Physics Forces Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Physics Forces Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. The shortest distance between two pints directed from its initial point to final point is called:

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2. A body moving with an acceleration of 5 m/sec² started with velocity of 10 m/sec. What will be the distance traversed in 10 seconds?

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3. A ball is dropped from a height of 4.2 metres. To what height will it rise if there is no loss of KE after rebounding?

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4. When brakes are applied to a fast moving car, the passengers will be thrown:

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5. A body of mass 5 kg is acted upon by a constant force of 20 N for 7 seconds. The total change in momentum will be:

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6. Force is a:

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7. One newton is a force that produces an acceleration of 0.5 m/sec² in a body of mass:


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8. The time rate of change of displacement is called:

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9. If a distance-time graph is a straight line parallel to time-axis, then it means that:

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10. The decrease in velocity per unit time is called:

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11. The horizontal range of projectile depends upon:

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12. The path followed by the projectile is known as:

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13. A bomber drops its bomb when it is vertically above the target. It misses the target due to:

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14. Motion of a projectile is:

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15. The path of the projectile is determined by:

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