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Get ready for success in the ISSB test with our comprehensive online preparation resources. Our platform offers an online “ISSB Test Preparation” practice test specifically designed to help you excel in the selection process for prestigious careers such as the Army, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Navy, and ISSB Armed Forces.


The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) is a prestigious commission in Pakistan responsible for selecting candidates for the Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force, and Pak Army. It conducts the ISSB Test, a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation that assesses candidates’ physical, mental, cognitive, moral, and social abilities to determine their suitability for defense positions.

Test Details

ISSB Test Preparation

Test For: All Candidates aspiring to join the Army, Navy, PAF, or ISSB Armed Forces. Take the quizzes to enhance your preparation. Attempt multiple-choice questions with picture choices to assess your readiness for the Armed Forces Test. We recommend taking each test two or three times for better understanding. Our tests include essential intelligence pictures for ISSB test preparation, with various questions and answers to help you improve your skills online for free. Access and learn easily at

Test Helpful For: For all candidates aiming to join the Armed Forces as their careers, including the Pakistan Army, Pak Navy, PAF, and ISSB. These ISSB Test Preparations are compulsory to evaluate candidates’ mental aptitude and decision-making abilities. They are also beneficial for other job intelligence tests.

These Tests are Useful For:

  • Pakistan Army Test
  • Pakistan Navy Test
  • Pakistan Air Force Test
  • ISSB (Initial and Final Test)
  • Other job intelligence tests

You can utilize this online testing system for real-time preparation. Check your preparation level with our result score. Take the subject-wise tests below.

ISSB Tests Subject Wise

General Knowledge Tests Intelligence Tests Non-verbal intelligence Tests
Physics Tests Chemistry Tests English Test
Math Tests Urdu Tests Pakistan GK Tests
Who is Who in Pakistan World GK Tests Interview Preparation

By practicing ISSB Test Preparation online, you can enhance your problem-solving abilities and become familiar with various question types, including abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, visual analogies, and pattern recognition.

You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.
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