Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Names Meanings Quiz 1 Online Mcqs Questions and Answers

To help our readers prepare for any and all types of written exams and interviews related to Islamic general knowledge in an easy and stress-free manner, we have provided a variety of free online tests on our website that may be used as a reference for the best possible preparation. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Names Meanings Quiz are provided here to check online.  You are asked to take the following online quiz, which has been offered as part of our efforts and may be found below, to assess your familiarity with the names of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and their meanings.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Names Meanings Quiz 1 Online Mcqs

This quiz is intended to assess your knowledge of and comprehension of the different names and titles that the last and most revered messenger of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has been given. Islam is practiced by Muslims all over the world, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is revered for his excellent qualities, values, and positions. You will have the chance to improve your understanding of the Prophet’s names and their importance as well as your connection to the Islamic religion by taking this quiz. The answers to each question are brief and to the point, giving you important information on the significance of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) names. Prepare to test your knowledge as you discover the Prophet’s lovely names and take pleasure in this educational online quiz on the names and meanings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)!

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Names Meanings Quiz 1 Online

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1. The meaning of SHAFI (SAW) is _________.

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2. AHMAD (SAW) means __________.

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3. The meaning of AQIB (SAW) is ___________.

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4. NABI (SAW) means ________.

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5. MUJTABA (SAW) means _________.

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6. MA'AH (SAW) means __________.

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7. MUTTAHIR (SAW) means _____________.

Question 7 of 30

8. OU'LAA (SAW) means __________.

Question 8 of 30

9. MA'MOON (SAW) means _________.

Question 9 of 30

10. The meaning of RAUF (SAW) is _____________.

Question 10 of 30

11. BASHIR (SAW) means _____________.

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12. MUSADDIQ (SAW) means __________.

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13. HASHIR (SAW) means ________.

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14. The meaning of NAZEER (SAW) is __________.

Question 14 of 30

15. MUDASSIR (SAW) means _________.

Question 15 of 30

16. The meaning of SHAHID (SAW) is ________.

Question 16 of 30

17. The meaning of MURTAZA (SAW) is __________.

Question 17 of 30

18. The meaning of SIRAJ (SAW) is _________.

Question 18 of 30

19. The meaning of MASHHOOD (SAW) is ___________.

Question 19 of 30

20. MISBAH (SAW) means _________.

Question 20 of 30

21. The meaning of MUHAMMAD (SAW) is ____________.

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22. The meaning of SAHIB (SAW) is ___________.

Question 22 of 30

23. HA'ADI (SAW) means ___________.

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24. The meaning of SAYYED (SAW) is ____________.

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25. The meaning of DA'A is ____________.

Question 25 of 30

26. MUKKARAM (SAW) means _________.

Question 26 of 30

27. The meaning of QASIM (SAW) is ___________.

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28. The AMIR (SAW) means _________.

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29. MAD'OU (SAW) means ___________.

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30. The meaning of SHAFI (SAW) is _________.

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Names Meanings Questions and Answers

This compilation simplifies and explains Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the last messenger of Islam’s names. Muslims across the globe revere Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his names reflect his unique attributes and functions. This collection contains simple questions on Prophet Muhammad’s names. These questions test your knowledge and explain each name’s meaning. Each question is answered clearly and simply, providing explanations and further information on Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) names. So, prepare to study, discover the names of our beloved prophet, and enjoy this simple and instructive online collection of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Names Questions and Answers!


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