GCC Medical Slip 2023 Get Here Online

It is impossible to find or keep a job in the Gulf States without first obtaining a GCC medical slip. Those from Pakistan are very much welcomed to work in any of the Gulf states. Pakistani nationals are permitted to work in a wide variety of occupations in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. A medical fitness certificate similar to the GCC medical slip is available. The GCCHME acts as a consolidated body to control exit procedures for Gulf nations. GCC Medical Slip 2023 Get Here Online.

GCC Medical Slip 2023 Get Here Online

There are several locations where you may get your GCCGCC Medical Slip 2023 Get Here Online medical slips from the relevant government. In accordance with their own labour policies, Gulf nations require its workers to provide medical fitness certifications. Bahrain, a Gulf state, has begun performing online checks of GCC medical records. In order to work in the Gulf States, citizens of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are required to provide a GCC medical slip.

GCCHME Medical Slip Report Online

To learn more about the Gulf Health Council, head over to https://v2.gcchmc.org/search-slip. Make a selection of your nationality and enter your passport number. The next step is to answer certain security questions before you may produce the slip. Your necessary slip will be before you immediately. You may now download the GCC medical slip as a PDF and keep it on file for future reference.

How to Check GCC Medical Slip

Just how can I verify my GCCHME health status with the Gulf Health Advisory Council?
See the Main Site
To Enter GCC Slip Number, Click Here
Your Real Passport Number, Please.
Please Choose Your Country/Nationality
It is also possible to do a search using simply a passport number and country of origin.
Online medical records may be accessed by entering a barcode and clicking the “Check Status” button.
When your GCCHME health status is FIT, you are considered to be in good health and can return to duty.

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GCC Medical Report Online

To work overseas as a citizen of the GCC states, you must get a GCC Medical Report online. Details about your personal history, like your date of birth, nationality, and height and weight, are included in the medical record. The results of your GCC medical examination will be listed at the very end of the report. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, and Gujranwala are just few of the cities in Pakistan where you may take the exam required to get your GCC medical report. You must personally appear at one of the aforementioned testing facilities in order to acquire a GCC medical report.

Online Registration for the GCCHME

The GCCHME is a governing body responsible for issuing certifications and medical clearance papers. The GamcaPK Wix site is where Pakistani citizens may sign up online. The GCCHMEonline application form may be filled out quickly and easily. Pick your passport issue date, passport expiration date, passport number, visa type, full name, nationality, and country of residence for the medical exam.

Candidates, we have gone over the GCC Medical Slip in depth. To learn more, please use the discussion thread to ask questions and share information.

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