MDCAT Roll No Slip 2023 Last Date

Applicants who did not download their Roll Number Slip should go to their respective Board’s universities. Here, students may see Links to their various Universities. Applicants from Sindh are informed that those who have enrolled for the MDCAT exam may get their admit cards from the official website of DOW University of Health Sciences and can see the whole information on this page. MDCAT Roll No Slip 2023 Last Date.

All applicants are thus notified that the University of Health Sciences (UHS) has released the entire list of Punjab Boards (city-by-city) centers where MDCAT 2023 will be administered, as well as the range of roll number slips for each location. Applicants are recommended to review the whole roll no ranges and city-wise centers.

Students enrolled with the Punjab board are advised to get their Admit Cards from the UHS (University of Health Sciences) website, since UHS will administer the MDCAT Test 2022 on behalf of the PMC this year (Pakistan Medical Commission).

MDCAT Roll No Slip 2023 Last Date

The applicants who are looking out for the MDCAT roll no slip 2023 are concerned. For, the MDCAT Roll No Slip 2023 was issued to the registered applicants seven to 10 days earlier than their tests.  Further, you can check your roll no slip from the official website Roll No Slip 2023 Last Date

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So, our fundamental cause of providing the roll no slip is to make the scholars aware of the schedule. As well as, to provide information about necessary steps and instructions important in the exams. 

Meanwhile, the roll no slip is provided for all college students on the same day and at the same time. Also, the entry test is conducted at the same time, date and as per the same schedule.  

Issuance of MDCAT Roll No Slip by UHS

The UHS site allows candidates to see their current roll number slip. After registering and finalizing the MDCAT exam schedule for 2023, the MDCAT roll number slip was provided. All expected students are now notified that they may get their MDCAT roll number slip for 2023 on this website.

MDCAT Entry Test  Date for 2023

However, MDCAT stands for medical / clinical and dental university admission. For, the applicants who want to get admission in the MBBS and BDS programs. 

Although, to decide the eligibility of the scholars, MDCAT take a test to assess the student’s eligibility. Also, to test their potential to join this field and become a part of this clinical profession.  


Hence, every year heaps of applicants register to pass the MDCAT to serve in clinical profession. However, just a few of them are selected who pass this assessment test. So, take a look at it.  

However, through the MDCAT, applicants can join public and private clinical colleges.  

7th September to 30th September is the announced date for MDCAT. For this test, final date is announced. MDCAT Is compulsory for admission to Medical and dental colleges in Pakistan.


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MDCAT 2023 Roll No Slip Download Here

First of all, the schedule of the MDCAT varies every year and, considers their graduation. Perhaps, the institution’s issues roll no slips to the candidates. Similarly, the roll no slip provide all important information about the test like roll no, and the venue of the test. For further information visit our website

MDCAT Roll No Slip 2023 Last Date

As well as, the date, day, and every other instruction to observe during the test. However, the applicants can collect their roll no slip, after the issuance of the Roll no. Slip MDCAT 2023. Importantly, students have to bring their roll no slip with them on their test.

Additionally, bring your roll no slip with you to your test. Perhaps, without the roll no slip, the applicants have no permission to take their test.


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