FPSC CSS Written Test Result 2023 Check Online

Candidates may now easily check their results online to a new announcement from the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) on the much awaited CSS Written Test Result 2023. The FPSC’s CSS (Central Superior Services) test, which is extremely tough, offers a route to top government employment in Pakistan. Candidates who took the written test may anxiously examine their scores and assess how they performed in the various topics when the writing test results are released. With the ability to verify results online, candidates may more easily follow their progress and make plans for the next phases in the selection process, improving accessibility and transparency.

The FPSC CSS Written Result 2023 will be available shortly online for candidates. The following website, provided by FPSC authorities, has a list of the selected applicants. The publication of the 2023 FPSC CSS Written Result has been somewhat delayed. All applicants can, however, see the findings. In accordance with rules set by the Federal Government, the FPSC administers CSS exams for various grade jobs in Pakistan. You may quickly receive your findings by clicking the link below. Utilize this website to check your score online. CSS exams for different grades are administered by the Federal Public Service Commission, a formal organization. Exams are administered by the Federal Public Service Commission, which has a significant role in choosing individuals from the top echelons of government.

The list of selected candidates was then made public on the FPSC website. This page includes a list of the candidates that passed.

In the aftermath of the test, the successful candidates will be invited to the next recruitment phase, including a medical exam, a psychological test, and the viva voce test.

FPSC CSS Result 2023 Expected Date

The anticipated date for the FPSC CSS Result 2023 is not yet known .It will be possible to access the CSS Online Mark sheet, Final Part Result, and Written Part Result here. Check the written part result for the Competitive Examination (CSS) 2023 by roll number or download the full list of chosen applicants. Candidates for CSS 2023 interviews will be announced as shortlisted. Additionally, the final results for 2023 will be accessible in September 2023.

You may soon get the CSS Written Test Final Result by name or roll number from this page. It’s also crucial to remember that the textual results of MPT and CSS are two distinct things. The MPT, or MCQ Based Preliminary Test, has already been made public. current CSS written exam results

Schedule for FPSC CSS Written Result 2023

The Special CSS Examination, which will take place 2023 has been previously made public through the FPSC and will count as the candidate’s fourth (additional) test . The CSS written test will be held on November 19th, 2023, and the CSS exam’s final results will be posted on December 31st, 2023.The decision was taken to fill vacant posts for a considerable period because of a low rate of passing the primary CSS exam. According to the source, FPSC will begin accepting applications online for the specialized exam’s MCQ-Based

  •  Exam Preliminary Test (MPT) between 10 and December 26, 2023.

What is CSS in Pakistan

The Central Superior Services is a permanent civil service authority of the elite. Civil services are responsible for the administration of bureaucratic functions and the directorates and secretariats of the Government that are part of the Cabinet of Pakistan. It is also the Prime Minister’s ultimate authority on all matters related to the civil service

What jobs can you get After passing the CSS Exam?

After passing the entire CSS exam, candidates can find jobs in the following areas.

  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Information Group
  • Commerce and Trade Group.
  • Inland Revenue Service
  • Office Management Group
  • Pakistan Administrative Service
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Inland Revenue Service
  • Military Lands and Cantonments Group.

FPSC CSS Written Test Result 2023 Check Online

FPSC CSS Written Test Result 2023

Required Qualification for CSS in Pakistan

The minimum requirement to take the CSS is a Bachelor’s degree at the minimum of 2nd Division from any recognized university in Pakistan, and any other university HEC has recognized. After registration, candidates need to take the Mcqs-based preliminary Test, MPT.

CCS Interview Result 2023

The CSS Interview Result 2023 has been announced, which is great news for all the candidates who appeared for the interviews. This result shows who has been selected for the next stage of the CSS (Civil Services) recruitment process. The candidates who have made it to this result have shown their skills and knowledge during the interview, and they now have a chance to move forward in the selection process. It’s an exciting time for these candidates, and they should be proud of their accomplishment. They can now prepare for the next phase with enthusiasm and determination.

CSS Result 2023 List of Shortlisted Candidates

The CSS Result 2023 list of shortlisted candidates has been released, bringing excitement and anticipation to aspiring civil servants across the country. The list represents the culmination of a rigorous selection process, where candidates showcased their knowledge, skills, and abilities through written examinations and interviews. Those who have made it to the shortlist have demonstrated their exceptional aptitude and potential to serve in key administrative roles within the civil service. As they eagerly await the next phase of the selection process, these candidates can take pride in their achievement and continue their preparations with renewed determination and enthusiasm.

FPSC CSS Written Result 2023

Following the announcement about the CSS written test results for 2023, the results will be accessible through the Federal Public Service Commission website www.fpsc.gov.pk. Candidates who have passed the test in writing will be notified of the next phase, which will typically consist of an interview. This includes psychological evaluation as well as viva voce and medical exam.

Each year, thousands of candidates participate in competitive exams, but at the end of the day, only 200-300 candidates make it to the selection process. The CSS exam in Pakistan, CSS is one of the most difficult examinations. The pass rate of the CSS competitive examination in 2021 is just 2.11 per cent. Check out the following statistics on the CSS Competitive Exam 2021.

  • Candidates were invited to CSS Exams 2021: 39650
  • Candidates who participated in the Exams The number of candidates who appeared for the Exams was 17240.
  • Candidates who passed Written Exams Candidates who passed the Written Exams: 364
  • Pass per cent w.r.t candidates who have appeared: 2.11 Percent

 CSS Final Result 2023

The final results of the CSS Competitive Examination 2023 are anticipated to be released by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) in October 2023. The outcome will be determined by the candidate’s performance on the Preliminary Examination (MPT), the Written Examination, and the Interview. The MPT took place in October 2023.

FPSC CSS Written Result 2023 Check Online By Name and Roll Number

  • FPSC CSS Test Result 2023
  • CSS Result 2023 Pdf Download
  • FPSC Final Result of CSS 2023
  • Written Test for PPSC Schedule for different Post
  • PPSC Test Schedule for Tehsildar 2023

A few students took part in the exam, which lowered the amount of competition, which could be a better sign for Pakistan. The competition helps the students and gives more qualified officials, as CSS graduates must be able to serve Pakistan to a more prestigious standard.

CSS Result 2023 list of passed candidates

CSS Result 2023 list of passed candidates

CSS Result 2023 By FPSC

Dear students PPSC will soon be inviting applicants for P.M.S./Combined Competitive Exams and is recommending that all applicants take part in these tests. Since you’ve put in the effort and have a lot to do, you should take advantage of every chance. C.S.S. exam and P.M.S. do not have any significant differences. Candidates who have participated in C.S.S. exams after thorough preparation can pass P.M.S. tests, too, with some extra effort. Check out our posts ” How to Prepare English papers for P.M.S.”, ” All About P.M.S.”,” C.S.S-FAQ”, and ” PMS-FAQ” for more information. If your score of your CSS written test results will be concerned in 2023, we’ll post it right after the official announcement from FPSC.

CSS 2023 Final Result Pdf Download

FPSC solicits applications for CSS from November through December each year. After examining the application, they examine it from January through February. The next registration for the CSS examination is scheduled to begin in February. If you still need to take advantage of the opportunity and plan to sit for the coming CSS exam, then you can make your registration on this website.

The first three candidates to receive the highest scores are considered a topper for the entire year. CSS topers can choose to join any cadres according to their preferences. We are constantly working to improve the title above. Also, you will find on our website the CSS Introduction in Pakistan, the registration procedure, the compulsory and elective group, and the CSS aid materials in pdf format.

CSS Result 2023 PDF

It is a well-known fact that Central Superior Service is a difficult task to complete. CSS is a competitive type of competitive examination, and once you have passed it, you can easily get an entry-level job at the bureaucratic level in BPS-17.

Most of the time, FPSC, on a progress basis, assigns various categories of cadres to CSS who are CSS. A few candidates join P.A.S., I.R.S., O.M.G., F.S.P., P.C.S., PSP and I.G. Further details are available in the PDF listing of CSS examination results 2023.

Check Online

FPSC CSS Final Result 2023 FPSC Online

According to FPSC results in the announcement number. F.2/4/2023-CE 393 candidates have passed the written test CSS 2023. See the Final Result of FSPC CE 2023 written part on pakword.com. Access the complete result 2023 of the CSS Written Part on the internet here. FPSC outcome CSS CE 2023 online. The result CE from CSS Exam 2023 download full. Complete CSS 2023 result in FPSC Islamabad. The result of the roll needs to be revised. CSS 2023. FPSC. Federal Public Service Commission CSS Written Result 2023 FPSC Online.

FPSC CSS Result Summary 2023 Detail

Based on the data, the details show that 32059 applicants have registered for The Federal Social Service Competitive Exam 2023. Twenty thousand two hundred sixty-two candidates took the CSS written exam test in FPSC 2023. Three hundred ninety-three candidates passed their CE Written Part Examination in CSS Results 2023. The pass rate for CSS Exam Result 2023 is just 1.94 0.4%.

CSS MPT Answer Keys

CSS Officer Salary in Pakistan

After completing all phases, including examinations, written interviews and viva, candidates are appointed to BPS 17 and Grade 17 and regarded as CSS Officers. The salary for Grade 17 Officers is at least Rs. 30370/- After adding other allowances of the Government, which include medical assistance, house allowance, and conveyance along with seven Adhoc allocations, the total salary of a BPS 17 Officer is Rs. 60596/-

It is also important to remember that all government departments are entitled to their allowances, which could further boost the salary. The top 10 applicants to the CSS can choose one department from their preference.

FPSC CSS Contact Detail

  •  Phone: +92 51 2110525 ·
  • Fax: +92 51 2110526 ·
  • Email: info@csspakistan.com


How can I check my CSS result?

CSS Result 2023 Online Check:

So, those who took part in the written portion of the CSS exam in 2023 can view their scores on this official website www.fpsc.gov.pk.

What are the passing marks in CSS?

Candidates must get 44% marks in the Compulsory Examination and 33% in optional subjects to be eligible for the next stage.

What is the merit of CSS?

Candidates must appear in all four sections of the CSS Exam, i.e. written exam, medical, psychological and Viva-voce. The written test has six mandatory papers and six optional ones (to be chosen from the available options). The minimum score for passing the compulsory exam is 40 per cent, and the minimum mark for qualifying optional papers is 33 per cent.

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