Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023 Deadline

Postdoctoral fellowships at some of the best universities in the world have been made available through the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC). Scholarships for international postdoctoral research programs lasting 8-10 months are available to faculty members at public sector colleges and universities licensed by the Government of Punjab. Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023 Deadline.

New areas of research, technology, and innovation that are useful to businesses and society will be given priority. The deadline for submission of applications is February 17, 2023.

Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023 Deadline

Earned a doctoral degree from a school approved by the Higher Education Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023 DeadlineCommission of France. Be no older than 45 on the deal’s final day. Possess a position as a full-time (BPS) or part-time (TTS) professor at a public institution of higher education. Gain admission to one of the top 200 schools in the world according to the QS 2021 world university rankings and/or one of the top 50 schools according to the QS topic rankings. Submit a well-written research proposal that addresses the needs of the academic community, the needs of industry and society, and the needs of the country.

Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023 

Under this scholarship, PHEC will pay for the student’s bench fees, settlement allowance, stipend, and round-trip airfare, all in accordance with PHEC regulations.

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Submission Instructions for Postdoctoral Fellowships
You can submit your application to the PHEC online, and a hard copy of your application, filled out and signed in its entirety, must arrive at the PHEC office no later than Monday, November 4, 2023 (by registered mail).

Punjab HEC postdoc Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023, The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) is giving scholarships for postdoctoral work to the best universities in the world. Further, members of the teaching staff at public colleges and universities in Punjab chartered by the government of Punjab can apply. For an 8- to 10-month international postdoctoral scholarship.

How to apply for Postdoc Scholarship

Meanwhile, the priority is for new areas of science, technology, and innovation that are useful. As well as, important to the industry, and have an effect on society. So, the deadline for getting applications in is November 4, 2023.

However, the Punjab HEC gives out scholarships for postdocs. First of all, what it takes to be eligible?

Requirements for Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023

Firstly, the student have a doctoral degree from a university that the HEC recognizes.

Secondly, have no more than 45 years old on the last day of the application period.

Thirdly, be a regular faculty member (BPS or TTS) at a university or college in the public sector.

Punjab HEC Postdoc Scholarship 2023 Deadline

Furthermore, get a placement at a university ranked in the top 200 of the QS world university general rankings. For 2023 or in the top 50 of the QS subject-specific rankings.

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Finally, please include a well-written research proposal that fits with the academic field. As well as, industry/society, and the country’s needs.

Grant Provision  

In accordance with PHEC’s rules, PHEC will pay for court fees, a settlement allowance, and a stipend. As well as, round-trip airfare as part of this scholarship.

Details on how to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship

So, apply through the PHEC’s website, and a printed copy of the application that is complete in every way should send by registered mail. Furthermore, the application should send no later than Monday, November 4, 2022. Moreover, visit their official website for further details and updates.



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