Download the New PMS Exam Syllabus for the PPSC Exam, Years 2023 in PDF Format Here! Core and Elective Courses. After reviewing the PMS curriculum, the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) reintroduced the twenty-nine optional Subjects in its Combined Competitive Examination for recruitment to Provincial Management Service positions. Each candidate must take the Core Subjects and three 200-point electives (one from each category). Because of this, the PMS examinations have a total of 1200 marks.
The full PMS course overview is shown below, including details like the list of required courses, credit breakdown, and syllabus. PMS PPSC Punjab Syllabus 2023 Online here.
Provincial Management Services abbreviated as PMS (PMS). It’s a base management service provided by the provinces to meet local requirements. This test is regularly administered across all of Pakistan by the respective province Public Service Commissions.

PMS PPSC Punjab Syllabus 2023 Online

You should know that officials in the several provincial departments in BPS-17 are recruited using this PMS test. It is crucial to be familiar with the PMS Exam Syllabus for both the required and elective subjects before sitting for the PMS Exam.PMS PPSC Punjab Syllabus 2023 Online But first, you must learn the prerequisites for taking the PMS test. Please review the PMS Exam Syllabus for all Required and Elective Topics.

The PPSC PMS Optional Subjects Course Outlines may be found by clicking the aforementioned link, and they detail the many subject groupings, the division of marks among them, and the comprehensive syllabus structure for each subject.

PMS PPSC Punjab Syllabus 2023 Online Check here

PMS PPSC Punjab Syllabus 2023 is now available here online. Punjab Public Service Syllabus 2023 PPSC will market PMS. As PPSC holds an annual PMS competition. So, download the PMS curriculum and previous papers for PPSC PCS vacancies. Also, we provide a link to download PMS Punjab’s 2023 curriculum in PDF. However, PPSC creates and administers the PMS exam. Meanwhile, candidates must qualify for PPSC jobs. As Punjab is preparing to announce PMS jobs in 2023.

PMS Syllabus 2023 for Optional Subjects

Group (A)

Sr. No Subject Marks
1 Commerce 200
2 Economics 200
3 Business Administration 200
4 Public Administration 200

Group (B)

5 Agriculture 200
6 Veterinary Science 200
7 Botany 200
8 Zoology 200

Group (C)

9 Mathematics 200
10 Computer Science 200
11 Statistics 200
12 Principle Of Engineering 200

Group (D)

13 Physics 200
14 Chemistry 200
15 Geology 200
16 Geography 200

Group (E)

17 Political Science 200
18 History 200
19 Law 200
20 Mass Communication 200

Group (F)

21 Philosophy 200
22 Psychology 200
23 Sociology 200
24 Social Work 200

Group (G)

25 English Literature 200
26 Urdu 200
27 Arabic 200
28 Education 200
29 Persian 200
30 Punjabi 200

PPSC PMS Syllabus Course Outline 2023

Although, PSC Punjab PPSC will soon provide written PMS examinations to online applicants. However, PMS Punjab written tests get many participants. So, competitors know you can view the PMS schedule and subjects here. Now, PPSC PMS slip download by CNIC and the enrolment number. So, PMS exam takers must prepare for their tests. As PPSC exams are harsh. 2023 PMS Punjab Curriculum.

Eligibility criteria for PMS Exam 2023

So, PPSC download PMS Punjab 2023 Syllabus. As Punjab PSC hires administrators. Particularly, PPSC conducts written meetings. Besides this, PPSC was established in 1947 to select candidates from Punjab’s government branches.

Exam Guidelines for PMS PPSC Punjab 2023

Meanwhile, subjective and objective Islamic studies commonly called ethics (for non-Muslim candidates) PMS Exam topic is the requirement. However, PPSC Lahore’s syllabus outlines for Islamic Studies & Ethics for PMS Exam 2023 are as follows.

Important Downloads for PMS PPSC

For, syllabus PMS Commerce, Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Botany, Zoology, and Mathematics. As well as, Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering Principal, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Political Science, History, Law, and Mass Communication. Furthermore, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, English Literature, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and Punjabi are available here on our website. Examined

So, if you’re looking for a PMS subject and prospectus for 2023, you’re in the right place. After the test, competitors can download answer keys here. 2023 PMS Punjab Curriculum.

Download Out Lines of compulsory subjects PMS Sociology syllabus.

PDF Download Here



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