First in Islam Quiz 2 Online GK Mcqs Questions and Answers

we have provided a free online quiz related to the first things in Islam, which includes questions such as “what was the first migration?” “what was the first Juma Prayer?” “what was the first Hajj?” “what was the first Eid celebration?” and “what was the first migration?” Therefore, you should consider taking this test in order to quickly and effectively prepare for your examination in the best way possible.

First in Islam Quiz 2 Online GK Mcqs 

The “First in Islam Quiz 1 Online GK Mcqs” is a knowledge check that involves interaction and assesses your familiarity with major “firsts” in the history of Islam. This test is meant to test your knowledge of significant occurrences, accomplishments, and people who have the distinction of being the first in many facets of Islamic history. The first migration, the first Juma Prayer, the first Hajj journey, the first Eid celebration, and plenty more are all covered in this quiz. By taking part in this quiz, you will get the chance to test both your knowledge and your comprehension of the recent significant events.

You will have the chance to learn more about Islamic history by taking this quiz, which will also provide you a better grasp of significant individuals and events as well as some historical context for the origins of the Islamic faith. The right response is given along with an explanation to give more context and details, and each question is followed by a number of choices from which to select. Prepare to take the “First in Islam Quiz 1 Online GK Mcqs” to test your knowledge and learn about the “firsts” in Islam.

First in Islam Quiz 2 Online GK Mcqs Questions and Answers

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1. For the first time as forgiveness of murder, Holy Prophet (SAW) forgave the blood of ____________.

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2. The Holy Prophet (SAW) led the first Juma prayer in ____________.

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3. The first Sahabi who was buried in "Jannat-ul-Baqi" was ____________.

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4. The first Ghazwa fought between Mushikeen and Islam was __________.

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5. The hypocrites participated in Ghazwa __________ for the first time.

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6. The first capital of Islam is _________.

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7. __________ compiled the first work of Hadith "Sahifa-e-Sadiqa".

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8. The first Syria of Islam was _____________.

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9. The Holy Quran was revealed from _______________.

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10. The first couple who migrated for Islam was __________.

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11. First Mujadid was ____________.

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12. The first ambassador of Islam was _________ in Madina.

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13. The Holy prophet (SAW) sent the first letter to _______.

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14. The first Salate-ul-Khauf was performed in Ghazwa _________.

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15. The Muslims first migrated to _____________.

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16. The first Hajj was performed in _______________.

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17. The first Eid-ul-Fitar was celebrated in ______________.

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18. The first Islamic educational cantre was the house of ______________.

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19. The first Nabi of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was __________.

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20. The first "Ameer-ul-Hajj" was ___________.

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First in Islam Quiz 2 Online Questions and Answers

The “First in Islam Questions and Answers” collection explores Islamic “firsts” in history. This compilation intends to help you comprehend major events, achievements, and firsts in Islamic history. The questions include The first migration, the first Juma Prayer, the first Hajj journey, the first Eid celebration, and plenty more are all covered in this quiz. This collection can help you learn more about Islamic history, appreciate pioneering people and events, and grasp the early evolution of the faith. Do not miss this educational experience, learn Islam’s “firsts” and enjoy the enlightening trip through its key events and achievements.

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