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For a large number of private & government organization’s jobs and admissions in many top educational institutes of the country, requirement of passing a written NTS Test for eligibility is often imposed. The test conducted by the National Testing Service consists of mcq’s questions answers related to various subjects. One section of this test is related to mathematics which is often quite tough for most individuals to attempt.

But now no candidates need’s to face any kind of difficulty while preparing for the mathematics section of a NTS Test. The reason is that now everyone can complete their preparation for it with ease by simply attempting the following quizzes. These quizzes will not only save you plenty of preparation time but are also available for free which means you don’t need to spend any money in order to books / guess papers or other material for preparation guidance.

The procedure to attempt these quizzes is really easy and quick. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Decide the Topic about which you want to attempt the Quiz
  • Click on the Start Test Button in front of it
  • Attempt the complete quiz and click to Submit Answers
  • Your complete test result will be displayed on screen immediately

NTS Math Mcqs Test Online Preparation With Solved Answer Free PDF Download Urdu English

:: NTS Test Math Online Quizzes
NTS Test Basic Math Online Quiz 1
NTS Test Basic Math Online Quiz 2
NTS Test Basic Math Online Quiz 3
NTS Test Numbers Math Quiz
NTS Test Percentage Math Quiz
NTS Test Averages Math Quiz
NTS Test Ratio and Proportion Math Quiz
NTS Test Square & Cube Roots Math Quiz
NTS Test Equations Math Quiz
:: NTS Test Math Online Quizzes
NTS Test Profit and Loss Math Quiz
NTS Test Time, Distance and Work Math Quiz
NTS Test Decimals and Fractions Math Quiz
NTS Test Whole Numbers Math Quiz
NTS Test Simple Interest Math Quiz
NTS Test Simplification Math Quiz
NTS Test Word Problems Math Quiz
NTS Test Triangles Geometry Math Quiz

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