Foundation for the Advancement of Education in Punjab AJK students can now apply for one of PEEF’s 1,000 scholarships. Scholarships from the PEEF are available to high school seniors and college freshmen who are currently enrolled in an accredited school. The total value of this award is 75 billion rupees. Applicants must have earned a passing grade in the Matriculation or Intermediate examinations from a government-approved AJK educational institution in 2021. Scholarship applications for the AJK Education Endowment Fund will be accepted until 2023. PEEF 1000 Scholarships For AJK 2023 Deadline is here.

The Scholarship 2023 application form is the only one that will be approved. In order to get an application, please visit the Secretariat of Higher Education in Room No. 4, Block 10 of the New Secretariat Complex. You may get a copy of the scholarship application on the PEEF website as well.

PEEF 1000 Scholarships For AJK 2023 Deadline

PEEF 1000 Scholarships For AJK 2023 details are here. Education Endowment Fund in Punjab PEEF awards one thousand scholarships to AJK students. PEEF 1000 Scholarships For AJK 2023 DeadlineHowever, scholarships from the PEEF are available to High School and College students who are students in Educational Institutions. Perhaps, the value of the scholarship is 75 billion rupees.

Deadline of PEEF 1000 Scholarships For AJK 2023 

For, applicants must have their Matriculation or Intermediate examinations in 2021 from a government school in AJK. Here, the application deadline for the AJK Education Endowment Fund Scholarship is 2023.

However, only the Scholarship 2023 form is acceptable for scholarship applications. Consequently, the application form is available at the Secretariat for Higher Education, Room No. 4, Block No. 10, and New Secretariat Complex. Furthermore, the application form for the scholarship may also available from the PEEF website.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships of AJK 2023 

As PEEF Announces One Thousand Scholarships for Students in AJK Overview Levels:

For, Inter, Bachelor Fields: All Fields Available through Punjab Education Endowment Fund PEEF:

So, click here to discover all of this organization’s scholarships Type

Local Category Merit Based Area AJK Deadline December 15th, 2022

Requirements for PEEF 1000 Scholarships For AJK 2023

First of all, the candidate must have a minimum of 60% in Matriculation or Intermediate Examinations 2021 from a Government School or College in AJK.

Secondly, the candidate must have the aforementioned examination administered by a government agency.

Thirdly, the Candidate is a resident of AJK currently enrolled in a recognized institution full-time.

Also, the combined monthly income of his/her parents cannot exceed Rs.23, 000/-

As well as, children of employees in grades 1 through 4 are free from such income requirements.

Moreover, children of terrorist attack victims are likewise excluded from income requirements.

Importantly, the candidate is not receiving any other scholarships or stipends.

For PEEF Special Quota Scholarships

For PEEF Quota Special Scholarships

Lost Children

Children of government employees in BPS 1 through 4

Children belonging to a religious minority

Unique Children

Children of innocent victims of terrorist strikes

How to Apply for Scholarships from the PEEF for AJK Students

For, this scholarship submit an application in its whole no later than December 15, 2022. So, only applications submitted on the prescribed form are acceptable. Furthermore, the prescribed application form for PEEF Scholarships for AJK students is available at the Secretariat of Higher Education.

At, Room No. 4, Block 10, New Secretariat Complex. However, the application form for the scholarship may also available at the PEEF website.


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