Intelligence Test Online 1 Blood Relation Questions with Answers

Given on this page is a free online “Intelligence Test Online 1 Blood Relation. We provide our users with a link to a free online intelligence test that may serve as a helpful resource while they are getting ready for a variety of different written examinations. Given the frequency with which questions pertaining to this subject appear in written examinations, comprehensive preparation is of the highest significance. You can become ready in no time flat by using the resources provided on our website. You will be able to improve your abilities in comprehending blood relations, which is an essential component of intelligence-based evaluations, by using this online resource. Strengthen your self-assurance and improve your performance on a range of tests by making use of our intuitive and efficient learning platform.

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Intelligence Test Online 1 Blood Relation Questions with Answers

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1. Showing the lady in the park, Sadia said, "She is the daughter of my grandfather's only son." How is Sadia related to that lady?

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2. (A) K is the brother of J. (B) M is the sister of K. (C)P is the brother of N. (D) N is the daughter of J. (E) S is the sister of M. Who is the uncle of P?

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3. A retiring President was asked who would succeed him as head of the firm, and he replied, " The father of my successor is my father's son, but I have no brother or sons. " Who will succeed him?

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4. K is the brother of Y. Y is the wife of Z. Z is the son of W. W is the wive of V. What is V to X?

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5. X and Y are two brothers. B is A's brother but A is the mother of X. What is B to Y?

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6. Looking at a portrait a man said, "That man's father is my father's son. Brothers and sisters I have none." At whose portrait was the man looking?

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7. While walking with his friend, Tariq meets another man whose mother is the wife of Tariq's father's only son. How is the man related to Tariq?

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8. B is the daughter of the wife of A's mother's only son. What is the relation between B and A?

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9. Aslam is the son of my father's sister's brother's wife's daughter's grandchild. What is the closest relationship to me that Aslam could have?

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10. A husband and wife had five married sons and each of these had four children. How many members are there in the family?

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Blood Relation Intelligence Questions

The ability to comprehend familial connections is an essential component of cognitive testing. Your capability to understand the connections between members of families will be tested using the questions in our blood relation intelligence collection. Your ability to reason logically and see patterns, both of which are essential components of intelligence tests, will be evaluated using the following questions. Your performance in intelligence-based evaluations will improve as a result of the practice you get from working through these questions since it will strengthen your ability to untangle complicated linkages.

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  1. 5. Aslam is the son of my father’s sister’s brother’s wife’s daughter’s grandchild. What is the closest relationship to me that Aslam could have?
    ans :

  2. You guys need to fix this question.. “K is the brother of Y. Y is the wife of Z. Z is the son of W. W is the wive of V. What is V to X?”
    There is no X given and how can the answer be Father-in-law. I think you guys might have misplaced the X with Y.

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