Rs.100 Prize Bond list 2023 Draw Results Online

Rs. 100 Prize Bond list 2023 Draw Results Online check here at or the official site. On May 15, 2023, in Multan, Pakistan, the National Savings division will hold draw number 42 for the Rs. 100 prize bond. Find the newest and past 100 prize bond list 2023 draw results here. The schedule for the 100 reward Bond Draw for 2023 is available, along with the results for the first, second, and third reward levels.

Bond Worth City Date Series First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 100 PKR Rawalpindi 2023 Common Draw 700000 PKR 200000 PKR 1000 PKR

 Prize bond draws 41 results for Rs. 100. a drawing took place in Rawalpindi. The winning numbers for the 100-Rupee Prize Bonds from the 15th of February, 2023, are 715962 (for 700,000 Rupees), 305478 (for 2,000 Rupees), 742009 (for 2,000 Rupees), and 932360 (for 2,000 Rupees). The results for the third prize in Draw 41 from 15 February 2023 in Rawalpindi are listed below. I hope you succeed.

100 prize bond list pdf

Here you may view the complete history of all draws for the 100 rupee prize bond. This page displays the winning numbers for the first two prizes of Rs. 100, however, the third prize list is only accessible by clicking the Full List of Rs. You can also use our search bar to quickly look for your bond number in any of the prize bond lists for Rs 100 that we maintain. You can use the Power Search function to look up numerous Prize Bond numbers at once, or you can enter the beginning and last digits of the series to narrow your results.

Rs.100 Prize Bond list 2023 Draw Results Online

Rs.100 Prize Bond list 15 May 2023 Draw Results Online

100 prize bond list 2023

The list of winners for Draw # 41 of 100 Rs Prize Bonds is available online. The Lucky Draw No. 41 for the Rs. 100 prize bond was held on February 15, 2023, in Rawalpindi. The official website both includes the complete denomination list of Rs. 100 reward bonds from the first draw to the most recent draw. The National Bank of Pakistan has made available the results of the 100 Prize Bond Draw held on February 15, 2023. The drawing for the 100 Rupee Prize Bonds is conducted by the State Bank. One lucky winner receives 700,000 PRK from a 100 Rs. prize bond, while three winners each receive 200,000 Rs. from another 100 Rs. prize bond. The remaining 1199 winners of the 100 Prize Bond will each receive Rs. 1,000.

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prize bond list 100 online check

Every three months, the State Bank of Pakistan runs a draw for Rs. 100 Prize Bonds. One grand prize of Rs. 700,000, three prizes of Rs. 200,000 each, and eleven hundred ninety-nine prizes of Rs. This page displays the results of past draws for the Rs. 100 Prize Bond. You can utilise our free premium feature Power Search or search the lists to see whether your prize bond numbers have been drawn. Check out this page for information on the 100 Prize Bond Draws 2023. To see if you’ve won any of the cash prizes associated with the 100 Prize Bond list 2023, be sure to check back frequently.

prize bond list 100 online checks 2023

All of the winners of the National Savings of Pakistan Prize Bond Result 100, including the first, second, and third prize money, are listed here. Each page lists the full results for one hundred rupee draws in chronological order. Below is a list of available drop-down pages for viewing the Student Welfare 100 Prize bond list.


100 prize bond list 2023 pdf Download

Past Prize Bond Results for One Hundred Rupees from are available for download here. This lowest-value Pakistani prize bond is the smallest of its kind. The Student Welfare Prize Bond is another name for this. This prize bond also features a sizable (in terms of lakhs) Prize. Only one number will receive the first reward of Rs 700,000. If you match three digits, you’ll split the Rs200,000 second-place reward. And the 1199 people who won the third-place award each received Rs.1,000.


Prize Bond 100 draw result and schedule 2023

Information about the 2023 draw for a $100 prize bond. The public is urged to check for recent information regarding the National Savings 100 Prize bond. Below, they’ll find a searchable database of Prize Bond 100 winning numbers. They need to look up the draw # numbers of the 100 prize bond, which is also published online, and make a note of the draw number of the prize bond 100 result to access the archived draw results.

Introduction to Prize Bonds

Do you want to make a safe, potentially lucrative investment? The investment potential of prize bonds is matched only by the potential thrill they provide. These government-backed bonds not only offer a secure way to increase your wealth, but also the chance to win substantial cash prizes.

You have six years from the date of the draw to submit your claim for a winning Rs. 100 Prize Bond. You must go to the National Saving Centre or the State Bank of Pakistan in person with the original prize bond and a copy of your CNIC in order to collect your winnings. Whether or not you file taxes will affect how much of the prize money you keep.

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What is a 100 Prize Bond?

An example of a government-issued investment vehicle is the 100-prize bond. The 100-dollar prize bond is a top-selling option among investors, though other denominations are also available. A 100 prize bond has a face value of Rs. 100 and enters its owner into drawings for large sums of money at regular intervals.

Benefits of Investing in 100 Prize Bonds

There are a number of benefits associated with purchasing 100 prize bonds that make them appealing to investors of all experience levels. Let’s have a look at some of the major advantages:

Guaranteed Returns

The returns on 100 prize bonds are guaranteed, unlike many other investment options. You can cash in your bond at face value regardless of whether or not it was a prize winner. As a result, it’s a safe investment that won’t fluctuate much and will provide you peace of mind.

No Tax Deduction

The profits from 100 prize bonds are completely tax-free, making them an attractive option. That’s right; if you win something, you get to retain the whole thing without any fees or penalties. Those looking for a tax-free investment option may find the 100 Prize Bond to be a compelling option.

Easy to Purchase

Purchasing a 100 Prize Bond is simple. They are available for purchase from approved financial institutions, NCSs, and agents. The 100 prize bond’s low price makes it feasible for people of all income levels to participate.


The 100-prize bond’s liquidity is a major benefit. Bonds can be quickly and easily exchanged for cash. The ability to withdraw money whenever you need it sets them distinct from long-term investments.

How to Purchase a 100 Prize Bond?

You can go to any National Savings Centre or approved bank or agent. Do the required papers, including giving your personal information. The bond principal is Rs. 100, so that’s what you’ll need to pay. Take possession of your bond and store it somewhere secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check if my prize bond has been won?

  • Steps to check if your prize bond was won:
  • Your country’s prize bond organization’s webpage. Pakistan’s National Savings website, for instance.
  • Find the website’s prize bond or draw results area. Winners and draws are usually posted here.
  • Enter your prize bond serial number. Prize bonds have serial numbers.
  • Check results by submitting the form or clicking search.
  • The website will show if your reward bond was won. Prize category, bond number, and amount are frequently displayed.
  • If you can’t discover the results on the official website, visit the prize bond company’s local branch. They can check if your prize bond is won.
  • Keep your reward bond safe until you verify its status and claim any prizes according to the organization providing it.
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Are prize bond winnings taxable?

Prize bond awards are taxed differently by country. Prize bonds are taxed in several countries, including Pakistan, where they are popular. Prize bond winnings should be taxed according to your country’s legislation. The prize bond issuer may deduct tax at source from the award amount. Your prize money will be taxed before you receive it. Consult a tax professional or your country’s tax authorities’ website for precise prize bond tax information. They will have the latest and most accurate prize bond taxation information.

Can I sell my prize bond before the draw?

  • Prize bonds are rarely sold before the draw. Prize bonds are investments that must be held until a draw. Prize bonds are drawn to win rewards.
  • Find a bidder to sell your prize bond before the draw. Selling prize bonds before the draw might be difficult because the buyer doesn’t know if they’ll win.
  • To learn about prize bond purchasing and selling rules, check the organization’s terms and conditions. Local legislation and market practices may differ, therefore consult with relevant financial institutions or authorities for country-specific information.

How long does it take to claim the prize?

  • The organization that issued a prize bond sets the timeframe for claiming a prize. After the draw, you have a certain time to claim your prize.
  • To verify the winning bond numbers and prepare the prize distribution, you may have to wait a few days or weeks following the draw. This waiting period ensures prize correctness and integrity.
  • After the waiting period, complete the organization’s procedure to claim your award. Submission of a claim form, identification, and prize bond surrender may be required.
  • If you don’t claim your prize in time, you may lose it. Thus, examine the prize bond’s restrictions and follow the deadline for collecting your award.
  • Contact the prize bond issuer or visit their website or customer support channels for details on the claiming process and prize delivery.

Can non-residents purchase prize bonds?

The country issuing prize bonds determines whether non-residents can buy them. Non-residents can buy prize bonds, but there are often restrictions.

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