Intelligence Test Online 1 Comparison of Ranking Questions with Answers

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Intelligence Test Online 1 Comparison of Ranking Questions with Answers


1. Ali, Saad and Hassan are wise. Akram, Ali and Hamza are industrious. Akram, Hassan and Hamza are honest. Ali, Saad and Hamza are honest. Ali, Saad amnd Hamza are sportsman. Find out which of them is not wise but is a sportsman.

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2. In a class, Laila secures higher marks than Sadia and Ridda secures less marks than Sadia. Who secures lowest marks?

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3. Rahim, Shamim  and Munir are studying in the same class. (i) Rahim is brighter than Shamim, and (ii) Shamim is weaker than Munir. Therefore the relative positions of Rahim and Munir are as under:

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4. Harris, Sania and Aalia are up on a ladder in the following order:
A. Harris is higher than Sania
B. Sania is lower than Aalia
X. Aalia ios higher than Harris
Y. No definite conclusion can be made

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5. A report says----- The number of bus accidents is more than that of car accidents. The number of car accidents is less than the number of trucks accidents, the number of trucks accidents is less than the number of bus accidents. Which of the following conclusion do you draw from the report?

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6. A is older than B and B is older than C. Who is the youngest?

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7. If Sadia runs less fast than Sonia and Maria runs as fast but not faster than Mashal, then Mashal runs:

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8. Amjad is taller than Asif. Akram is taller than Amjad but younger than Asif. Who is the shortest?

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9. Anam is bigger than Hiba. Saba is bigger than Hina. Sana is not as big as Saba but is bigger than Hiba. Hina is not as big as Hiba. Which is the smaller?

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10. Anam works more than Rabia. Sana works as much as Hamid. Hina works less than Sabir. Rabia works more than Sana. Who works most of all?

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