For the academic year 2023, the Higher Education, Archives & Libraries Department of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is offering fully funded scholarships as part of the Kohat Division Development Project (KDDP), which will pay for the full cost of attendance at the chosen institutions and majors, as well as a monthly stipend for the recipients. Kohat KDDP Scholarship Program 2023 Deadline is here.

Citizens of Kohat, Karak, and Hangu are the only ones allowed to apply. Applicants must meet admission requirements of one of the authorized schools. In order to qualify for this award, the candidate must not be receiving any other financial aid at this time. As determined by the BISP-NSER Poverty Score Calculator, the applicant must also fall into the poverty range of 0-40.

Kohat KDDP Scholarship Program 2023 Deadline

Kohat KDDP Scholarship Program 2023 deadline is here. Under the Kohat Division Development Project (KDDP), the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is providing fully funded scholarships through Higher Education.Kohat KDDP Scholarship Program 2023 Deadline For, Archives & Libraries Department for the academic year 2023. As these scholarships will cover all educational expenses, in addition to a monthly stipend, and will award to students who meet the criteria presented. For the selected institutions and disciplines.

How to Apply for Kohat Division Scholarship Program

Instructions for Entering the Kohat Division’s Scholarship Competition, the KDDP scholarship application is available at the aforementioned institutions.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a completed scholarship application form and all other materials to the appropriate university.
Students must meet the institutions’ merit-based entrance requirements to study one of the recognized subjects listed above.
Within 75 days after the due date provided by the relevant university, the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) will assess all applications from qualified applicants.
Any scholarship that has been awarded due to incorrect information provided by the applicant will be revoked.
Application packets sent to the KDDP, Management Unit, or HED office will not be processed.

Kohat KDDP Scholarship Program 2023

As well as, those who have a residence in Kohat, Karak, or Hangu are the only ones who can submit an application. Moreover, the candidates need to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for admission to one of the authorized institutions. However, the candidate can’t currently enroll in any other scholarship programs. In addition to this, the applicant has to have a poverty score between 0 and 40 according to the BISP-NSER Calculation.

Outline of the scholarship

Here, Scholarship Opportunities through the Kohat Division Development Project (KDDP). An Overview Levels: Bachelor, Masters Fields: All Fields Merit-based kind for the local category. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Application process for the Scholarship 

Here, the aforementioned educational institutions are the places. Where anyone interested in applying for the KDDP scholarship can pick up an application.

Also, together with the necessary documentation, a scholarship application form can fill out. And the file is done so at the university in question.

Furthermore, Students have to get admission into one of the above-mentioned recognized fields at one of the participating institutions. As according to the universities’ entrance requirements, which are on merit.

Kohat KDDP Scholarship Program 2023 Deadline

So, within seventy-five days following the closing date specified by the institution in question. So, the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) shall conduct. A thorough examination of the applications submitted by any and all prospective candidates.

So, in the event provided incorrect or false information, the scholarship will not accessible.

As well as, Applications that send directly to the KDDP Management Unit or the HED office are also not considerable.


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