PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline 2023

Applications for the PEO scholarship program are open in September 2023. Between September 15 and December 15, 2023, applications will be accepted for the International Peace Scholarship program. Starting September 15th, 2023, the PEO Peace Scholarship 2023 application portal will be open. PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline 2023.

Women from Pakistan who desire to earn a master’s or doctorate degree in North America are the primary recipients of IPS scholarships. There is still over two months remaining, so submit your application to a university in the United States or Canada immediately. In order to be considered for the International Peace Scholarship, you must wait until 15 December 2023 after receiving an acceptance letter from the university.

PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline 2023

Honors-degreed women can apply for the PEO world peace scholarship. PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline 2023Importantly, Postgraduate women in the US or Canada have a tremendous chance. Since 1949, PEO help out worldwide women, especially Pakistanis. In addition, PEO considers education the foundation of world peace and offers finances with the support of strong members. The PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline is available here at

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PEO Scholarship Funds 2023

Besides this, IPS are need-based and not fully supported. So it’s important to show proof of enough money to meet the US or Canadian study costs. So, additional cost sources include family money, work-study grants, waivers, scholarships, and grants. As well as, facts, and scholarships.

The portal is open from September through December.

Deadline for PEO Scholarship Funds Application 

Application deadline is 15 December 2023.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

First of all, the admissions test. Secondly, the nationality of Pakistani women.

Thirdly, women are eager to return home after earning a US or Canadian degree. Also, US or Canadian university acceptance. Furthermore, complete a year of coursework.

Grants for PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline

Importantly, scholarship winners must sign a contract declaring they’ll return home within 60 days after completing their degree (that depends upon their visa status)

US/Canada Travel Cost

However, the applicant must pay for US/Canada travel. As IPS funds don’t cover travel.

Non-discrimination for PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline

Besides Age, religion, and handicap won’t affect student selection.

Cottey students PEO Scholarship Funds Application Deadline

Moreover, international peace scholarships are available to Cottey College students.

Who Can’t Get a Peace Scholarship?

Firstly, US and Canadian citizens

Secondly, Ph.D. aspirants with only research left cannot apply for IPS scholarships.

Thirdly, permanent US or Canadian residents can’t get IPS

Furthermore, online courses, internships, research, and practicals unrelated to coursework are ineligible.

PEO Scholarships 2023 Funding Amount

Besides this, Cottey College students can apply for IPS, however, the funding won’t exceed $25,000.

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Scholarships up to $12,500.

Meanwhile, IPS grants pay for one year (from August to August)

However, a scholarship awarded in two installments

First, following admittance and paperwork

2nd installment after 30 November study.

Apply between September 15 and December 15, 2023.

IPS Application Documents

Firstly, Passport. Secondly, HEC-approved BA. Thirdly, US or Canadian university admission letter. Also, an affidavit for return to Pakistan after a degree. Moreover, aid documents. Lastly, students applying to Cottey College must have a recommendation letter from a professor.

PEO Application Deadline


IPS opens application portal


Application deadline


Cottey college 


Winners announced


Details About PEO International Peace Scholarship Pakistan

The scholarship is intended to provide financial aid to international students that includes Pakistani students a well .The Pakistani women who seeks admission graduate level program belonging to any academic background can apply to any academic course of graduate level will be benefited from this scholarship.

Host country: USA, Canada 

Host Institute: Any accredited university in USA and Canada 

No. of scholarships: Approximately 200 

Level of study: post graduate (masters and PhD)

Courses: For masters any field of study and for doctoral studies it is specific for dentistry and medicine

Coverage: Stipend type 




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