commission and Higher Education Commission acknowledge it.

The university maintain it’s legitimacy by merit-based admissions. The institution aims to provide international-standard higher education and prepare students for global medical concerns.


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