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Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List for BBA, BCS, CS, MS(AF), MBA, MCS, M. Phil, and Ph.D. The programs can find online via this page. Students can check all of the Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Candidates should remember that the admission requirements for BS program students anticipate starting in August 2023.The higher education admission process, the process for admission will begin in August 2023. It is crucial to know this: FAST University has now opened applications for entries for the 2023 year.

For your information, the application will submit for these admissions in 2023. They will run from June to June 2023 for BS programs. The last date for submitting applications for consideration in the MBA, MS, and Ph.D. categories will be June through July 2023. The admission tests to BS programs will begin in June 2023. Admission tests require for MBA, MPhil, and Ph.D. The program’s schedule for the exact date and interviews for these higher-studies programs will begin on August 2, 2023. This page provides quick and free errors Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List and other information.

Fast University Admission Test Schedule

The fast University admission Test schedule is given Below.

 Admission Schedule 2023 BBA,BS MBA, MS & PhD
Admission Application Submission Dates Jun 3 – Jul 15 Jun 3 – Jul 15
Admission Tests Jul 13 – 22 Jul 13 – 22
Declaration of test qualified candidates Jul 25 Jul 25
Interviews –—– Jul 27
Admission Formalities Aug 1 – 12 Aug 1 – 12
Commencement of classes Aug 15 Aug 15

Fast Entry Test Result 2023

Candidates who fail to pass the entrance test are not accepted into this school. This affirmation procedure, the application deadline, and the prerequisites to be confirmed are all available here. If the authority announces in 2023, we’ll update this page along with a FAST List of Merits for FAST University 2023. Click here to access the FAST University Results in 2023 on the internet.

How To Check Fast Entry Test Result 2023

The steps are given to verify the university’s fast university test results.

  • Visit the official website
  • This merit list will be determined by the type of test you requested.
  • You’ve been selected for the right degree program if you were selected.
  • It would help if you went to the place where you applied with the original application documents and an official bank draft.
  • If the waitlist isn’t available, you will need to wait until the merit list is announced soon (s)
  • If you’re not chosen, You’re not selected and will have to apply for the next year.

Check Online

Fast Entry Test Merit List 2023

Many students believe that marks for matriculation and intermediate aren’t important and that if they can be successful in the admission test, they will score sufficient to get into the university, but that’s not the scenario. Students must pass each subject and be required to achieve an average of at least an 80 percent mark in intermediate.

Students who do not already have test results for admission would like to check the merit list before the early morning class. Students who don’t have merit lists aren’t eligible.

The students who pass the admission test can get good scores in matriculation and intermediate in their chosen study area. They are qualified to apply and verify their names on merit lists.

Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List Check 

The FAST National University FAST-NU admission results in 2023 and the merit listing of BBA, BCS MBA, and MCS programs are available online at Students interested in pursuing admission into Humanities, Natural Sciences, Software engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Management Sciences must wait until the merit lists for the final year are accessible. Soon, merit lists of all campuses within Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Islamabad will be released. These points will permit students to review the merit list of their respective campuses. Keep an eye out for updates regarding the FAST University Merit List 2023.

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Important Instructions For Checking Results

  1. The results will depend on the test you passed, i.e., no trial, gat, NTS, or test sat.
  2. Select indicates that you have been chosen for the degree program. You must visit the campus with your original documents and an official bank draft. The amount of your current will be visible on the page displaying the results. Also, you will receive an acknowledgment letter, but don’t sit around waiting for it. Sometimes due to issues with the address, letters can’t deliver at the right time; make sure to go to the school and present your bank’s urgent draft.
  3. Waiting means you must be patient until the following merit list(s) list.
  4. If you’re not chosen, you weren’t selected and will need to apply next year.
  5. Fast doesn’t offer the spring semester. Applicants who aren’t granted acceptance to Fast must apply for admission the following year in entries in the autumn intake.
  6. There are instances where students leave their seats and leave the campus, in which case there is no merit list to the program offered on campus would be presented, and the status of students waiting lists will not select the next list.

The results may be announced at any time. There is no fixed date when results will be made public. Check the results could be announced at any time up to 06.00 pm.

Fast Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List Online

According to reports, today’s provides the merit list of all campuses within Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Chiniot-Faisalabad. Check this page often to get the latest information.

Check Merit List

How can I download the merit list of FAST?

1. The FAST-NUCES Lahore undergraduate program’s merit List go to

2. In the past, only programs for undergraduates have received merit lists (both NU andNTS).).

3. Candidates who have been selected by NTS/NAT must be able to submit their documents and pay their fees by the end of the week.

    FAST Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online | University Merit List 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd

FAST University Merit List 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd

After a long time and a long wait, we have reviewed the merit lists for FAST universities 2023. The list includes different programs from 1st, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. If FAST management announces that they will accept students, they will release the schedule for entrance tests. After a long waiting, many are checking the merit list of FAST University in 2023. Three top spots include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for various courses.

If FAST management announces the admission of applicants, they will publish the test schedule. But, once you have submitted your online application form, they will provide the roll number needed for the test and allow those who were admitted to the test to be admitted. Additionally, they will announce the test results after some time, but they cannot verify admission.

The test has been announced results, and students are examining the merit list; however, they haven’t released their merit lists at the moment. According to schedules for admission, they’ll reveal their merit lists for the first time on the 25th of July 2023, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

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1st Merit List

1st Merit List

They’ll create the merit list first for applicants who received the highest scores during the entrance test and in previous classes. The admission process will confirm your eligibility if your name is included on the Fast Entry Test Result 2023 merit list. If your name isn’t included at the top of the merit list, you will have to wait until the following merit list. The merit list is released for the two and three lists.

2nd Merit list

2nd Merit List

The second merit list following the release of the initial merit list. Candidates who aren’t listed on the merit list of the first one should check their names in this merit list, as frequently they do not meet the criteria for the list of merit and are included in the merit list of the second.

3rd Merit list

3rd Merit List

They will announce the second merit list shortly after the initial merit list. Candidates who are not included on the merit list in the first can check their names on the merit list, as there are instances that they do not satisfy the criteria of the merit list and will be listed as part of the next merit list. Keep checking this page for information about Fast Entry Test Results 2023 Merit List 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

MS (Civil Engineering) Merit list Download
MS (Computer Networks and Security) Merit list Download
MS (Computer Science) Merit list Download
MS (Data Science) Merit list Download
MS (Electrical Engineering) Merit list Download
MS (Management Sciences) Merit list Download
MS (Mathematics) Merit list Download
MS (Software Engineering) Merit list Download
MS (Software Project Management) Merit listv Download
PhD (Civil Engineering) Merit list Download
PhD (Computer Science) Merit list Download
PhD (Electrical Engineering) Merit list Download
PhD (Management Sciences) Merit list Download
PhD (Mathematics) Merit list Download
PhD (Software Engineering) Merit list Download
Bachelor of Business Administration Merit list Download
BS (Accounting & Finance) Merit list Download
BS (Artificial Intelligence) Merit list Download
BS (Business Analytics) Merit list Download
BS (Civil Engineering) Merit list Download
BS (Computer Science) Merit list Download
BS (Cyber Security) Merit list Download
BS (Data Science) Merit list Download
BS (Electrical Engineering) Merit list Download
BS (Internet of Things) Merit list Download
BS (Robotics) Merit list Download
BS (Software Engineering) Merit list Download
Master of Business Administration Merit list Download
MS (Applied Linguistics) Merit list Download
MS (Artificial Intelligence) Merit list Download
MS (Business Analytics) Merit list Download

FAST-NU Merit List 2023

A lot of students struggle to find their scores on the official website. Here you can find the quickest result for admission, merit lists in the fall or spring, self-finance merits lists and waiting lists, merit lists, and additional details both at dawn and evening.

FAST Entry Test Total Marks

The test is 100 marks in total, and to pass the test, you are required to score a minimum of 60 marks. When the application process for admission to the initial Merit List is finished on December 31, a second Merit List will post. There is only one exception: Lahore CS; it has been noted over the last five years that there was a second merit list.

Fast Entry Test Results 2023

Candidates who fail the entrance test aren’t permitted to attend the school. This page outlines policies regarding affirmation, application deadlines, and confirmation requirements. It will also be updated to reflect the FAST list of merits for FAST universities for 2023 when this authority gets announced by 2023. Click here to see the FAST University Result 2023 online.

The classes for the Fall semester of 2023 at FAST University will begin on August 15. All the formalities for admissions finish by August 12, 2023.

FAST University Test Result Merit Lists 2023 and Closing Merits

FAST Closing Aggregates 2023 (Expected)

FAST University Merit Aggregate (UMA) is calculated based on the marks scored by candidates in the FAST entry Test (50 percent) along with FSC marks (50 percent). Following is the cutoff merit or Closing aggregate of the FAST university.


  • Computer Sciences (CS): 68-69 %
  • Civil Engineering (CE): 66-67 %
  • Electrical Engineering (EE):-64 %
  • 5Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): 50-52 %
  • Accounting & Finance (A&F):-50-52 %


  • Computer Sciences (CS): 64-65 %
  • BS (Software Engineering): 63-64%
  • Electrical Engineering (EE): 59-61 %
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): 52-55 %
  • Accounting & Finance (A&F): 50-53 %


  • Computer Sciences (CS): 50-53 %
  • Electrical Engineering (EE):49-52 %
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):50-52 %


  • Computer Sciences (CS):56-57 %
  • Electrical Engineering (EE):50-52 %
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): 50-54 %


  • Electrical Engineering (EE):44-46 %
  • Computer Sciences (CS): 42-45%

This Cut off aggregates are predicted according to the previous year’s trends and are not final and may vary.


  • Lahore Campus CS & EE: 79 to 81%
  • ISLAMABAD Campus CS & EE : 74-76 %
  • REST CAMPUSES around: 67-70%

Contact Details

Lahore Campus  Faisalabad-Chiniot Campus Islamabad Campus Peshawar Campus Karachi Campus
National University Block-B, Faisal Town Fast Chowk (9 Kilometer from motorway interchange towards Chiniot AK Brohi Road, H-11/4 Hayatabad Industrial Estate2 Shah Latif Town National Highway
Phone #  042-111-128-128 Phone Number (041) 111-128-128 Tel # (021)111-128-128 Phone Number- (091) 111-128-128 Phone # (021) 111-128-128
Fax# 042-35165232


Where can I find FAST Merit List?

Visit to check the merit list for undergraduate programs at FAST-NUCES Lahore.

Which entry test is required for fast?

There are two entrance examination options to apply for a FAST Bachelor’s degree. The first TestTest will allow you to apply for admission to the BBA and ACF degrees, while the other tests for BS CS and BE EE. In total, the time for both tests is two hours.

Does FAST entry test have negative?

Every TestTest is unique and has each section with its questions. The section assigned each section will have a certain time to be attempted, the number of questions, and the number of questions to be asked in that section. A section could also specify to have a Negative marking.

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