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The Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) Test is used for MS and Ph.D. program admissions in Pakistan. If you want to achieve a spectacular score and continue your higher education at any private or public university, we are happy to provide GAT Test Preparation Online MCQs to assist individuals in preparing for the GAT test. Our online platform offers multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on a wide range of topics, including English, mathematics, Analytical, Verbal, and Quantitative reasoning. By participating in this test preparation, individuals can increase their knowledge and understanding of important concepts and improve their exam-taking techniques. The easy-to-use online MCQs enable individuals to practice and become more familiar with the structure and content of the GAT exam, ultimately enhancing their chances of passing the exam.

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT)

The Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) is a comprehensive and standardized examination designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and aptitude of graduate students. This test serves as a crucial tool for universities and educational institutions to evaluate the readiness and suitability of candidates for advanced academic programs.

The Test is of Two Types.

  1. GAT General ( For MS/M.Phil)
  2. GAT Subject(For PHD)

GAT General Paper Pattern

The GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) is a standardized test that is commonly used for admission into MS/M.phil programs in various universities. The test’s paper pattern consists of several sections that assess the different skills and abilities of the test takers.

The GAT test typically includes three main sections:

1. Verbal Ability: This section evaluates the test taker’s ability to understand and analyze written information. It includes questions that assess vocabulary, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning skills. The section consists of multiple-choice questions and is divided into two subsections:

    • Reading Comprehension: This subsection tests a candidate’s ability to read and understand written passages and answer questions related to the content, main idea, and tone of the passage.
    • Verbal Reasoning: This subsection tests a candidate’s ability to analyze and evaluate arguments, identify assumptions, and draw conclusions.

2. Quantitative Reasoning: This section measures the test taker’s mathematical and analytical skills. It includes questions on topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation. Test takers are required to solve mathematical problems and analyze data to arrive at the correct answers.

3. Analytical Ability: This section tests a candidate’s ability to analyze and solve problems, identify patterns, and complete sequences. The section includes questions on logic, spatial reasoning, and analytical reasoning.

GAT General Categories

There are three categories of GAT based on the field of Study:

GAT General Test                                  Number of Questions
GAT Category Quantitative Verbal Analytical
1 A 30 30 40
2 B 25 50 25
3 C 30 40 30

GAT Subject Paper Pattern

Test Format of GAT Subject:

Total Questions (MCQs) = 100
Total Test Time = 120 Minutes (2 Hours)
Test Type: Paper Based

Test Contents:

General Section = 30% of the Total Test
Subject Section = 70% of the Total Test

Areas of General Section:

English (Verbal) = 15%
Analytical Reasoning = 15%

Eligibility Criteria For the GAT Test

The following candidates are eligible to take the GAT General Test:

  1. Candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  2. Candidates who are in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree program.
  3. Candidates who have completed a Master’s degree from a recognized university.
  4. Candidates who are in the final year of their Master’s degree program.
  5. Candidates who have completed a Ph.D. degree from a recognized university.
  6. Candidates who are in the final year of their Ph.D. degree program.
  7. Candidates who have completed a professional degree (such as Engineering, Law, or Medicine) from a recognized university.
  8. Candidates who are in the final year of their professional degree program.
  9. Candidates who have completed a postgraduate diploma from a recognized university.
  10. Candidates who are in the final year of their postgraduate diploma program.

Note: Candidates must also fulfill any additional eligibility criteria set by the university or institution they are applying to.

In addition to these main sections, the GAT test may also include other components such as:

Time limits: Each section of the GAT test is typically timed, and test takers are required to complete the questions within the given time frame. The time limits vary for each section, and test takers need to manage their time effectively to complete all the questions. Time Allowed is 120 minutes for 100 questions.

Overall, the GAT test’s paper pattern is designed to assess the test taker’s verbal, quantitative, and analytical skills, as well as their ability to express ideas in writing. It aims to provide universities with a standardized measure of the test taker’s aptitude and readiness for postgraduate-level studies.

GAT General and Subject Written Test Prep Online

Get ready to ace your GAT exam with our online test preparation! If you’re gearing up for admissions to pursue higher studies, our MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are here to make learning easy and fun. Dive into a world of Preparation MCQs, practice tests, and helpful Sample Papers to boost your confidence. No need to stress – we’ve got your back. Prepare at your own pace, understand the tricky bits, and conquer the GAT like a champ. Let’s start your preparation below by just clicking on the given links.

GAT General and Subject Test Prep. MCQs

Verbal reasoning  Non Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
English Quizzes  Math Quizzes

GAT Test Sample Model Papers for Online Preparation

At Gotest. pk, we offer you a definitive solution to your NTS GAT test preparation needs. Our sample model papers for all GAT tests have been created according to the latest pattern of NTS, and we are confident that these papers will help you get a better idea about the type of questions that are asked in the GAT test. We provide online GAT sample papers to help you solve questions within a certain time limit, so you can increase your speed and accuracy. So what are you waiting for? Start solving GAT tests now and ace your NTS GAT test with Gotest. pk!

NTS GAT Test Online Preparation 

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NTS GAT GRE Verbal Sentence Completion Test

NTS GAT GRE Verbal Quantitative Test

NTS GAT GRE Verbal Reading Comprehension Test

NTS GAT GRE Verbal Antonyms Test

NTS GAT GRE Verbal Sentence Completion Test

GAT Test Preparation Book PDF

Candidates can explore authorized sources to access GAT test preparation books in various formats, including print and digital. These books are specifically designed to help candidates prepare for the GAT exam by providing comprehensive coverage of the test syllabus, practice questions, and valuable tips and strategies.

  • Fully Solved NTS New Testing System
  • The Best Book For GAT (General)
  • Smart Brain GAT (General) NTS
  • Dogar’s Unique NTS Guide
  • NTS Book for GAT General
  • The Official Guide To Revised GRE General
  • GRE Big Book
  • Basic Preposition for GAT
  • GAT Analytical Reasoning

GAT Passing Marks

The minimum requirement to pass the GAT is achieving a score of 50%. To clarify, if an individual obtains at least 50 marks out of 100, they will have successfully passed the test. It is worth noting that currently, only 38% of individuals who take the GAT can meet this passing criterion. Consequently, the majority of applicants are required to retake the GAT test. All applicants must obtain a GAT Test Score higher than 50, as this is the designated passing score for the GAT exam.

NTS Contact Details

  • Address: Headquarters (Islamabad Office), 96, Street No. 4, Sector H-8/1, Islamabad.
  • Phone Tel: +92-51-9258478-79
  • Fax: +92-51-9258480
  • Website:

At Gotest. pk, we are committed to providing you with the best possible preparation for the NTS GAT test. After solving several tests, you will have a clear idea of what score you can achieve in the GAT test. We provide online sample papers and MCQ tests for GAT Subject and GAT General Tests, and we are confident that our tests are the best available solution for your NTS GAT test preparation needs. With our GAT tests, you can prepare for the NTS test comprehensively and with confidence. Whether you want to apply for admission or a job, our online tests will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

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