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Welcome to this page, where you can find valuable information about the KPK ETEA Test preparation. If you are planning to apply for KPK Police ETEA Jobs, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the ETEA written test syllabus. By downloading the syllabus from this page, you can access the topics that will be covered in the test. This includes subjects like Computer, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, English, Urdu, and General Knowledge. Additionally, we provide helpful materials, including MCQs with answers, solved quizzes, and test preparation. With the resources available here, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success in the KPK ETEA Test for various positions such as Constable, Lady Constable, senior field operator, field operator, and junior field operator.

KPK Police Jobs ETEA Test
Department Name Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police
Job Title senior field operator, field operator, junior field operator, Constable, and Lady Constable 
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The KPK ETEA Test is a competitive examination conducted by the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) for various job positions in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan. The test serves as a screening mechanism to assess the knowledge, skills, and aptitude of candidates applying for positions such as Constable, Lady Constable, senior field operator, field operator, and junior field operator in the KPK Police Department. The ETEA Test evaluates candidates’ proficiency in subjects such as English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Computer, and General Knowledge. Successful performance in the ETEA Test is essential for qualifying for these job positions. Candidates need to familiarize themselves with the test syllabus, prepare effectively, and utilize available resources to maximize their chances of success.

KPK ETEA Test Syllabus 2024

  • The KPK ETEA Test syllabus covers several subjects that are essential for the evaluation of candidates. The specific subjects included in the syllabus are:
  • English: This section assesses candidates’ proficiency in English grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Urdu: This section evaluates candidates’ understanding of Urdu grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition.
  • Islamiyat: This subject tests candidates’ knowledge of Islamic studies, including topics such as the Quran, Hadith, Islamic history, and ethics.
  • Pakistan Studies: This section focuses on candidates’ knowledge of Pakistan’s history, geography, culture, politics, and current affairs.
  • Computer: This subject assesses candidates’ understanding of computer basics, including topics such as computer hardware, software, internet, and commonly used applications.
  • General Knowledge: This section tests candidates’ awareness of current affairs, national and international events, sports, science, and other relevant topics.

Test Preparation For KPK ETEA Written Test

The online written test preparation materials for KPK Police ETEA Jobs are readily available, encompassing MCQs, syllabus, test pattern, schedule, sample papers, model papers, and previous year’s papers. The written test syllabus for KPK Police Constable Jobs, administered by ETEA, encompasses various subjects. The KPK ETEA Written Test Syllabus and Sample Papers can be downloaded from this source. Furthermore, this page offers Multiple Choice Questions Tests With Answers, and exam preparation resources for KPK Police Jobs.

KPK Police ETEA Test Preparation

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Department has announced job openings for eligible candidates residing in the KPK Province in 2024. These positions are to be filled through the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency. Those who have applied for KPK Police Jobs via ETEA and are in need of test preparation resources can access the test syllabus and online preparation provided by GoTest for Assistant, Computer Operator, and Stenotypist roles.

It is suggested that all applicants promptly follow the ETEA test syllabus and study accordingly. ETEA administers written tests for all eligible and shortlisted candidates to evaluate their abilities. The ETEA test consists of multiple-choice questions on subjects such as English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Computer, and General Knowledge at the matriculation level. Candidates are advised to repeatedly attempt the test to prepare themselves for the ETEA written test. MCQs are created based on the ETEA syllabus.

Test Syllabus For KPK Police Senior Field Operator 

The KPK Police jobs for senior field operators, field operators, and junior field operators offer syllabi and MCQs in PDF format. In the KPK Police Counter Terrorism Department Jobs 2024, there are 25 vacancies available for senior field operators, 50 vacancies for field operators, and 325 vacancies for junior field operators. To be eligible for these Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Jobs 2024, candidates must have a BA, BSc, FA, or FSC degree from a government or privately certified institution. Additionally, interested candidates should possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in the relevant field from a reputable institution.

The written test for these jobs will consist of the following distribution:

Subject Weightage (%)
English Grammar and Communication Skills 40
Basic Computer Science/IT 20
General Mathematics 15
General Knowledge 15
Islamic Studies 10

KPK Police Constable ETEA Test Syllabus and Preparation

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Department has issued a recruitment notice for a variety of positions. These openings are specifically for candidates who have completed their Matriculation exams. Those who are keen on pursuing a career in Police Jobs/Police Constable Jobs for the year 2024 should not miss this chance. Aspiring candidates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the New Merged Districts who are interested in working for the Police Department should thoroughly examine this advertisement and submit their applications for the positions they desire. The department is currently in search of young, skilled, and dynamic individuals to join their team. The syllabus for the KPK Police Constable Jobs can be found below.

The written test for these jobs will consist of the following subjects with their respective weightage:

Subject Weightage (%)
Part A
English 20
Islamiyat 20
General Knowledge and Pakistan Studies 25
Urdu 15
Part B
English (Translation of Sentences) 10
Urdu (Formation of Sentences) 10

KPK Police Assistant (BPS-16) Test Syllabus

The KPK Police has recently announced several job openings, and individuals who are interested in pursuing a career within the Police Department are encouraged to submit their applications for these positions. The vacancies that have been announced by the KPK Police are specifically for the role of Assistant (BPS-16) through ETEA. To be eligible for the Assistant position at the BPS-16 level, candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree from a university that is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). It is highly recommended to prepare for the test by studying the ETEA test syllabus. The ETEA Test syllabus for the KPK Police Assistant (BPS-16) Job can be found below.

Subjects Weightage (%)
English Grammar/Communication Skills 40%
Basic Computer/IT Skills 20%
General Math 15%
General Knowledge 15%
Islamic Studies 10%

Computer Operator ETEA Test Syllabus and Preparation

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Jobs 2024 application process is now open. The KPK Police Department has announced vacancies for the role of Computer Operator (BPS-16) through the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA). Those interested can apply for KPK Police jobs online. ETEA is responsible for collecting applications, verifying documents, and conducting recruitment tests. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and a second division are eligible to apply for the Computer Operator position. ETEA has provided a test syllabus for candidates applying for non-constabulary staff positions. Below is the ETEA test syllabus for the Computer Operator post.

Subject Weightage (%)
Computer Science 60
English Grammar/Communication Skills 20
General Knowledge 10
Islamic Studies 10

ETEA Test Preparation Tips

Preparing for the ETEA Test requires a systematic and focused approach. Here are some tips to help you effectively prepare for the exam:

  • Understand the Test Format: Familiarize yourself with the ETEA Test format, including the number of sections, types of questions, and time limits. This understanding will help you strategize your preparation.
  • Know the Syllabus: Obtain the ETEA Test syllabus and ensure you have a clear understanding of the topics that will be covered. Focus on each subject according to its weightage in the exam.
  • Create a Study Plan: Develop a study plan that outlines your daily or weekly study schedule. Allocate sufficient time to each subject, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.
  • Gather Study Materials: Collect relevant study materials such as textbooks, sample papers, previous year’s question papers, and online resources. These resources will provide you with practice questions and help you understand the exam pattern.
  • Practice Regularly: Regular practice is crucial for success in the ETEA Test. Solve sample papers, practice MCQs, and attempt mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy. Focus on both concept-based questions and time-based practice to enhance your performance.
  • Time Management: Time management is crucial during the exam. Practice solving questions within the allocated time for each section. This will help you develop a sense of pacing and ensure you complete the test on time.
  • Work on Weak Areas: Identify your weak areas and allocate more time to improving them. Spend additional time studying and practicing questions related to these topics to build your confidence.
  • Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with current affairs, especially in subjects like General Knowledge and Pakistan Studies. Read newspapers, watch news channels, and follow reliable online sources to stay informed.

Remember, consistent and focused preparation is the key to success in the ETEA Test. Stay motivated, maintain a positive attitude, and believe in your abilities. Good luck!

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