GAMCA as well as the GCCHMC medical exam is required for working in Gulf cooperation council GCC countries. GCC medical certificate is required for  a work job in the gulf nations and gulf countries. We will take the steps of examining your GAMCA record through the GCCHMC website. Foreign workers can find their work site across all over world in any Gulf countries regardless of nationality. From 1st April 2018 GAMCA has chosen to use an GAMCA Medical Slip 2023 Check Online medical slip generator as well as payment methods on their official website. Foreign workers as well as Pakistan nationality holder can be find jobs in a various fields across the middle east.

GCCHMC Medical Status

You can get the GCC medical forms from the various locations within the administration of the authority concerned. GAMCA medical exam is the exam you have submit when you have granted an employment visa or  a family visa in any six Gulf countries. According to Gulf countries labor policies is necessary for employs to show their medical fitness. Gulf countries comprise United Arab Emirates, Bahrain , Kuwait, Oman, Saadia Arabia and Qatar.

GAMCA Medical Slip Fee 2023

GAMCA Medical Test Cost for Kuwait = 7500 PKR

GAMCA Medical Test Cost for UAE = 7500 PKR

GAMCA Medical Test Cost for Bahrain = 7500 PKR

GAMCA Medical Test Cost for Oman = 7500 PKR

GAMCA Medical Test Cost for Qatar = 7500 PKR

GAMCA Medical Test Cost for Saadia Arabia = 7500 PKR

GAMCA Medical Slip 2023 Check Online

GAMCA Medical Slip 2023 Check Online

GCC Medical Slip GULF Countries

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Saadia Arabia
  • Qatar

GCC Check Medical Status 2023

Health reports for GCC nation are vary from each country and it is very necessary to noted that the charges for GAMCA medical test vary from each country so you should have to check before you go. GCC Medical Slip Is necessary to provide by residents of Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh for their wish to travel for work in gulf states, you have advised to make an appointment by yourself.

GCC Medical Slip is necessary for these Countries

  • Pakistan
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh

GCCHMC Medical Slip 2023

Medical certificates are required for those who have the plan to travel outside the region and not for necessary for those who are middle man or agency to handle the job.

GCC Medical Appointment

To take medical appointment for GCC following are necessary for medical report

  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Height & weight

These are necessary for GCC medical certificate for any of willing person who are want to go to Gulf countries for jobs.

How to Check GAMCA Medical Slip Status 2023

GAMCA is the authority in the Gulf nations to overview the process of emigration. If any one is interested to take the GCC approved medical Center Association (GAMCA) fitness test is required to take an appointment for GCC slip. It is necessary to know about the access of GCC certificate online GAMCA medical costs. they can check the GCC Medical Slip 2023 Check Online through official website of GCCHMC

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