Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 2023/1444 Check Online By Roll Number

Majma-ul-Uloom Al Islamia Jamia Banuria and Jamia Rashid Ahsanabad Society, Phase-I, Section 4, Karachi 75340, Pakistan, are in control of MUI Karachi. Islamic Majma Ul Uloom Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 2023/1444 Check Online By Roll Number.  Jamiat-ur-Rasheed and Jamia Banuria collaborated to found Majma-ul-Uloom-Al-Islamia, an educational establishment, which officially opened its doors on May 10, 2023. On this screen, you can use either your name or your number to check your result 2023. The board serves as a traditional Islamic sciences equivalent of a foreign education board. Islamic Majma’s outcome Sector 4, Phase I, Islamic Majma Ahsanabad Community, Karachi, Pakistan, 75340.

Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia

Majma ul Madaris Karachi is promoting Islamic education in the world. 2023 Majma al Madaris Result
Many Islamic Madarises value Majma ul Uloom Al-programs Islamia’s and curriculum. It has created well-known Islamic education programmes that integrate religion and science. Numerous number clerks and scholars have finished the Majma ul Madaris courses to earn their Deeni Taleem. The promotion of the Holy Quran, Hadeeth, Fiqh, and Balaghat is the main emphasis of Majmaululoom.

Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 2023/1444

Since it was founded, the board has been created with experienced individuals to develop the curriculum and maintain board records. It is now in charge of holding annual exams for all religious communities. The Board is an International Educational Commission of Traditional Islamic Studies, Spiritual and Cultural Sciences with World Renowned Shariah Scholars.

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مجمع العلوم الاسلامیہ کے نتائ2023 1444

حفاظ عربی
انتظام و انصرام
درس نظامی

Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 2023/1444 Check Online By Roll Number

Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 2023/1444 Check Online By Roll Number

MUI Results 2023 Check Online

First annual and supply exams are taken twice a year by Majma ul Uloom Al-Islamia. Additionally, it determines the Deeni Taleem/Islamic education classes’ exam syllabus and format. The curriculum and classes at all Madarises affiliated with MUI are from Dars-e-Nizami. These institutions/schools have thousands of pupils enrolled. The outcome of Majma al Uloom Al-Islamia 2023 1444 Hijri is what they are anticipating.

Result  2023 from

By the grace of Allah, students from 53 different nations are taking the test held under the authority of Majma-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia Pakistan. The authorities announced the results of the 2023 Majma Ul Uloom AL Islamia.

Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 2023/1444 By Name

The Students can check the result of their desire program by name from the official website. Inshallah, these students will play their part in showing the world the real and authentic face of Islam in their own nations, serving as volunteer representatives of Pakistan there. All of the students are blessed by Allah. The board’s syllabus includes domestic) Benin, Banat (domestic) Foreign words like Benin and Banat, specializations, and textbooks.

Majma al Uloom Al-Islamia Result Check by Roll Number

In accordance with Islamic customs, both men and women obtain Islamic education at Majma ul Uloom Al-Islamia. They can use the link below to verify their results. However, a lot of students attempt to access the official website to verify their MUI results. However, they encounter problems like web crush. We have provided a quick link here that will take you to the relevant result page.

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How to Check The Majma Ul Uloom Al Islamia Result 2023

On the university’s main website, the Majma Ul Uloom Al Islamia Result 2023 can be viewed online by Roll No. The actions you must take to check the result are mentioned below.

  • Go to Majma Ul Uloom Al Islamia’s official page
  • Please enter your Registration Number here:
  • On the home screen, select the “Results” tab.
  • Choose your subject and type in your roll number.
  • Press the “Submit” icon.
  • The screen will show the Result.
  • Copy the page and print it out for your records.

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