HRMS Online Leave Application 2023 is available through login. Reforms in the public sector, particularly in education, have long been challenged. Teachers in Punjab were unable to request unscheduled leave while on the job. With the SIS Punjab app and HRMS site, educators may now apply online for casual leave. The automation of the application procedure enables instructors to apply for unscheduled leave swiftly and with minimal human participation. This article contains comprehensive information regarding login. E-Leave 2023 CNIC application link. The Punjab government has an online casual leave application facility.

The School Education Department of Punjab created the HRMS as a human resource management system tailored to the needs of Punjab educators .HRMS Online Leave Apply Sedhr Punjab Portal .The system analyses the teachers’ opinions on their own teaching to get results. Applying for C-Leave/E-leave is now possible for all staff and teachers working for the School Education Department in Punjab through HRMS Punjab. Human Resources Management System – Punjab Portal, Student and Employment Data Human Resources Managemen System in the Province of Punjab. Instructions for requesting C-Leave as a teacher at the Punjab government’s school education department.

HRMS Online Leave Gov Punjab

Each month, two free leaves are available at times; however, depending on the circumstances, the Deputy DEO (for primary or middle school) may grant 10 to 15 C-leaves. Regular employees who are on vacation receive one leave after serving a month, but non-Vocational regular employees receive four leaves after serving a month. The leaves are given as a kind of remuneration.

Apply for HRMS Online Leave 2023 using your CNIC.

The Human Resources Management System was made available with a variety of features and characteristics. The platform stores all employee data. Name, CNIC, employee departure, entry from official department pay and service books. The portal comprises all employees’ data, in addition to increments, reimbursements, and information regarding a leave pension, loan, disciplinary proceedings, leave details, and LTC. The following link will take you to the SIS Punjab Online Portal.

HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023|Sedhr Punjab Portal



HRMS Online Leave 2023 C-Leave

After the birth of their child, mothers are eligible to take time off for maternity leave. Employees who are mothers are eligible for full pay and 90 days of paid leave beginning on the day their kid is born. They are eligible for the leave three times over the entirety of their service, and each time, they are granted unpaid leave for a period of ninety days. Note In the event that an employee is a woman who is anticipating the birth of her fourth child, she will be eligible for unpaid leave, and the time she spends away from work will be deducted from her total number of years of service.

Apply Leave On HRMS Punjab

In order to use the HRMS Portal, please go to Enter your user name and password to log in. To access My Leave Services, click on My Services. Select Online Leave Application then. Please complete the form with your information. Don’t just blindly hit “submit;” double-check your answers first. The next step is to provide the data to the appropriate authority for processing.

Online Apply HRMS Leave 


Types of Leaves on HRMIS

01  Casual leave
02  Earned leaves
03  Extraordinary leaves (EOL)
04  Maternity leaves (M.T)
05  Paternity leaves (P.T)
06  Hajj leave
07  Ex Pakistan leave
08  lddat leave
09  Medical leave
10  Study Leave
11  Leave Preparatory To Retirement (Lpr)/Leave Encashment
12  Umrah Leave 2023 HRMS Login

The Punjab Government’s School Education Department has made an online application for C-Leave available. C leave is a temporary teacher’s leave granted by the government for a number of reasons. All teachers and employees of the School Education Department in Punjab can now apply for C-Leave/E-Leave using HRMS Punjab. HRMS Punjab’s website.


Step 1 Visit the HRMS Punjab website at
Step 2 Log in with Your CNIC and Password as well as your SIS App Username and also your Password.
Step 3 On the side Menu From Side Menu, choose Leave Request.

How to Apply for Leave on HRMS Punjab 2023

Department of Education in Schools The leave system in Punjab has been digitalized. Candidates had to wait and provide money for leave authorization in the past. However, the government has simplified the leave process in recent years. Teachers and non-teaching staff members in the school education department can request leave online. There is no need to see CEO in person. AEOs/Headmistresses/Headmasters have the authority to deny a leave application within 24 years.

  • First, sign in to your account at
  • If the official website does not reply, click on the provided link.
  • Fill our online application forms with the essential information.
  • Enter the kind of leave.
  • Mention the need for leave to form (period of leave)
  • Mention the number of days
  • The reason for the leave
  • Date of submission
  • Choose your seat’s name.
  • Select the Apply for Leave option.

HRMS Punjab Login/Sign in 2023

we will go through the specifics of online leave for instructors. The current post has been completely updated with online leave information. For the first time in history, teachers in Punjab’s basic, elementary, and secondary schools will be able to receive their leaves online. Previously, teachers had to go to numerous offices to get their leaves. However, you may apply for casual leaves online here.

Schools Education Department Contact Numbers

Address: Official Address: 2-Bank Road, Old P&D Building, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore

Ph #: 042 – 99213198

Ph #: 042 – 99212017

Email: [email protected]


How do I send casual leave on HRMS?

Open HRMS’s website at Log in to HRMS Account using your SIS Punjab Mobile App account (CNIC + Password) as Teaching Staff. Select Leave Request from your profile’s right side. Click Apply Leave.

How do I submit my leave application through HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023?

Log onto HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023 and fill out the form to apply for leave. Your leave type, start and end dates, and accompanying paperwork will be requested.

How to apply for a leave HRMS Portal? your ID and password, My Leave Services .Enter the needed information. Verify and submit.

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