Microsoft History Info Trivia Facts Quiz Online

One of the world’s most valuable companies, Microsoft Corporation is the multinational technology company behind developing software’s like Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer and Windows operating system along with many others software as well as hardware. All the individuals who are customers of Microsoft products can attempt the following quiz in order to improve their knowledge about the company whom products they love.

Microsoft History Info Trivia Facts Quiz Online

General Knowledge

1. What was the first product of Microsoft?

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2. The headquarter of Microsoft is in which state of USA?

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3. The largest acquisition of Microsoft has been with:

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4. Microsoft introduced a graphical extension for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows in:

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5. Who is the co-founder of Microsoft alongside Bill Gates?

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6. Microsoft was founded in:

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7. The Microsoft initial public offering (IPO) took place in:

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8. Microsoft introduced its office suit, Microsoft Office in:

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9. Microsoft is the world's __________ software maker measured by revenues.

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10. Who made the Window 95's start up tune, dubbed "The Microsoft Sound"?

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