Hazrat Adam (AS) Bio Life History Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

Improve your general knowledge about the life history of Hazrat Adam (AS) by attempting the following quiz which contains all the important questions and answers about this topic for various Islamic general knowledge related examinations.

Hazrat Adam (AS) Bio Life History Quiz Online Mcq’s Test


1. Allah expelled both Hazrat Adam and Hawwa from __________.

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2. Hazrat Adam (AS) is also known as:

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3. Who was (were) created to remove the loneliness of Hazrat Adam (AS)?

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4. In which current country did Hazrat Adam (AS) first landed on earth?

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5. Who urged Hazrat Adam (AS) to taste the fruit of prohibited tree?

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6. The word "Adam" means:

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7. Hazrat Adam (AS) is the first ____________ of Allah.

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8. What was the age of Hazrat Adam (AS) at the time of his son Prophet Shees (AS) birth?

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9. Which son of Hazrat Adam (AS) murdered his brother Habil?

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10. What is the title of Hazrat Adam (AS)?

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