STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online 2024 Last Date

STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online 2024 is open to candidates who have failed ECAT 2024. Applications are being accepted from medical students from all over the world who want to get an opportunity to retake LMDCAT & NUMS. STEP Super Batch is scheduled to begin on April 28, 2024. Students can sign up online or visit the closest Punjab College and Hadaf College Campuses for registrations at no cost. STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online based information you can find it here. STEP academy tests will help you prepare for the MDCAT exam preparation. If you are planning to take the MDCAT Entry Test 2024, it’s time to assess your preparation.

STEP اپنا مشہور اسکالرشپ پر مبنی سیلف اسسمنٹ ٹیسٹ (SSAT) 2024 پیش کرتا ہے۔ اس مضمون میں آپ کو وہ سب کچھ مل جائے گا جو آپ کو STEP کے بارے میں جاننے کی ضرورت ہے بشمول STEP ٹیسٹ۔ STEP کے کیا فوائد ہیں؟ STEPS ٹیسٹوں کا نصاب، پیپر پیٹرن، مارکنگ ڈسٹری بیوشن، اور وقت کی اجازت۔ STEP ٹیسٹ کی ایک قسم ہے جو پنجاب کالج گروپ کے ذریعے سالانہ لی جاتی ہے۔ یہ ایم ڈی سی اے ٹی، ایم سی اے ٹی، ای سی اے ٹی اور این ٹی ایس کے مطالعہ کے لیے انتہائی مفید ہے۔

STEP Self-Assessment Test

STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT-2023) is a great opportunity for students can get Entry Test experience before appearing for The Entry Test 2024. Participating in SSAT will enable students to gain knowledge about the Entry Test and in addition the top 2500 students of SSAT will be granted a free entry Test preparation by contact with STEP. If you don’t have the funds required to sign up, you’ll be able to take advantage of all lectures along with the notes Lectures, Tests, and Lectures free of charge. free. STEP self-assessment test 2024 offers an excellent opportunity for students to evaluate their preparation for the entrance Test.

The famous STEP Self-Assessment Test is going to benefit students from over 70 cities across Pakistan. Schools from various schools have started their online test and discussion forums like Kips, Stars & Steps Academy. The first stage is where the students will be able to see complete information about the exercises.

Eligibility for STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online

  • This STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 is open to all students in Intermediate Part II or those who have a chance to enroll in the medical or engineering field.
  • This exam is offered on a scholarship basis to all students in The Punjab Group of Colleges, and the Hadaf Group of Colleges, as well as students from other institutions.
  • ICS Students who are taking both economics and statistics are not eligible to take taking the SSAT in 2024.
  • All students who have passed their matriculation and are in the process of being enrolled can be registered for STEP.
  •  Students must be part of the head of the Punjab Group of Colleges.

SSAT Scholarship Policy

  • The STEP Self-Assessment Test has a detailed and complete scholarship policy. STEP will offer scholarships to students as well as the highest 3000 scorers.
  • The top 3000 scorers receive a full scholarship.
  • After passing the STEP Self-Assessment Test, non-Punjabis and non-Hadaf university students can receive a grant of 15.
  • 25 percent grant for students in college who aren’t Punjabis or Hadaf and who have scored at least 80% in the STEP Self-Assessment Test.

STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online 2024 Last Date

STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online

Benefits of STEP SELF Assessment Test

The students will gain from taking the STEP, Self-Assessment Test on two levels. They will get a better understanding of the preparation they will undergo at the initial level. In addition, the test will offer an extensive understanding of the entrance tests for medical and engineering schools. In recognition of the work made by students, STEP will provide free education to 3000 of the most successful test-takers in 2024. This will include medical and engineering students. Be awestruck, STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 invites students to come and evaluate their performance in the entry test. The well-known STEP Self-Assessment Test is going to aid students in 100+ towns across Pakistan.

Process for STEP SELF Assessment Test Registration Online

STEP’s Scholarship Based Assessment Test Registration for 2024 is available for applicants who have been unable to pass ECAT 2024. The deadline for applications is open to medical students who want the chance to retake the LMDCAT and NUMS. STEP Super Batch will start on April 28, 2024. Students can apply via the Internet or go to the closest Punjab College and Hadaf College campuses for registrations at no cost. This STEP scholarship-based Self-Assessment Test Registration is an excellent opportunity to make use of.

This test was created to aid students in evaluating their academic abilities and being chosen for scholarships that are compatible with their academic abilities. This article will cover everything you need to know about STEP’s Scholarship-based Self-Assessment Test (SAT) registration.

STEP Self Assessment Test 2024 Date

Applications are open to all medical students seeking an opportunity to retake LMDCAT & NUMS. STEP Super Batch will begin beginning on April 28th, 2024.

How to Register for the STEP Test?

In the beginning, first, the Punjab College group releases test advertisements. It is the STEP official website allows you to allow applicants to register for the test at no cost. For the convenience of students, we’ve shared an online link that you can sign up easily to take this STEP Test. The STEP Self-Assessment Test for Scholarships is an easy process that can be completed online. To register for the test, applicants must visit the STEP scholarship-related self Assessment Test Registration site and follow the instructions that are provided. After the registration and verification process, the students will be issued an access number to take the test and take the test at their own speed. The test is comprised of multiple-choice tests. Students have been given a specific time to finish the test.

STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 Result

Students who are in the test SSAT 2024. They are waiting on their results. To verify their scores. The results, as well as the merit list for the SSAT in 2024, will be released once the STEP authorities release the merit list. To recognize the hard work of students STEP will award students the chance to attend free school for 2500 most successful test takers on STEP’s STEP Self-Assessment Test in 2024. The total amount of scholarships that are available to engineering students is 100.

STEP Self-Assessment Test Result Merit List SSAT 2024

STEP Self-Assessment Result merit list SSAT 2024 Check the STEP Self-Assessment Test result as well as the merit lists on this page. It administered tests to aid in training for the MDCAT and ETEA as well as to increase the abilities of students. Many students who registered and participated in the STEP examinations are waiting for their results as well as the merit list. We are now informing everyone that their STEP results for 2024 were announced.

STEP Self-Assessment Test Result SSAT 2024
Test Name SSAT
Total Scholarships 2500
Engineering Students Scholarships 1000
Medical Students Scholarships 1500

STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 Syllabus

NMDCAT-SSAT 2024 No Subject No. OF MCQ’s In Test
05 Grand total 100
06 Duration for NMDCAT-SSAT 75 Minutes

Fee Structure

Contact Info of Self STEP

Address: 123-C, Block E1, Gulberg, III Lahore

Phone: 0800-78608

Email: [email protected]


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