STS Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Test Preparation Online Mcqs

The rescue 1122 Test has been announced in Sindh by SIBA Testing Service STS. Candidates are required to submit their applications online via SIBA Testing Service (STS). After applying for the jobs applicants needs to prepare for their test online. Here you can find Rescue 1122 Test Preparation an online test free of cost. Check the test syllabus and prepare their test online. Candidates are asked to mail their applications via Postal post to the SIBA Testing Service. STS does not accept applications by Hand. Only applications submitted online that are completed with all the required information will be accepted. All documents accepted as a preliminary offer and appointment is dependent on verification of the documents, police verification as well as successful completion of training and approval from the Medical Board that was established under Sindh’s Government of Sindh.

STS Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Apply Online

The Government Of Sidh has announced the latest Rescue 1122 jobs 2024. It was published in the Daily DAWN Newspaper. Latest Govt Jobs to the Sindh Emergency Rescue Service. Sindh Emergency Rescue Service 1122 Jobs 2024 October Updated. The candidates who are interested in joining can apply for Rescue 1122 jobs on Sindh 2024 October, the most recent. Recent posts for in the Rescue 1122 Sindh Advertisement for eligible male/female. Candidates who are interested can apply to this related organization for the post they are interested in. The advertisement and application form Apply Online procedure is provided below. Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Sindh Online Apply.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Test Important Dates

Rescue 1122 Sindh jobs Emergency Service is one of the most professional and reliable services available in Sindh. This service offers many options and services for Humanity and injured people victims of trauma, emergency patients, etc. Here is a photo I posted the Rescue 1122 Organized Structure, the Rescuer’s Oath the Rescue 1122 official logo ambulance image, fire fighting vehicle rescue equipment, and photos of training on LOS Shama chowk Feroz Pur Road Lahore. Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 announcement was released by SIBA Testing Service STS.

Rescue 1122 Ad Announcement: 09 October 2024
Last Apply Online Date: 22 October 2024
Written test Date: Yet to be Announced

STS Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Test Preparation Online Mcqs

STS Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Test Preparation Online Mcqs

Rescue 1122 Sindh Written Test

Psychological and written tests for applicants will be scheduled at locations indicated on Roll No Slips and the Result Merit list will be provided that can be downloaded. It offers 24 hours of assistance. Emergency Rescue Service is looking for new members to join its team. Emergency Rescue Service is a public service provider that provides emergency rescue assistance in Pakistan. They can save lives by rescuing people from danger. It’s a crucial and vital role, and they’d like to have you as a member of the team. The Rescue 1122 program is a specific service provided by the government which is accountable for emergency assistance including relief, rescue, and assistance in the event of natural catastrophes.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Written Test will be consisting of two parts, the main question will be Post-related, and the other will be General Knowledge, English, Pakistan Current Affairs, Computer, and Urdu Subject.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Syllabus 2024

  • Post/Subject Regarding Question: 70%
  • English: 10%
  • IQ Related Questions: 10%
  • General Knowledge: 10%
  • Total: 100 Questions

Physical Test

  • Physical Screening Requires Standards
  • Males who run, under 30 years old One mile within 10 minutes
  • Males who are over 30 years of age, and females across all age groups one mile, 12 mins
  • Sit-Ups and Push-Ups 25 for pluses, except for females.
  • Height The minimum height for males in any cadre is 5’4” with the exception of DERT rescuers with serial number 11, where the minimum height is 5’0″. Males taller than 5’6” should be preferred except for DET rescuers.
  • The minimum height for females of all ranks is 5’0”.
  • Males’ chests in all cadres must not be smaller than 33 inches, excluding DERT rescuers

Rescue 1122 Preparation Books Download Online

Sindh Rescue 1122 Written Test Books will be uploaded here. For these Tests following Books will be helpful in passing this STS Rescue Test 2024

Here, you can download Rescue 1122 MCQs solved Past Exam Papers for the test of electrical Technician (BS-11) located in Sindh. Past papers for Rescue 1122 MCQs Written Test, as well as books for the job for the post of Emergency 1122 Electrical Technician (BS-11), can be accessible in PDF. Download the free preparation books for the Electrical Technician position of Rescue 1122 (BS-11) and practice your tests. Please share this information with your acquaintances.

Rescue 1122 Interview Question Answer

In this Pdf file, we have collected all important Rescue 1122 written test and interview question answers which will surely help you in your test.

Rescue 1122 Important Question Answers pdf download

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Sindh Rescue 1122 Test Preparation Online

You can Prepare these Rescue 1122 test post-wise sample papers Here.

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Q.1: What is meant by first aid?
Ans. First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury.
Q.2: What is meant by ‘Golden Hour’?
Ans. “The golden hour” refers to a time period lasting for one hour following a traumatic injury being sustained by a casualty or medical emergency, during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death.
Q.3: What is the importance of the number 1122?
Ans. The number 1122 is very easy to remember and dial. You can dial this number (1122) easily even at the night or in the darkness.
Q.4: What is the importance of the uniform?
Ans. By uniform, the workers can easily be recognized and identified. The work can be performed with ease without any interference by outsiders.
Q.5: What is the importance of discipline?
Ans. Discipline is very important for any organization. Harmony and easiness can be achieved
through discipline. Moreover, with discipline, a lot of time can be saved.
Q.6: What is meant by PPE?
Ans. PPE means Personal Protection Equipment
Q.7: What is meant by DR ABC?
Ans. DRABC means Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing And Circulation
Q.8: What is meant by fire triangle?
Ans. The three elements are compulsory for burning or combustion i.e. (i) heat (1) fuel and m
This is called the fire triangle.
Q.9: How can fire be controlled?
Ans. The fire can be diminished through the three methods.
(i) Cooling (ii) Starvation (iii)
Q.10: Briefly explain the digestive system?
Ans. The alimentary canal and digestive glands are regarded as an integrated system responsible for the ingestion, digestion, and absorption of foodstuffs and the elimination of associated wastes. It is also called the alimentary system.
Q.11: What is respiration?
Ans. The transport of oxygen from the outside air to the cells within tissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction.
Q.12: What is breathing?
Ans. The alternate inhalation and exhalation of air in respiration.
Q.13: What importance of sunlight for the human body?
Ans. Sunlight is very important for the human body. Vitamin D is produced by sunlight.
Q.14: What does FIR stand for?
Ans. FIR stands for the First Information Report.

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