PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 Deadline

The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has released a call for applications for an International Research Support Fellowship (IRSF). Students enrolling in a Ph.D. program at one of Punjab’s provincially authorized universities or institutions are eligible to apply for the research support fellowship, which funds study at one of the world’s QS Top 200 universities. PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 Deadline.

For highly motivated students enrolled in a Ph.D. program at one of Punjab’s provincially chartered institutions, the International Research Support Fellowship offers a six-month program designed to provide them valuable research experience.

PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 Deadline

PHEC is providing this opportunity so that local students PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 Deadlinemay learn from and network with scholars from across the world. Application packets must be received by the Punjab Higher Education Commission in Lahore by December 30, 2023 at 5:00 PM through registered post and must be complete in all respects. Handwritten applications will not be considered.

PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 

PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 deadline is here on our website. As PHEC announces international research fellowships (IRSF). For, Ph.D. students in Punjab’s provincially chartered universities/institutes can apply for a research assistance scholarship to QS top 200 universities. However, the International Research Support Fellowship is a six-month program for highly motivated Ph.D. candidates in Punjab.

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Overview of PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 

So, PHEC Research Fellowship the IRSF Levels:

All Ph.D. Fields International Merit-Based Pakistan Deadline 30-12-2023

PHEC grant for international research Stipend

However, PHEC’s project funding will cover the bench cost, return flights, and a living stipend.

Meanwhile, return airfare is Rs. 130,000.

Furthermore, Rent: Below is country-specific living allowances:

However, the Bench Fee is 250,000.

PHEC Fund Eligibility Criteria Candidate qualifications

First of all, Punjab Domicile 45-year-old maximum Eligible candidates must enroll in a Punjab Ph.D. program and have completed coursework. However, Ph.D. After 1.5 years in a Ph.D. program, students can apply. Meanwhile, completed exam (as per university norms) Ph.D. synopsis/research proposal approved by BASR or equivalent university body Acceptance letter. From a QS 200 university/supervisor (General)

ISRF application Process

However, applicants can use the PHEC form. Further, Documents must include:

First of all, a full application

Secondly, foreign acceptance letter(s)

Thirdly, the Ph.D. supervisor’s recommendation on university letterhead

Also, department/organization NOC and Study Leave (if employed)

Further, Foreign supervisor CV (not more than 02 pages for each CV)

Moreover, BASR-approved Ph.D. subject and summary

Also, the Thesis summary (complete)

Passport copy

Domicile copy

Academic materials containing Ph.D. comprehensive exam

PHEC International Research IRSF 2023 Deadline

For, local students can improve their research by working with foreign specialists through PHEC. So, applications are postmarking by December 30, 2023, at 5:00 PM to reach Punjab Higher Education Commission Lahore. Equally important, handwritten applications are not acceptable.

How to apply for ISRF 2023

Eligible students may apply using the PHEC application form. The complete set of documents must include:

  • Completely filled the application form
  • Acceptance Letter(s) from the respective Foreign university
  • Recommendation letter from Local Ph.D. supervisor on university letterhead
  • NOC and Study Leave from department/organization (if employed)
  • CV(s) of proposed foreign supervisor(s) (not more than 02 pages for each CV)
  • BASR approval showing approved Ph.D. research topic & synopsis
  • Ph.D. thesis synopsis (complete)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of domicile
  • Copies of academic documents including Ph.D. comprehensive examination result
  • Foreign University Acceptance Letter for IRSF by Foreign Supervisor. (This form must be filled in and duly signed by Foreign Supervisor)
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03 copies of the above application set must be submitted to PHEC. Each set has to be properly bound (ring/spiral/other). All annexures to the application sets are to be properly labeled (tagged). Applications that are not in proper binding and annexure according to the above list will not be entertained.

IRSF university acceptance letter

Foreign supervisor’s IRSF university acceptance letter. (Form must sign by Foreign Supervisor)

However, PHEC needs three copies of the aforementioned application. Moreover, each set is bound (ring/spiral/other). Also, label all application annexures. Equally, important, Applications that are not bound and attached properly won’t considerable.


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