New York University Offers 2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship

The Kevorkian Center’s master’s program in Near Eastern Studies at New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science is happy to announce the Falak Sufi Scholarships. Masters of Arts in Near Eastern Studies candidates, particularly those interested in Journalism emphasis, International Relations, Advanced Language Proficiency, and Museum Studies, are welcome to apply. New York University Offers 2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship.

A native of Pakistan, Falak Sufi entered the world in 1983. She was endowed with a warm personality, a strong desire to make a difference in the world, and a creative, lively brain. And, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the National University of Singapore. She started publishing the works that would later be recognized as evidence of her extraordinary aptitude and ability when she was still a young adult.

Her research interests included the history of South Asia, the power of the humanities, and issues pertaining to women and gender in that region. However, the breadth of her ideas, conversations, and writings cannot be contained in a simple list. She was a graduate student in Near Eastern Studies at New York University’s Kevorkian Center, where she garnered widespread acclaim until her untimely death in 2008.

New York University Offers 2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship

New York University Offers 2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship. New York University Offers 2023 Falak Sufi ScholarshipThe Falak Sufi Scholarship is available from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at New York University to Pakistani students. As the Falak Sufi Scholarship is intending to assist students from South Asian nations with a predominantly Islamic populations. For, those who are not able to pursue a graduate degree. So, selected candidates, ideally women, will participate in the two-year Near Eastern Studies master’s program.

New York University Offers 2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship

As Falak Sufi Falak Sufi was born in Pakistan in 1983, according to his introduction. However, she possessed a kind disposition, and the desire to participate in and alter the world. And a tremendously inventive, lively intellect. Moreover, political Science was her major at the National University of Singapore, from which she graduated with honors.

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2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship

Young, she began to publish works that demonstrates her extraordinary capabilities and abilities. As women and gender in South Asia, the historiography of this region, and the power of the humanities were among her interests. However, no list can encompass the breadth of topics she thought about, discussed, and wrote about.

 In 2008, she, unfortunately, passed away in New York, where she graduates student in Near Eastern Studies at the Kevorkian Center of New York University.

Falak Sufi Scholarship Deadline

As New York University provides Falak Sufi Scholarship Summary Levels:

Masters Sociological Sciences Type: Deadline 16-01-2023

The scholarship comprises:

Hence, academic-year stipend (minimum of $30,238), Tuition, Student health insurance, and registration and services fees for a maximum of two years.

Application procedure for New York University Falak Sufi Endowment

Meanwhile, all prospective applicants to the Near Eastern Studies master’s program can find application information online at the GSAS Application Resource Center. So, the online application for admission serves as the application for all financial aid at the Graduate School.

Criteria for Falak Sufi Scholarship

However, there is no further paperwork necessary. So, if an applicant desires for a Falak Sufi Scholarship, he or she must include a paragraph in the “Statement of Purpose”. In, a section of the application states how the candidate satisfies the scholarship’s criteria. And how the grant will enable the candidate to pursue graduate studies.

2023 Falak Sufi Scholarship Application Date

Importantly, the application date for admission in the autumn of 2022 is January 16, 2023.

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