Allah Names Meanings Quiz Online Islamic GK Questions and Answers

We have included various free online tests on our website that may be used as a reference for the most effective possible preparation in order to assist our readers in preparing for any and all types of Islamic general knowledge related written examinations and interviews in an easy and stress-free manner. he names of Allah are known as the Asma Ul-Husna, which means “The Most Beautiful Names.” There are 99 names of Allah mentioned in the Quran, and each name has a special meaning. You are welcome to test your knowledge of the attributive names of Allah and the meanings of those names by taking the following online quiz, which is provided as part of our efforts and which can be found below.

Allah Names Meanings Quiz Online

The online quiz on Allah’s Names and Meanings! Your knowledge and comprehension of the numerous names of Allah used in Islam and their respective meanings will be put to the test in this quiz. Islam uses the Arabic word “Allah” to refer to God, and according to Muslims, Allah has 99 names, each having a distinct meaning. These names provide us a clearer picture of Allah’s divine character by reflecting a variety of His qualities and features.

You will have the chance to increase your comprehension of the attributes of Allah, your understanding of His names, and your connection to the Islamic religion by taking this quiz. The answers to each question are brief and to the point, giving you important information about the significance of Allah’s names. Prepare to test your knowledge as you study Allah’s lovely names and take this instructive online quiz on the meanings of Allah’s names!

Allah Names Meanings Quiz Online Islamic GK Questions and Answers

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1. The meaning of AL-JABBAR is _________.

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2. The meaning of AL-TAWWAB is ____________.

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3. The Most Merciful is the meaning of ________.

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4. The meaning of AL-JABBAR is _________.

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5. The meaning of AL-RAHEEM _________.

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6. The meaning of AL-MUQEET is _________.

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7. The meaning of AL-AZEEM is _________.

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8. The meaning of AL-SAMAD is ___________.

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9. The Creator is the meaning of __________.

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10. The meaning of AL-KAREEM is ___________.

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11. The meaning of AL-WAHHAB is _____________.

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12. The meaning of AL-QAHAR is _______.

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13. AL-QAYYUM means ___________.

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14. AL-ALY means ________.

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15. The meaning of AL-RA'oof is _________.

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16. The meaning of AL-MALIK is __________.

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17. ________ is the meaning of AL-HAMEED.

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18. The meaning of AL-QADEER is __________.

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19. The meaning of AL-WADOOD is _________.

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20. The meaning of AL-MUHAMIN is __________.

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21. __________ is the meaning of AL-WASI.

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22. AL-HAY means ________.

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23. ___________ is the meaning of AL-LATEEF.

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24. The meaning of AL-RAFEEQ is_________.

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25. The meaning of AL-WALY is _________.

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26. The meaning of AL-QUDOOS is __________.

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27. The meaning of AL-MUNTAQIM is __________.

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28. ________ is the meaning of AL-MOJEEB.

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29. The meaning of AL-QUDOOS is __________.

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30. The meaning of AL-MUTAKABBIR is ___________.

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31. AL-MAJEED means _________.

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32. ________ is the meaning of AL-BARI.

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33. __________ is the meaning of AL-HAFEEZ.

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34. _________ is the meanng of AL-REHMAAN.

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35. __________ is the meaning of AL-ALEEM.

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 Islamic GK Questions and Answers [Allah Names ]

These questions and answers will help you grasp Islam’s magnificent names of Allah. Muslims believe that Allah has 99 names, each signifying a particular characteristic. These names illuminate Allah’s essence. This collection includes questions on Allah’s names. These questions will challenge and expand your knowledge of their definitions, significance, and relevance in Islamic theology. Each inquiry has a detailed answer that explains and expands on Allah’s names. Enjoy this engaging Islamic GK Quiz on Allah’s Names and Meanings and learn Allah’s glorious names!

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