ISSB Interview Basic Guideline Hints Easy Tips to Prepare Yourself

Inter Services Selection Board commonly known as ISSB, representing ISSB Kohat and its detachments at Gujranwala, Malir and Quetta. ISSB is the premier human resource organization which selects future leadership for the armed forces of Pakistan. ISSB acts as nursery for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. The candidates reporting at ISSB are subjected to an elaborate selection system and the ones with requisite leadership potentials are recommended to undergo training in the three services academies.

Here is some tips the candidate should take advantage of and get a lead on his other group members:

  • The candidate (interviewee) must feel natural and easy.
  • You should enter the interview room with faith in Allah and self-confidence.
  • The candidate must answer questions in an easy and natural way.
  • Answer by the interviewee (issb candidate) must be relevant to the asked questions.
  • He should not attempt those questions which are not put to him which may includes his academic qualification, family links and other stuff which have already been furnished in the application form, and often, entangle the candidate into trouble.
  • The interviewee must be very smart in listening and answering the question put to him.
  • He should be sensible as well as sensitive.
  • Your approach to the asked questions should be positive and not negative.
  • Candidate should try to make the conservation lively.
  • You must use simple and right words while answering questions.
  • Avoid using the words “Sorry sir, I missed if you can please repeat”, “I beg your pardon”. He should answer the question as soon as it is put to him.
  • Interviewee (candidate) should not get confused if a complicated question  is put to him and should not pause for a long time.
  • You should look into the eyes of the interviewing officer and be cheerful while talking to him.
  • The candidate (interviewee) must be courageous enough to admit his mistakes if the interviewing officer points out. The spirit of honest owning enhance ones prestige in front of the interviewing officer.
  • You should bluff or go for a hazard guess if you are unknown to some question or don’t know an exact answer, you don’t know something correctly, own it.
  • You should not criticize your fellow group members.
  • You must listen and observe, know the occasions of listening and answering.

10 Easy Steps for Preparation of interview for Freshers Students Candidates to get JobISSB Interview Guideline Hints Tips

Mostly Interview Questions Which is Probably Asked In ISSB Interviews:

About Yourself Quiz

1. Your Name Meaning.
2. Your Father Qualification.
3. Your Rank Among Your siblings.
4. Your Qualification And Marks.Your Age.
5. Your Height . Weight.
6. What do you do Now a days.?
7. Questions Related To Your Academic Qualification.
8. Questions Related To Your Hobbies.
9. Questions Related To Your Task And Performance.
10. Questions Related To Your

Islamic Info Questions

1. Surah Hudabia
2. Fateh Makka
3. Ghussal Ka Farahiz.
4. Wazu K Farahiz.
5. How many sons/Wives Of Prophet(P.B.U.H)
6. Biggest Surah Of Quran.
7. Shortest Surah Of Quran.
8. Total rukus. Sajde . etc
9. Ayat-ul-Kursi. Dua-Qanoot
10. Battles Jang -e Badar etc Remeber Strength of Muslims In All battles. And their Year.

Questions Related To Forces

1. Group Captain is equal to which Rank Of Army.
2. Motive Of Army. PAF. Navy
3. Cheif Joint of Army Staff Name
4. How many People Got Nishan-e Haider And Last person mae who got this award
Question Related Your emotions. And Feelings.
If you didnt selected then what will you do..??

Questions Related To General Knowledge

1. Pakistan K North. east. West. South mai Konsa Country hah.
2. foreign Minister Of China. Japan. India. Pakistan. America
3. Nigeria. America. Japan. China. England. Srilanka Capital.
4. Pakistan Highest And Shortest Things. Like Highest Mountain. Shortest Dam. etc.
5. Cm names Of All 5 Provinces of Pakistan.
6. Cm name of kashmir.
7. What is GT Road And Who made it..

Questions Related To English

1. Parts Of Speech.
2. Translate into English.
3. woh tumhara kia lagta hah.
4. mai ne us se aek letter likhwaya.
5. kal raat se bht taez Barish horahe hah
6. Jiski Lathi uski Bhens
7. Woh Zaroor Yahan Ahna Chahta hah

Questions Related To Abbreviations


Questions Related To Quick maths

1. If U got 200.000 Rupees what will u do for Those 200.000 Rupees.?
2. If a Shirt is of 50 and Your Shop is of Your Relative he gave u 15% discount then on what Price will u buy that After 15% discount..?
3. 0.5/0.005
4. What is 35% of 450.?
5. What is 22% of 90.?
6. 8+5/3=?
7. 9-4*3/5=?
8. If 12 Eggs are of 9 Rupees then 5 Rupees k Kitne hounge..?
9. If Plane is going with 90km/hour Speed then in 35 Mint how mUch distance will it covered..?

Questions Related To Your Self Analysis

1. BoyFriends.
2. Girlfriends.
3. Why Do you Want To Join PAF/Army/Navy……….???

Before appearing on an interview, the candidate to make a permanent practice in the art of the interview. For this purpose must win the cooperation of his friends, colleagues and family members.

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