Prepare NTS Mcqs Online Test

The National Testing Service (NTS) conducts various type of written exams for different purposes such as scholarships, admissions and jobs. Each one of its tests consists of mcq’s questions related to different subjects such as English, Computer, Islamiat, Urdu, Math, General Science and General Knowledge.

As NTS conducts all of its tests under strict supervision so there is absolutely no chance that anyone can cheat in it. So the only option remains is to prepare for the tests in best possible manner. But due to the inclusion of questions from different fields, it often becomes quite difficult for most candidates to complete their preparation on time.

Prepare NTS Mcqs Online Test English Islamiat Computer Math Urdu General Science

Prepare NTS Mcqs Online Test

To solve this problem for everyone, we have compiled a large number of free online quizzes below that cover different topics related to various fields of study. Using the knowledge and experience of our experts, we have developed these quizzes right according to the syllabus and paper pattern of actual NTS written tests. So simply attempt them one by one and you will definitely be able to score high marks in your actual NTS test with ease.


NTS Test English Preparation Online
NTS Test Computer Preparation Online
NTS Test Islamiat Preparation Online
NTS Test Math Preparation Online
NTS Test Urdu Preparation Online
NTS Test General Science Preparation Online


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