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Our website offers a diverse range of quizzes with subjects ranging from English, Urdu, and Math to Islamic studies, Biology, Chemistry, and more, you can explore your favorite topics and expand your knowledge interactively and enjoyably. With this user-friendly platform, you can easily navigate through different subjects and access a wealth of practice quizzes. Whether you’re studying for academic examinations or seeking to expand your knowledge in a particular field, these quizzes can assist you in your preparation journey.

Compulsory Subjects Online Quizzes

Prepare for your mandatory subjects with our comprehensive collection of online quizzes. Covering essential subjects such as mathematics, science, English, social sciences, and history, these quizzes offer an opportunity to assess your understanding and reinforce key concepts. Whether you’re studying for standardized tests or looking to strengthen your foundational knowledge, our interactive quizzes provide a convenient and engaging way to test your proficiency and identify areas for improvement.

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Subject Wise Online Test Below

English Quiz Urdu Quiz Math Quiz
 Islamic Quiz Biology Quiz Chemistry Quiz
Physics Quiz Computer Quiz General science

How Quizzes helps in Different Competetive Exams

Boost your readiness for competitive exams, encompassing FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, and others, with our comprehensive collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) spanning all compulsory subjects. Tailored to refine your skills across a spectrum of subjects, including English, Urdu, and Math, to Islamic studies, Biology, Chemistry, and more, these MCQs are meticulously crafted to align with the diverse requirements of competitive assessments. Whether you are aiming for government job exams or seeking success in admission tests, this resource provides a strategic and in-depth preparation experience.

  • English Quizzes

Improve your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension through our English quizzes. Test your knowledge of grammar rules, idiomatic expressions, and literary works while sharpening your language proficiency.

  • Urdu Quizzes

Explore the richness of the Urdu language through our Urdu quizzes. From vocabulary and grammar to poetry and literature, these quizzes provide an opportunity to enhance your linguistic skills and appreciation of Urdu literature.

  • Math Quizzes

Challenge your mathematical prowess with our Math quizzes. From basic arithmetic to algebra, geometry, and calculus, these quizzes will test your problem-solving skills and help you develop a strong foundation in mathematics.

  • Islamic Quizzes

Deepen your understanding of Islam with our Islamic quizzes. Explore various aspects of Islamic teachings, history, and culture while strengthening your connection to the faith.

  • Biology Quizzes

Uncover the wonders of the living world with our Biology quizzes. Test your knowledge of cellular biology, genetics, ecology, and more, while gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate mechanisms of life.

  • Chemistry Quizzes

Engage in the world of chemicals, reactions, and atomic structures with our Chemistry quizzes. Challenge your knowledge of elements, compounds, and chemical equations while unraveling the mysteries of the chemical world.

  • Physics Quizzes

Delve into the fundamental concepts of physics with our Physics quizzes. From mechanics and electricity to optics and quantum theory, these quizzes will test your understanding of the laws that govern the universe.

  • Computer Quizzes

Expand your knowledge of computer science and technology with our Computer quizzes. Test your understanding of programming, hardware, software, and emerging technologies as you navigate the digital landscape.

  • General Science Quizzes

Embark on a journey of scientific exploration with our General Science quizzes. Covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, these quizzes will broaden your understanding of various scientific concepts and phenomena.


  1. Are the quizzes suitable for all age groups Learners?
    Yes, our quizzes are designed to cater to different age groups and academic levels. We offer quizzes for learners of all ages, from school students to lifelong learners.
  2. Can I retake the quizzes?
    Yes, you can retake the quizzes as many times as you like to reinforce your learning and improve your scores. Feel free to revisit the quizzes to track your progress and further enhance your understanding.
  3. Are there any prerequisites for taking these quizzes?
    No, there are no specific prerequisites for taking the quizzes. However, some quizzes may assume basic knowledge of the subject matter. Choose quizzes that align with your current understanding and proficiency level.
  4. Can I track my progress?
    Unfortunately, progress tracking is not currently available on our platform. However, you can keep a personal record of your scores and monitor your improvement over time.
  5. Are the quizzes available for free?
    Yes, all the quizzes on our website are offered free of charge. We believe in providing accessible and engaging educational resources to learners worldwide.

Expand your knowledge and challenge yourself with Subjects Wise Online Quizzes. Enjoy the journey of learning and exploration as you delve into various subjects and expand your intellectual horizons. Start your quiz experience today!

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